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  1. If you get THE answer, please share. We're booked with HAL for Alaska in mid August 2021 and already feel it will be cancelled since it begins and ends in Vancouver.
  2. As others have said, HAL doesn't allow you to spend your OBC before boarding the ship, or 3 days before sailing. This is particularly frustrating, especially since we all know that ship sponsored excursions will be required to get off the ship for probably quite sometime. My favorite option is to simply cruise with Celebrity or Princess who will gladly allow you to book shore excursions ahead of time using OBC.
  3. Hmmm, I suspect our mid August Alaskan cruise will be included in the next round of cancellations.
  4. Have often stayed at Crowne Plaza Hotel/ Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruiseport. Pros: Large rooms, clean, nice staff members, very close to airport and directly across the street from port entrance, decent restaurant in the hotel, nice pool, shuttle or Uber to port. Free shuttle from airport. Cons: About a two block walk to Walgreens, fast food places or any other restaurants. Many other hotels on 17th Street. Have stayed at : Embassy Suites and even Extended Stay America. If you need lots of restaurant choices and shopping, 17th Street hotels are good.
  5. Guess HAL doesn't really need my money. We are scheduled for an Alaskan cruise in mid August, if it sails. I contacted HAL to see if I made the $750 payment on our balance due, for the $250 OBC, could I use the OBC to purchase shore excursions prior to boarding the ship. NO! Unlike Celebrity and Princess who will gladly have you spend your OBC prior to sailing, HAL sticks with their antiquated rule.
  6. It's really just a guessing game. We moved our Alaskan June 2021 cruise to mid August in the hopes that that might help. However, there is no way of knowing what the COVID situation might be by then and whether Vancouver will be open to ships and passengers by then either.
  7. Hmmm, book at our much higher prices to get a few Power Up Points! After carefully checking X offerings and prices, booked with HAL for 8/21 and Princess for 12/21.
  8. Cool, still working or retired? I did 30 yrs of ER/Trauma and now just volunteer with Hospice. Wishing you well.
  9. I guess this reminds me of the last question I had to answer on my nursing board exam, way back. What is the most important factor when washing ones hands: the temperature of the water, the type of soap/gel used, the force of the water, or hand friction time. Hope you all picked the latter because the amount of time one throughly rubs ones hands together, while washing, is the greatest factor in how clean your hands will be when finished.
  10. Informed today by our TA that deadline has been extended to 1/31/2021. Won't help us however. Cancelled 2/21 cruise last Monday for 100% refund. Cancelled our 3/21 cruise today for deposit refund since it was suppose to be an 11night cruise, which certainly isn't going to sail even though X has made no announcement. Hope the slight extension might help others. Stay safe.
  11. Another reason we just cancelled our February 2021 cruise on Apex and might as well cancel our March cruise on Reflection since it was suppose to be an 11 night cruise. It is what it is!


    Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. Pretty sure our February 2021 cruise , which was moved from 2020, will be a no go. Our March 8, 2021 11 night cruise will certainly be cancelled or drastically changed but of course X probably won't let us know before the December final payment is due. Our June 2021 Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver, moved from last June, is iffy. However our late November 2021 cruise will probably be a go, in some fashion. The good news: for the cost of a balcony cabin, we're taking an Amtrak trip across the Southern U.S. in October 2021 and, unless COVOD wipes us all ou
  13. Yes, I always buy travel insurance and yes, had to use it in March 2019. I had just checked into the FLL hotel in anticipation of boarding the Equinox the next morning. I received a phone call from my sister-in-law that my younger brother has been rushed to the hospital and brain surgery was required. I couldn't use my return flight ticket for the next day because all flights were filled. So I had to pay out the nose for a one way ticket on another airline for the following morning. My brother did not survive. When I called the travel insurance company they were very sympathetic. Ne
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