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  1. I was doing OLCI for a cruise yesterday, our CC numbers were missing and when I tried to add them, they weren’t accepted. I was getting a bit panicked (we cruise on the 14th) as I knew the numbers were correct. I emailed our TA who had them added and now our status shows on the Express Pass. Must be an issue with the website, imagine that 😆😌
  2. I don't think loyalty comes into play in their making the decision to charter the ship. However, 7 months out is just not right regardless of status. I am surprised they are not offering OBC or anything else for you to cruise on a different date.
  3. We cruised Solstice mid Sept. I believe it was the first or 2nd cruise with the new menus. We don't book suites often enough that I was tired of the old menus 😊 I found that often the description did not match what was served, (without looking at the menus) one that stands out was we ordered rack of lamb one night but it was a lamb loin.
  4. They are also using paper straws on Solstice. They must be the cheapest brand they can find. The flavor of drink changed and tasted like cardboard, some had holes and none lasted a full drink, whether it was a cocktail or latte. In the meantime, thanks for a reminder to find an environmentally friendly alternative for our next cruise! Perhaps stock pile some from local restaurants that have better quality! 😆
  5. Just off 10 days on Solstice on this itinerary, our 5th cruise on Solstice in 3 years. We’ve never been on Eclipse but they are both S class ships, sure Solstice is older but a downgrade? The ship is clean , well maintained and a happy crew.
  6. We've only done 1 TA, last year on Pursuit! What did we do? Sleep in, meet friends for coffee at Mosaic, play trivia or wander around the ship, have lunch, walk, lay by the pool, play trivia or some other activity, do the occasional load of laundry, nap, eat, dance, drink repeat. Amazing how quickly the time passed.
  7. I was on the cruise prior and had excellent interaction with Kartini and Sam (Luminae hostess and manager) have you spoken to them? I think you have a better chance of having something done by expressing your concerns to them vs emailing Miami! Can they move the large party to the back area or the wall along the front entrance. Or, move you? If you can’t have a quiet enjoyable meal, ask them to arrange for you to dine in Blu. As a solo traveler, they should be able to accommodate you. I hope you can get some resolution, keep us posted.
  8. We have seen the excursion offered on our previous cruises. Perhaps your cruise is too far off.
  9. OP it sounds like you have many cruises under your belt. This change, while inconvenient is not a big deal. For many of us FLL and MIA airports are both viable options regardless of which port you depart from. The 11 am flight should be the most stressful part, an 11am International flight even from FLL would probably have “gone against” guidelines for flights. Try Larrys limos for transportation, certainly less than the $180. Also, you booked with a TA, ask for their assistance. Once you get on board, have a great cruise.
  10. Is that a HALL 1873? Love all of the HALL cabs! I’ll have to look for the SLV, looks like a really good one! I’m sure decanting was a good idea.
  11. I’m so happy that the cruise lines are helping with relief efforts and supporting the Bahamas. As I am reading posts and news stories about this and seeing pallets of water, etc...I got to wondering...where did the supplies come from? Is it surplus from the current cruise? Were extra supplies loaded in Miami?
  12. DH was vaccinated in the 60s. Because of the recent measles cases in the US we both had the MMR titer done. He was not immune and needed to be re vaccinated. So... just because you were vaccinated as a child in the 60s doesn't mean you are still immune.
  13. Thanks! We normally wouldn't look at getting a GoPro but we have a lot of Non refundable OBC.
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