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  1. We are going on a Baltic cruise next month and will be taking several group tours with Alla and SPB. I'm not sure what to tip for some of these tours. For example: I received paperwork from Alla that offered two suggestions for the same 5 hour $125 Copenhagen tour for tipping their guides and drivers. In one place it said to plan on 10% to the guide and 5% to the driver. On another page it said to give 5 EUR to the guide and 2-3 EUR to the driver. These two sets of amounts don't match. Then for Tallin for a $70 5.5 hour tour we were advised to do 10% of total cost to cover both guide and driver and in another page advised to give just 3-5 EUR to the guide. I know this isn't a large amount of money but, over a number of tours it can add up and we are on a pretty fixed budget. I would like to make sure we don't over tip or under tip. 🙂 I would welcome your advice on which of the amounts seem the best guideline for the above Alla tours. Thanks in advance.
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