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  1. Awesome video. We were suppose to be on Empress in 2 weeks for an 11 night cruise to NE & Canada. It would of been out third time on her since she returned to the States. Perfect sized ship with a lovely crew.
  2. Amex is the best. I have 3 of their cards. Congratulations on the chargeback to get a refund!
  3. Thought all the money NCL saved by getting rid of free lobster that other lines still provide would of left them in a stronger financial situation.
  4. The requirement that FCC can't be used towards a deposit on another booking made it easy for me to pick a refund over FCC. Not playing that game....
  5. Seems like the refunds are speeding up this week. Full refund of our 11 night June Empress cruise was received Tuesday. Called Royal on Monday as it had been over 30 days and they said it was processed the day before which was true. Very nice gentleman in Guatemala answered my call Monday. Have cruised there in the past on Holland America. He was a pleasure to talk to and we chatted quite a bit about his country. I know he is in a stressful situation with all of us calling about our refunds. You never would know it though. This guy was just awesome.
  6. Work of a recently laid off IT department employee?
  7. Same odds as never being approached by the guy on Empress trying to sell you a reservation to Chops if you were to sail. Not going to happen!
  8. I bailed and cancelled a November 2020 8 night Empress cruise. Cruise is a long way off. I booked fully refundable, but was not comfortable with $500 in deposit on the table. The delay in refunds for cruises recently cancelled is a huge red flag to me. A gamble I am not willing to take. Will book only close to sail dates for the immediate future. I think last minute bookings will be the new normal.
  9. You are basically saying that most if not all people expressing concern over the delay of refunds are people who are almost broke? Really? Sorry, had to post this while waiting in line at the food pantry... You are so wrong to assume in that twisted way.
  10. Royal stating 30 business days now. Not just 30 calendar days. The excuse just keeps changing when pressed for an answer. https://www.wbtv.com/2020/04/19/charlotte-area-travelers-struggle-get-refunds-cancelled-cruise-trips-due-covid-/ Very sound advice in regards to booking new cruises... According to the BBB, if you’re trying to hop on deals and book a trip, you may want to wait until things are calmer in the cruise line industry.
  11. The 50 percent reduction in passengers sounds good, but I can't see it happening. Prices would have to at least double and that will not bring revenue back to normal. Less folks in the casino and less buying overpriced drink packages will eliminate any benefit by doubling fares. Some if it can be offset with reduced staffing and food cost, but I don't see it being profitable.
  12. If the whole point of the delays is to save cash, I would think the smaller refunds would be the priority.
  13. Up to 90 days now for a refund is RC's response now? How can this phony and deceitful delay in refunds continue?
  14. When I asked how many days it would take to actually receive the money, he sheepishly said he didn’t know, but to expect “probably 30 days from when the refunds were processed.” Sad.... Has to be a nightmare for those employees answering the phones at Royal as to why refunds and credits are being delayed.
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