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  1. When we lived in the Bay Area we would go wine tasting in Livermore. Now we tend more towards Santa Lucia and Napa and Sonoma!
  2. Prime C had a few bottles of Fevertree recently, or perhaps I should say, our most excellent bartender managed to find a few for us 😁 We did however, also buy some Q tonic in Seattle. It was fun to try side by side VT with Belvedere and 2 good tonics plus the Canada Dry. Too bad Azamara hasn’t made FT part of the UBP....
  3. “We’re looking into it” seems to be the standard response when something goes wrong on a tour. We were given the same line last year on Quest, we booked a Sunset boat tour that went the opposite direction of the sunset! I understand needing to talk to the tour company but to me it sounds like they need to verify the guest complaints. We stayed on in Nanaimo, all of the tours were too long for us given the late arrival.
  4. We've done it twice, Dawes glacier and at Sawyer glacier. This type of excursion is offered on most/all Celebrity Solstice Alaska cruises.
  5. July 2 cruise didn't go to any glaciers and no Hubbard glacier excursion offered...yeah, kind of defeats the purpose of going to Alaska but we knew this in advance, many pax didn't. anyways...we have done a ship excursion at Dawes glacier, where we got off the ship and were on a smaller vessel that got closer to the glacier, it was fabulous. Do you have a link to the description?
  6. We have never done the excursion you mention. When you are on deck at Endicott arm you will want layers, for me thats usually a tank top, long sleeve shirt, fleece and a thin raincoat or wind breaker. Gloves and a hat! And long johns under my pants! For DH he skips the tank top and gloves! If you are only taking a carry on, I suggest packing clothes in one of those vaccum type bags since Alaska clothing can be bulky.
  7. Never cruised on Carnival but on X there is generally only 1 announcement per day! There is generally trivia a couple times per day, and several times on sea days!
  8. Lol, might be a bit cold for shorts and also at the glacier! Layers are definitely key.
  9. This year for Alaska, pack shorts! Been twice and both times in was mid 80s a couple of days!
  10. I think many of them onboard would not know the difference between East Bay or Paso. As they have never been to CA and are unaware of the different climates, etc...There are some good wines that come from Livermore though! One way we can usually tell how knowledgeable they are, is by asking what region the grapes are from. If they look at the back of the bottle and tell me where it was bottled we know that even “wine steward” is a generous title!
  11. I never understood why white night was scheduled for Nanaimo, given our hours there and being the last night. Weatherwise, it would have been perfect. Safe travels home!
  12. We used refundable OBC for the crew fund, there was a form at guest relations. I presume it is the same for additional gratuities.
  13. I heard wonderful things about the Raptor center. I hope we have a future cruise that takes us back to Sitka. Thanks Betsey for doing your live blog and all of the fotos and posts.. enjoy your last day.
  14. Cabin Number - 8052 Ship - Azamara Quest Month/Year sailed - July 2019 Would you choose this room again - Probably not Is noise an issue - occasional chair noises from above. Balcony size Normal/Larger/Smaller - Larger Any other comments: awarded this cabin from our upgrade bid, would not choose this suite due to the tub. Door to veranda is in the center, rather than off to the side which can be awkward due to the big chair, we requested a smaller chair for our table and that solved the “problem”. Plus of this cabin is the midship location.
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