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  1. It was there on the Nieuw Statendam in August as well. That said, as much as I love the dates and the mints, my perception changed one evening when the woman in front of me grabbed the little fork sitting in the ginger, speared a piece, put them both into her mouth, then put the fork back in the ginger. I called her on it immediately, but she was rude and unapologetic. But I did inform the Maitre D to replace the fork and the ginger.
  2. My hope is that you guys have fulfilled the entire journey’s rough seas quota, making for smooth post Hawaii sailing! Sounds like these last few days have been a challenge.
  3. I fear you might be correct. That said, we always make sure that our bookings are covered by an HA promotion that provides pre-paid gratuities. But for us they do show up daily on the account page as a charge, immediately followed by the credit to offset. I wonder if they’ve changed their accounting practices, even though we’ve found they’re usually pretty liberal when it comes to determining extra Mariner days through spending.
  4. Thank you Rich for today’s posts! Ship looks great and onboard activities look good! Has anyone been to any of the lectures? Generally, I’ve found that their quality is at best fair, but hope springs eternal, and am hoping that HA might perhaps up its game for our cruise, with its many sea days. Also, are the EXC talks given by an actual EXC guide, or another member of the shore excursions staff? Lastly, did anyone watch the production show last night? How was it? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time out of a relaxing sea day to answer...
  5. That’s wonderful news! We absolutely love hanging out up there, and all that exc stuff considerably diminished the space.
  6. Pleasantly surprised to see that there’s a production show tonight in the main theatre. I thought they were all eliminated.
  7. Thanks so much for starting this. As Barb would say, only 6 more sleeps till we join in Honolulu! Re the Crow’s Nest, did they move the excursion desk up there on the Starboard side, and install those interactive tables with the screens? Also, did they install that interactive display at the very front of the Crow’s Nest displaying all those ship stats? Frankly, I hope not, since it ruins the view and diminishes seating.
  8. We did the Santiago- Buenos Aires route, with Antarctica, on the Zandaam In Feb. of 2018. It’s an amazing experience. However, we definitely got the “shake” instead of the “lake.” Also, the first several days heading south from Santiago had some pretty rough seas.
  9. I’m glad you liked it, but I have an issue with what I regard as a lack of value. For an additional $600, you managed to pay for the same food you’d get in the MDR, in a smaller space whose windows on a busy corridor remind me of a fishbowl. Of course you did get more personalized service, but I’ve never had an issue with the service in the MDR. And the MDR is pretty much open for breakfast all the time too. The open kitchen is a nice feature, of course. But, again, the food is the same, so who cares? For that same $600, you could have eaten at least half of your dinners in a specialty restaurant, or even all of them, depending on your Mariner status.
  10. Thank you for the review! For us, paying extra for basically the exact same food as the MDR, in a venue that just doesn’t look that comfortable, seems like a colossal waste of money. But glad you enjoyed the experience!
  11. Many times we’ve looked in various cabins while we’re passing by if the door is open and the steward is making up the room, usually because we’re curious about the various cabin layouts. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, it’s a disgusting mess. As a result, just in case those kind of messy passengers have inhabited our cabin on the previous cruise, my wife also does a quick wipe down with disinfectant. And I don’t think the OP had any hidden agenda, I think they were genuinely curious if other people do the same thing. And my answer is yes.
  12. Sounds great! Nice to hear some cruise lines don’t skimp on relatively large scale entertainment.
  13. Of course I miss the production shows too. They were always fun, sometimes a little quirky, and usually met my substantially lowered expectations. But since they're not around anymore, the Step One Dance shows and Post Modern JukeBox are the next best thing. And at least, for me, the singers in JukeBox are a higher quality than those featured in the old production shows. Though we can all debate these two new offerings, they’re basically all we’ve got. All the other featured main stage performers are either boring, bad, embarrassing, or, sadly, all three combined.
  14. I do agree that the second dance show was not as good as the first, but I did think the first one was sensational, and the second pretty good, and both better than HA’s older production shows. And we found Post Modern JukeBox really fun, with great performers. The problem for me is that I believe these shows can’t be found on non Pinnacle Class ships. Which leaves what? Nothing! Nada. Zilch. The rest of the main stage entertainment is almost always disappointing. They even had a magician on the Nieuw Statendam that was pretty embarrassing. We like the music walk, but it’s presence shouldn’t drain the entirety of their entertainment budget.
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