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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. This seemed to be so easy when cruising the carribean. Now to find a decent airfare. Has anyone used the Princess Web for airfare? I too plan on traveling in early June. Am doing my homework early this year as our panama canal cruise was rather last minute and the we paid dearly for airfare.
  2. Thanks so much. Just told my husband that he will have a hard time bending over to wash his feet again. He is well over 6 ft.
  3. What are the different reasons? It may help me in making my devision. Thanks
  4. Does it make a difference in which direction the ship travels? Also, not sure which ship is better. We just did a panama canal cruise on the island princess and the showers were extremely small. Wondering if they are the same on the coral. Thanks
  5. We will be in Cartenga on Monday October 15th on the Island princess, Can someone recommend a good tour operator other than Dora. She is booked. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Can someone please recommend a tour operator other than Dora? Looked online and everything I saw was extremely expensive.Will be Cartenga on Monday October 15th? Thanks a bunch.
  7. Will be in Cartenga on Monday October 15th. Dora is booked. Can someone recommend another good tour operator? Thanks
  8. Just attempted to book Dora on our trip for October 15tg. She is booked. Does anyone have a suggestion as to who else is a good tour operator?
  9. Would you know how I would get from the train station to the airport?
  10. Thanks, Cruiser Bob. I will look into the train option.
  11. I am in the process of booking an 11 night Adriatic dream vacation in April. It departs from Rome but ends in Venice. What is the best way to travel back to Rome for our flight home. I do not want to stay in Venice overnight as I have heard it is very expensive. Thanks
  12. My hubby and I will be cruising on the Adriatic dream cruise via Holland America. It begins in Rome and ends in Venice.Could someone please help me in finding the best deal in getting from the Venice port and back to the Rome airport? Thanks a lot.
  13. I read that these are right below the cafeteria. Was the noise any problem?
  14. Hi, This will be my first cruise with Holland America. We will be sailing with them in April. What is the best deck and balcony rooms on this ship? Also is it worth the extra money to upgrade to a small suite. Thanks a bunch for your input.
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