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  1. Originally Peter, Paul and Mary. However, James Taylor did a version later with slightly different lyrics.
  2. OTJ, this isn’t just an oldie, it’s ancient. Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin.
  3. No, everyone just gives your cabin number and the computer figures out who to charge.
  4. There is no advantage to purchasing the SSP prior to boarding. Once on board go to customer service and ask your questions, then make your decision. If if all you want is sodas, pick up a few cans during meal time at the World Cafe and take them back to your cabin for later.
  5. Our ship departed Colon at midnight and arrived at the beginning of the canal at dawn. Since you are only going to Gatun lake and returning to the Caribbean, the timing will probably be different. The port timings are shown on your invoice. Check MVJ. I looked at your ferry excursion and it is on the day you are in Colon, the day before your ship goes into the canal. The timing may work but check with your Viking agent to be sure. The excursion looks to have a lot of bus travel, getting to Gamboa and getting from Balboa (on the Pacific side) back to Colon. I suggest you look at a m
  6. No, we did the Turquoise Caribbean Seas cruise in 2018. We did go through the canal in 2017 on the Sun going from Miami to Los Angeles.
  7. On Viking last year they used the larger and faster port tenders.
  8. On our cruises we found all restaurants loud if we were close to a table with a large party, 6+. THey seem to talk louder to be heard across the table. Enjoy your trip.
  9. Stop by the reservations desk at the entrance to the WC on the port side. They’ll make the reservations for you.
  10. Zitsky what did the restaurant/hotel manager say when you told him about the smell at the WC?
  11. If you need tissues, ask the room steward for extra boxes. On a Mediterranean cruise, I was having a bad episode and had a box in the sitting area, by the bed and in the bathroom. They were very accommodating.
  12. Vicky D Port time for your Danube Waltz will depend on which direction you are going. I suggest you post your question in the Viking River roll call for your cruise. Someone that took the same cruise may be able post a daily sheet for your specific cruise.
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