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  1. Please share your source of this information. Everything I read is that she is in Greece and not scrapped.
  2. Leaving more questions unanswered seems to be the wrong way to go. Just provide information as soon as it is available without a 'teaser' post. Why? Providing specific and precise information when many are hesitant to even book a cruise is the right policy.
  3. I really would of thought this 'news' would of been officially released no later than 24 hrs from the original posting. I am not at a PR guy, but just seems to be too prolonged at this point to serve as a positive response or purpose.
  4. Would be a good thing, but just not the 'wow' factor worthy of the hype posting from yesterday.
  5. Understand that and I originally took it the wrong way. The 'lifetime' response originally stated seems to be a perfect teaser to a World Cruise.
  6. Royal had no idea that cruises to Cuba would be stopped by the government due to increased restrictions. Took longer and was more expensive than previously estimated to bring her condition up to Royal standards. It was also a wise choice at the time to spend the money to give Boleros a heavy Cuban theme. Empress really was perfect for these Cuba sailings. Best espresso at the cafe in Boleros on any Royal ship I may add. The added cost could of been easily recouped had she been allowed to sail for years longer without the government intervention. Empress was easier to sell off due to her recent renovation. Horizon will need a little more love, but World Cruises command a high per diem. It would justify the investment needed to get her ready.
  7. Hope Royal gives me credit somehow if I am correct... Seems like a riddle thrown out there for someone to figure out.
  8. Image of a world globe also in his post.... It seems to all fit together.
  9. The original 'lifetime' reference means to me a World Cruise as you usually do it once in your lifetime. I am guessing the former Celebrity/Pullmantur Horizon doing this cruise because of the Horizon reference. Her smaller size will allow her to visit more ports.
  10. You have full text of his original Facebook post by chance?
  11. Did he really say lifetime? Did he originally post this below? Sounds like a carnival barker to me. Unlike Royal who many of us respect. Someone please correct me. if he did not post this..... Get ready for the news of a lifetime. A big announcement is on the horizon. 🌎 Stay tuned!
  12. Alcohol available onboard at the same average price per drink of a land based restaurant or bar? This is too easy...
  13. Return of drink package at $18 a day? Pre-covid price and to makeup for those who had this price for the cruises that were cancelled?
  14. Hope the WJ was open for dinner with those high passenger counts.
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