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  1. If you cruise Solstice, I highly recommend the ship excursion where you disembark the ship and board a smaller vessel that will get you as close as possible to the glacier. Conditions permitting, you can get much closer to see calving. On the trip back you may see whales and will get right near waterfalls. It’s a bit pricey and is only offered by the cruiseline.
  2. He joined EQ in November, so my guess is he will be on vacation.
  3. I’ve been waiting for the itineraries to come back online. It seems like they are, however nothing for Jan 4, 2021. I see it in an online TA site where you can’t look at actual cabin availability but nowhere else. Does anyone have any insight on this date?
  4. I was on EQ in October, I don't recall a venue called World Cafe. Where is it located?
  5. It looks like 3 ships and approx 7-8000 passengers. If you can, spend a day enjoying Vancouver rather than stress about making the flight.
  6. We changed a booking from a 1A on the hump to a gty Aqua, (at the time there were no Aqua cabins available to choose). Our stateroom was assigned 9 months out and we were given an A1 with a larger balcony.
  7. We went on a 5 day Caribbean cruise as part of a b2b. It was pretty much a spring break booze cruise. You ask if there is anything you should expect not to have? I would not expect to have the same quality of cruise you have had in the past and you should not expect the same demographic. Hopefully I am wrong! 😊
  8. When I was pricing Panama Canal, there was not a screen offering perks but if I selected the refundable option, when I went to the payment section it showed 2 perks, OBC and grat, with no place to change.
  9. Enjoying your review, the highlight and lowlight is something new, love it! While trying to make the most of your bev pkg. stop by the World Class Bar, it was mostly empty in October and the drinks are great. Happy Honeymoon!
  10. I have an rx mask so i always bring my own. DH also brings his own because he prefers using it. We leave our fins at home!
  11. We did a Klein Bonaire excursion on an old “junk boat”. It was a great time. I think it is called Samur and is a ship excursion. We were originally going to go on SeaCow but it was canceled at the last minute due to a medical issue and replaced with Samur.
  12. We were also on Equinox in October. I complained about them moving/adding the smoking area to Starboard. Much of deck 5 was unusable as there was smoking forward on the port side and mid starboard. I don't know what they changed the smoking section , i only hope that is not the new norm.
  13. It looks like Brent will be back on Solstice in 2020 as well as a couple of cruises on Reflection. He does a lot of speaking engagements with schools, what a treat for those kids! http://www.naturetalksbybrentnixon.com/
  14. On Equinox in Oct. We had 4 snorkel excursions, never needed a jacket after, just a dry towel! The air is warm, unless you “run cold” I don’t see the need for fleece or a jacket.
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