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  1. It will be interesting to see what the cruise lines come up with with regards to a "doctors note" to enable me to cruise. The current note says the doctor agrees that I have no chronic illness (heart, lung, liver or kidney disease or immunodeficiency due to HIV/AIDS, cancer or diabetes) which would make me susceptible to complications arising with COVID-19. So, once a vaccine is given to everyone for COVID-19 are the cruise lines still wanting this 73 yr old male who does CrossFit Masters three days a week and walks another 1-2 miles a day, but does take a statin, present a letter from my doctor? Further more, is any physician able to guarantee that I couldn't possibly become ill once onboard. Guess time will tell if I even get to board in December, if indeed the ship even sails. I'll be patient.
  2. No one here, including myself, really knows the answer to your question nor probably does the CEO of HAL at the moment. We are still waiting for HAL to cancel our June Alaska cruise which is a given and then our TA has been requested to immediately file for 100% refund. My GUESS, considering cruise lines are now even sending staff back home to Asia (RCCL) is that there will be no Alaska cruise season at all this year. Stay healthy and safe!
  3. Hopeful that we'll be onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam in December!
  4. Carnival has already announced no Alaskan cruise up to and including June 30th. Just waiting for HAL to do the same.
  5. Unsure what you mean about State of Ohio which has lead the nation from the outset on controlling the virus. Are you not also aware that Batttele Institute in Columbus is now world famous for rapidly developing a Critical Care Decontamination System that is now decontaminating 40,000 N-95 masks day and will soon be doing 80,000 a day! Additionally, along with Ohio State University have developed a COVID-19 test that can give accurate results in 5 hrs verses 5 days!
  6. Undoubtedly a difficult time for Celebrity, those who like to cruise and certainly the world as a whole. I believe in patience, common sense, prayer, and being upbeat. Our March cruise on the Equinox was cancelled of course and we received taxes etc. back to our credit cards and took FCC. Initially I was surprised and maybe even frustrated when I began to look for a replacement cruise in 2021. Prices were high, period. Yesterday, I decided to take a look again and was surprised to find a 7 day Caribbean cruise on the Apex, with balcony cabins at a reasonable price. I figured either I had miscalculated or I was missing something. I immediately put our TA to work. So, today the four of us are booked in two balcony cabins on the Apex on 2/20/2021, with our choice of two perks, military discount, set early dining and even a little OBC for slightly less than what we paid for our cancelled cruise. Our FCC is being processed and will pay the entire total cost with even a small amount left over for each of us for any additional future cruises. Others may have experienced this already too but with all the doom and gloom going around, even on CC, just wanted to add a little cheer. Could our February 2021 cruise be cancelled - yes. However, for right night I'll just enjoy the moment. Wishing everyone good health and be safe.
  7. Cancelled our 3/14 cruise on 3/9/20 through our TA. Taxes and fees credit appeared on our credit card on 3/12 and beverage package, which we also purchased on credit card, was credited back on the card on 3/16. Also received our FCC confirmation number from our TA on 3/11.
  8. CCL just announced that Carnival cruises April 10 - May 5th are cancelled. Looks like the cruise lines are going to drag out the cancellations basically month at a time.
  9. There is also an interesting video today, on Celebrity thread, from a current staff member aboard a RCCL vessel. He is from the UK and expected to stay onboard for the 30 day no sail time period. Now he is being told that next week he is being sent home. He feels safer on the ship and isn't sure how he would be able to fly home but is waiting to hear how RCCL is going to accomplish moving staff home. If this does turn out to be true, it would be difficult to quickly restart cruising without staff or, perhaps RCCL does indeed expect this no cruise period to go on much longer than originally anticipated. Guess we all just sit tight and wait.
  10. Another vote for the Baltic Sea which we did on the Eurodam - great vessel too.
  11. It's really nice that your son is so concerned about your well being. Because of that, you probably aren't going to be able to convince him otherwise. You might show him the SW Airline notice with regards to greater aircraft cleaning. Of course, it is true that regardless of the current virus, you'll be statically safer on a plane than on the highway.
  12. Have cruise of Oasis of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. Had a balcony facing Central Park (didn't like) and one facing the ocean (much better). Would recommend set time dining. Never had a bad meal or poor service but X definitely gets the nod here. The shows are quite outstanding compared to X but you do need to select dates and times via the RCCL website prior to cruising. Indeed, there is something always going on but surprisingly only once or twice did we feel we were on a huge crowded ship. For sure, there is more of a family, amusement park atmosphere but, not in a bad way. No desire to go back on one of these "monster ships but I'm glad I tried two of them out and found very little to be negative about.
  13. And still, we wait for HAL to officially notify us, and/or our TA, that our June 10th cruise to Alaska, out of Vancouver, is cancelled and what they will be offering in terms of refund or FCC.
  14. We cancelled early last week and of course received the 100% FCC. When we look ahead to rescheduling in early 2021 on another 7 day cruise out of FLL, it will additionally cost us up to $700pp AFTER the FCC is applied. If we drop down to 6 day cruise, it will cost $435 additional. Even if we drop to 4 day cruise out of MIA, it will cost us, after FCC is applied, an additional $125pp. Celebrity is effectively causing loyal past cruisers to look elsewhere due to their higher and higher prices.
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