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  1. Fresh breakfasts are definitely a plus...but, agreed, not a must have kind of plus. And breakfasts in the MDR are pretty good too, with usually no wait for seating.
  2. Indeed. Not worth it on the other ships. Frankly, I don’t think it’s worth it on the NS or K either. My wife and I are four star, so the added benefits of priority embark/debark and tendering are available to us anyway. This year, we were also on the K and NS, and, though we did face the occasional MDR line at our preferred dining time of 7-7:30, most of the time we just walked right in. But I do think it’s kind of hilarious that they pay some chef to pretend he’s preparing food to justify an upcharge for basically the same meals everyone is eating.
  3. We’ve sailed on Viking once, and have elected not to do it again. The ships are absolutely beautiful, and we loved the well appointed cabin. We also enjoyed the lecturers and the chance to to interact with them in a discussion format after their various presentations. The food in the main dining room was fine, but we found the specialty restaurants lacking, the entertainment just not very good, and the included excursions so basic and dull as to not be worth the extra, included cost. We’re neither huge drinkers nor party or club types, but we also found that there just wasn’t enough ever happening on the ship, which had a very low “fun” factor. Of course, all this is monumentally subjective! But, again, the ports on our Baltic cruise were interesting and of course every cruise is always a unique adventure, and my wife and I still have fond memories of the voyage. Regarding the ports you’re visiting, Kotor is small but fascinating. Beautiful old town and there’s a great hike up a small mountain overlooking the town and bay to an old church and fort. Very picturesque. Dubrovnik is incredible.
  4. We actually love Corfu. There’s an enormous old town, with some genuinely unique shops, great cafes, fresh juice bars, and a huge fort that’s fun to walk up.
  5. 1. I love Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, but if you’re new to the Mediterranean, you might want to consider a cruise with some great Italian ports as well for a little more variety. That said, am sure you’d have a wonderful time with this itinerary. 2. No, I didn’t have to exercise a ton of restraint not to gain weight, but my wife and I only eat dessert on a cruise at the specialty restaurants. And we try not to eat a ton of bread either, always take the stairs, generally explore the ports on our own by walking, and do go to the gym. I’m of the belief that the fact that you’re on vacation is not carte blanche to let yourself go and eat like a pig. Regarding Mamsen’s, I kept hearing how great it was before we boarded, but the little pastries and waffles didn’t look particularly unique or special.
  6. 1. On our Viking Baltic cruise, we did schedule an included excursion for every port. We wouldn’t do it again. Most of our excursions were somewhat mediocre walking tours for ports we could easily explore on our own. Viking promotes this as a good value, but personally I disagree. We wound up wandering away from the group pretty quickly most of the time. 2. Have no recollection of water pressure in the shower, but if it was bad, I would probably remember. 3. We’ve never actually gained weight on a cruise, but if you over eat, there’s always the gym! 4. Yes, I do think some itineraries are more interesting and beautiful, but if you’re new to the mediterranean, am sure you’ll enjoy every port. But doing some online research and looking at port reviews is always a good idea.
  7. In terms of S class ship pricing, my wife and I are doing a back to back in the Caribbean on a 10 day cruise on the Equinox in aqua class followed by a 7 day Royal Caribbean cruise in a standard cabin with a larger balcony. In spite of the three additional days, the cruise on the Equinox is less expensive.
  8. And Eden, during the day time, is for us a great place to just curl up and read a good book. Those two chairs hanging from the ceiling are super comfortable.
  9. I actually love the S class as well, with that huge beautiful atrium. And we’ve had great cruises on the M class. I wouldn’t want to take an Edge class ship on every cruise, but it’s got so many unique features that it’s a fun change of pace. Looking forward to our TA next fall on the Apex.
  10. For all of your inherent problems, Celebrity has now ordered 5 Edge Class ships.
  11. Of course cirque is superior! If you read my post correctly, you’d realize that I wasn’t referring to the cirque acts, but the loose storyline that’s used as a framework for those acts. And yes, they’re every bit as silly, and thin, as Duh I lost my stick. I think acrobatic acts of any type are quite difficult to do at sea. Kudos to Celebrity for bringing them to Eden.
  12. Whatever. We sailed the 7 day itinerary in the Caribbean on the Edge and had a blast. And we didn’t find the spa particularly crowded. Of course the shows were a little silly in Eden, but if you look at the stories Cirque de Soleil creates around their shows, they’re even sillier. But fun! We really enjoyed all the venues at night. Loved the infinite veranda. Loved the restaurants. We normally cruise for itinerary, but we so enjoyed The Edge that we booked the inaugural trans atlantic on The Apex next October. Not sure why you’d ever take this ship if you enjoy smaller ships exclusively.
  13. My wife and I have been on S, M, and Edge Class. We enjoy them all for different reasons, but Edge wins out for the amazing buffet, and the infinite verandas. Surprised by all the mean spirited negativity on this somewhat ancient thread. We’ve all seen so many mediocre, similar production shows on all the cruise lines, why not just enjoy the fact that a) it’s different, and b) it’s fun! Ok, it’s not Shakespeare. So what. And it’s an extra bonus show, not a production show anyway. Also, considering the omnipresent surveys, it wouldn’t still be there if people weren’t enjoying it. And isn’t it a little ridiculous to have one’s opinion of the show poison your entire opinion of the cruise line?
  14. I like the fact that it’s now been scheduled and expanded. What I saw last winter was quirky and unique, just like the Eden venue, but I’m glad that it’s been developed further. If you don’t like it, don’t go!
  15. Wow. Much different than what we experienced last February! Sounds fun.
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