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  1. I don't think I could work in the Churchill extension with that. Wish I could skip Bergen and the islands and start in Scotland. Better yet Viking could combine Churchill's Britain with the Oxford & Highclere Castle extensions for a really nice land tour. πŸ˜‰
  2. I'll join you in whining CharTrav. I am interested in a British Isles cruise with the new Churchill extension from London but I really don't want to fly to Bergen again (doing that next month with Viking). Wish they had an option to fly to Edinburgh and join the cruise in the Highlands. Thank you for sharing your research.
  3. Um that’s the back of the tag. The front has a lot of personal info on it. πŸ˜‰
  4. Received our cruise packet this week and the Viking luggage strips for the cruise are very sturdy paper, 2"x8.75". There are also 2 red leather(ette?) tags that buckle onto your checked luggage for the flight. Not sure we'll use the latter as our bags are already tagged.
  5. We'll be on this cruise next month. Sounds like a good itinerary with varied ports. I would happily trade the stop in Germany for time in Stockholm but will make the best of it somehow. πŸ˜€
  6. Thank you very much for posting this. DH and I don't like to eat huge meals and hate to waste. This might be one of the most useful things I have read about the ship. We will be on the Viking Sky next month but our itinerary is different. We start out in Bergen and I do appreciate what has been posted here.
  7. I am sailing on the Viking Sky; perhaps tipping the Chief Engineer on day 1 is a good idea. πŸ˜‰
  8. Good to know. Thank you for responding.
  9. I received a Cruise Critic email which lead to this article on tipping: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2077 The article ends with this quote: "While we'd very much like to see the look on the captain's face when you slip him $20 at the welcome party, cash-handshakes are not necessary. He will not linger in port or let you steer the ship. The Australian or British cruise director, whose hilarious morning briefings have you believing, once more, in laughter, should also never be the recipient of a tip." Is this correct? I'll be on my first ocean cruise next month and was surprised to read we don't tip the cruise director. Trying to figure out what being Australian or British has to do with it. Any insight will be appreciated.
  10. Sorry, my question related to the Mobile Passport app.
  11. Looks like there is an annual charge of $15 if you want to be able to scan your passport info into your phone rather than enter it by hand. https://mobilepassport.us/
  12. Thanks for the tip, DH and I will look into this. Is there a charge for the app or to the government?
  13. If confronted with a 3 or 4am departure from the cruise ship DH and I would book the 2 flights in segments with a stay overnight near the transferring airport. It might be pricey but worth it to us. So If we had to fly from Barcelona to Munich, Munich to Denver we would look for a later flight on the day we disembark, sleep near Munich and catch the flight from Munich to Denver the following day. Leaving in the middle of the night is just too brutal and would leave a bad taste toward the entire cruise. I would begin dreading it as it got closer.
  14. No, not yet. I understand our packet will come from Viking about 3 weeks prior to sailing.
  15. I did not have luck finding holders for Viking tags on Amazon but will search again. Good to know to have some cash ready for the porter, we planned to get some Norwegian Krone before leaving home. Thanks for the warning about controlled chaos, we'll be ready and we always have passports and other docs with us as well as a photo of same on our phones. Murray847, of all the cruises in your signature which itinerary did you most enjoy and which ship was your favorite?
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