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  1. We have the same concerns. We had booked a Viking Ukraine river cruise for October 2021 and also not sure if it will still go - I'm thinking about moving it to 2022, but haven't decided yet - I thought we would wait until early May whether to cancel or not. My only concern about canceling this cruise is that part of Viking's payment was paid by the travel agency from their portion of the payment for the Viking canceled river cruises that were scheduled for April 2020. I'm not sure whether we would get that portion back from Viking or it would wind up going back to the TA and would be a credi
  2. We were supposed to do B2B for Elbe River & then Cities of Lights this past April. Not a problem w/ booking the air through Viking. The flights were from IAD to Berlin, Elbe ended in Prague, we had booked an extra night in Prague & then started Cities of Light, ending in Paris. Flight home was from Paris to IAD. So instead of paying for four flights, we only paid for two, got credit for the two flights we didn't use. Our two river cruises were considered one booking. Unfortunately due to COVID, it was canceled 😞.
  3. Thanks for sharing the video - that was so nice to see the crew being optimistic!
  4. SM77


    On our last Viking ocean cruise in Dec 2019 - Buenos Aires to Santiago we were upgraded from a V1 to a PV3 gratis! When we arrived on the ship is when we found out that we were bumped up. Obviously the couple that was in the PV3 was bumped up as well. Of course this is great marketing on Viking's part, I don't think I can go back to a regular verandah anymore! 😂
  5. We traveled on Crystal Symphony in March - April 2017 for a B2B from Hong Kong to Tokyo. We loved our itinerary, the staff, the food was excellent, especially the specialty restaurants. The excursions (especially a side trip to Xian, flying from Xiamen, returning to Shanghai) were exceptional, however extremely pricey. What we didn't like was eating in the main dining room w/ a set table every night; dinners were very long & drawn out. Crystal really didn't have a casual option for dinner like what you could do for breakfast & lunch, except for a couple of nights. On Viking you al
  6. There are different philosophies about when to get a knee replacement, but doctors are more willing to do the operation while you are younger & can enjoy having better mobility. Knee surgery is complicated but it pays to have a surgeon who has done it a lot. It's important to take the drugs so that you can get through the PT(actually that is the toughest part) post-op. I was still working when I had it done; was out of the office for a couple of months but when I went back, I was riding the Metro to work, avoiding stairs, taking the escalator or elevator, using a cane for stability. I
  7. I had my knee replacement surgery in 2013 (I was 57) - best surgery I ever did - I was in agony for a few years. I had definitely waited too long before having surgery so getting it @ 67 is not too young. It was important to do PT beforehand to strengthen the muscles around the knee - I stayed overnight, had to do stairs before I left the hospital - came home and went up the stairs in the house to sleep every night. Went to PT for a while after surgery - my sciatica was bad right after surgery but the PT worked it all out. My surgeon was very conservative and I did not go under using gener
  8. You are correct that I should have seen an orthopedist when I came home but I was definitely given the impression that I was just really bruised and the ship's doctor gave no indication that I should follow up w/ anyone. I understand that different doctors from countries other than the US may not feel the need to order unnecessary tests - I didn't think I broke anything but felt that maybe I might have torn something. I did not insist on getting an x-ray. In hindsight, perhaps I should have been more assertive. I am just relaying my experience on this last Viking cruise w/ this particular
  9. I was not impressed with my experience on Jupiter in Dec 2019. I fell as I stepped off the gangway w/ a cane onto the dock (it was wet out and a puddle was hiding a hole that I fell into) and fell hard on my shoulder. Though the security staff wanted me to go to the sick bay. I opted to change my wet pants and went out on our walking excursion. On the way back, I was feeling pretty sore so we stopped at the medical office and it was closed - not opening until 4 PM. So I went back down later to see the doctor. She checked me over and just said that I bruised myself pretty hard and gave me
  10. Sigh, that was our last VOC - last December - it was an incredible experience. We (or Viking) have canceled three cruises through April 2021. We do have one booked for October 2021 - Viking Ukraine river cruise - we are cautiously hopeful but have decided not to book anything else for now. I told my husband that I was missing the pampering that I got while on the Jupiter. We too cannot wait to sail w/ Viking again.
  11. If OP has BC/BS through the FEHB, BCBS health coverage is international. My sister had a stroke cruising off the coast of Australia. Ship docked in Brisbane where she was transported to a hospital - was there over three months, BCBS paid for all hospital & medical bills. Of course, it did not pay for her husband staying in Brisbane with her. Fortunately he knew a family in Brisbane that welcomed him in their home and helped him navigate their hospital system. Otherwise he would have been in a hotel or short term rental. Getting her home was challenging since they didn't have medical e
  12. I had a similar situation for a Viking Ocean cruise for April 2021for Southeast Asia. I wound up canceling in early June(final payment was in Sept 2020) - I decided that it was unlikely conditions would be safe enough to travel so far in April 2021 and I already had one canceled by Viking so I already have 125% FCV to use. In April we had canceled our November 2020 Oceania cruise for Athens. Oceania had refunded the deposit in a reasonable time, the TA's portion took almost 90 days. We are stuck w/ the airfare since I had decided to book w/ United directly. It's a wait and see game if the
  13. Actually Guy is based in Boston, Viking has a call center there but he was working from home - he mentioned that everyone transitioned to working from home starting in March.
  14. We canceled our April 2021 Southeast Asia cruise(final payment Sept 2020) on June 4, Viking posted a refund of $800 on June 9, but it wasn't posted to the credit card until June 16th. We got our FVC vouchers, $100 each on June 22. Very quick since it was a normal cancellation process. For the canceled April cruise back in March, we were part of the first wave and it took a little while to get the FCV vouchers, issued on April 17th for cruises canceled by Viking March 11th. We had canceled a November Athens Oceania cruise on April 16th, again a normal cancellation process &
  15. As other folks have mentioned, on our Dec South American cruise, on sea days, the singers/dancers gave free lessons in Torshavn. You didn't have to have a partner and it was lots of fun, a good way to get in a little workout. It was a nice way to get to know the Viking singers/dancers and our instructor was a hoot, gives you a great sense of appreciation for professional dancers!
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