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  1. Ah yes, Celebrity use AT&T Maritime, so you could ask your streaming provider and they may do it. I assume you know that onboard wifi costs about $40 a day and if you buy it by the hour, you can end up paying $50 an hour or something? I usually forget about money the second I hop on a big ship, but I'm not sure I'd go for wifi 🙂 All the best.
  2. If your ship's wifi comes from a base station that uses the AT&T Maritime network, then maybe, if it uses one of the other carriers (Telenor Maritime etc) then most likely not. If your ship uses AT&T, you'd have to ask your TV app provider. (it'd be expensive though) Happy to find out what network your ship uses, if you don't know. (need the name of the ship) All the best.
  3. Base stations on Princess Cruise Ships use the AT&T Maritime satellite network, so if you have a contract with AT&T in USA, you could get pretty good deal. If not, I'd get an International SIM that works on Princess Cruise Ships. All the best.
  4. AT&T, Tmob etc have good coverage in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and I have read about US mainland carriers working at times in Cayman Islands, but for the rest of the Caribbean, I'd definitely recommend an International SIM. For what it's worth, I use an ekit/JT SIM because they have better cruise ship rates. On land in that part of the world, in my opinion there isn't much difference between the companies, but I don't insist on it so you may want to check and compare. Big rule for International SIMs on cruise ships - when you are at sea, turn off data roaming on your phone, small things like checking the weather, updating candy crush or facebook notifications can burn up your credit in a few minutes. Happy to answer any questions about International SIMs. All the best.
  5. sorry, that should be "3. Turn off your phone for an hour after you sail away"... 🙂
  6. Hi Folks, I have been lurking here for a few years, enjoying the tips, haven't posted much and I thought posting this would help as many people here seem uncertain about travel SIMs on Cruises. Before I start, I'll declare an interest - I have spent a lot of the last ten years consulting and contacting for travel SIM companies. I'm not here to recommend a brand, but I think they are brilliant and I'm sure I'm biased because the various companies paid for the food on my table etc. So here we go: 1. Not all travel SIMs work on Cruise Ships. In fact, if you see a slogan with something like "5GB data in 130 countries or "unlimited data for 21 days", you are pretty much guaranteed it won't work on a ship. 2. Some travel SIMs say they work on Cruise Ships, but actually don't work on that many. There are about half a dozen Maritime providers, different lines use different networks and just because a travel SIM has agreement with one network, it doesn't mean they have lots of Maritime agreements, so don't hesitate to email the company, before you buy and ask if your ship is covered. 3. You don't need to look too hard to find scathing reviews of any brand. Smartphones and travel SIMs did not get off to an easy start, there were technical issues aplenty causing many trips being interrupted by frequent credit warnings and the like. Look at the date on any online review and keep that in mind. 4. If you read a glowing tribute to a travel SIM in someone's blog, chance are it is Sponsored Journalism (ie paid for). This dubious tactic is favored by the travel industry and is best ignored. 5. On land, there isn't much difference between reputable travel SIMs. There are a few super cheap and unreliable ones out there, but the good ones will end up costing you about the same amount on a typical vacation/holiday. Once on your cruise: 1. Turn off data roaming on your phone and only turn it back on if you really need it and make sure automatic updates are off. I pay $5 per MB on my travel SIM, some charge $10 per MB, some even $30 per MB. It is rarely worth it. 2. Only use calling if you really need to. Your call will bounce off a satellite, then a hub in Europe, the delay is very annoying. 3. Turn off your phone for an hour after you disembark. Once your phone loses a land signal, it will drain the battery looking for another one and your ship's base station won't be turned on for about an hour. 4. SMS may be old school, but on a ship it'll be cheaper than Whatsapp, hangouts etc 5. Put your phone in airplane mode before letting anyone else use it. Anyway, that's my contribution to this wonderful board, if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to (try) answer. Thanks, Charles
  7. I guess there's a happy medium between rest and recreation that we are looking for 🙂 They can be brilliant, they can be too much pampering for our tastes, for instance the Rhine Cruise we did in 2017 was the best holiday that I have ever had. An 11 day cruise to Vanuatu a few years before was too much rest for us, other cruises have fallen in between. Our next cruise is the Caledonian Canal, we'll see. Charles
  8. My wife and I are both workaholics, though give me a decent spy novel and I'm happy (I am easily amused...) My wife's remedy is doing about ten jigsaws a day in the ship's library. Charles
  9. Thanks pacmom. One final question - as there are no elevators, the stairs have good sturdy hand rails, right? Cheers.
  10. Ah missed that, interesting. We did a cruise with Cunard earlier in the year, it took a few days to get used to the "dressing for dinner" ritual, but it's not all bad - there were gin cocktails..:)
  11. Thanks pacmom. My wife and I are thinking of doing this with her parents. I do have three questions right now. o. are there good vegetarian food options (my wife is vego) o. would someone find it hard to walk around with a walking frame? (They had no problems on other cruises) o. were you happy with the food and service? Charles
  12. My wife and I are thinking of the Caledonian Canal "river" cruise next year, searching this site, I couldn't see any reference to it. Has anyone been? www.lordoftheglens.co.uk/ is the web page. Online reviews are a glowing, which makes me wonder about sponsored journalism etc. Thanks.
  13. Great journal, I've seen many of those places on land, I planned to see them again on land, but nope, going to go by sea now 🙂 And an amusing footnote, when I first went to Skye in 1994, the drinking horn of the Macleods made such an impression on me that when I got home I bought a replica, many times filled it with claret and tried to drain it in one go. Don't think I ever succeeded...
  14. Great review, we did this cruise with Avalon, slightly different tours, but close. You said "we were curious as to whether or not there would be any deterioration in the Viking product". I wondered exactly the same thing. I've seen such an increase in Viking advertising, I was wondering if they were diluting an excellent product. Question answered 🙂
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