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  1. As Barrycat mentioned, I wonder if these fare discounts will be applicable on all fares. Many times we have booked a cruise that was on sale and the alumni discount did not apply as they said the fares were low to start off with. I understand some people book a long time in advance and this discount may be applicable, but in our case, given we watch prices closely and tend to book only a few months in advance when there’s a sale, this discount has rarely applied. Nice benefits at the 90+ Level 4 with free laundry and wifi. Only 20 more nights to go to get that level. Can’t wait to get back on a Windstar ship.
  2. I totally agree with SkiMom2. Like her, we have never been on Seabourn, but have sailed 10 times with Windstar and based on what I have seen and read, I would add that Windstar is probably a little less stuffy, with a more casual dress code and laid back vibe than Seabourn. Yes the ships are older but they are well maintained and much smaller than the new Seabourn ships which makes it a more intimate experience than Seabourn. It’s for these reasons we chose Windstar over Seabourn and why we have never looked back since.
  3. Dale While we may not have as many cruises under my belt as some of the board members above, we were Celebrity fans in the late 90s and mid 2000’s and sailed 5 times on Century Class and Millenium class and one more recently on Solstice class. We really enjoyed our cruises on Celebrity but were looking for newer stops where big ships would not go. We also wanted good food, low key entertainment, no dressing up and off the beaten path itineraries at a decent price. After researching for some time, we finally decided to go with Windstar in 2013. We have never looked back since and have now sailed with them 10 times. We are also in our late 50’s and based on what you outlined above, Windstar would suit you very well. Like I said food is amongst the best at sea, one notch above Celebrity, great staff, ability to meet interesting people, nice large suites on the Yachts, access to the Bridge ( for the geeks in us), the great Sail Aways, the swimming platform, amazing free cappuccinos at the Yacht Club, decent wine list at attractive prices (I posted pictures of the wine lists on this forum) and I could go on and on. These are truly relaxing ships where nothing is complicated. When they say Windstar is truly 180 degrees from Ordinary, it’s true and to think that we may not sail on one of these great ships next winter makes me really sad (we were on the last Windsurf cruise before everything stopped on March 14). Happy sailings
  4. We are the same, we stay on deck to have a few drinks and enjoy sail away. Most of the time we are still by the pool until 7 and then get ready for dinner which is usually after 8. Never go to the port talks. One night last year, we were on Star Legend with some friends and noticed we were the only ones on the whole deck while enjoying a drink at the Star Bar. This was around 7pm while everyone was in either in the lounge for port talk or getting dressed for dinner. Magical, like being on your own yacht. Our friends, first timers on Windstar, could not believe there was no one in sight. Can’t wait to go back
  5. Redtravel, There is a weekly Captains Club Cocktail held on each cruise for returning guests, not sure if that is what you meant
  6. Just went to see the Windstar Canadian Special Page and there are several new cruises that were just added. From experience, I believe the prices on this list are about as low as you will be able to get and while they may not be accessible to US residents, it can provide a benchmark. Don’t know if I can attach URL on this forum but you cannot find it on their website so you need to type it in google to get it to pop up
  7. There are several good deals right now for those who want to cruise in December including Christmas and New Year’s (not sure I am ready to book a cruise just yet) with 2 week Christmas and New Years cruise onboard the Surf for $1,599 under unadvertised Canadian Resident Special whereas these cruises would typically go for more than $3,000. Now that’s a good deal. As Barrycat mentioned, best way is to check often. A typical price for a one week cruise in the Caribbean in lowest cabin would be $1,800-$2,000/week for regular itineraries and when on sale you would likely get to around $1,300. Last November we took a 2 week cruise on Legend in Caribbean with an initial price around $2,599 and which came down to $1,799 which was a great deal then. So the $1,599 2 week Christmas and New Year cruise is a really a steal. I am hoping this pricing sticks for a while
  8. Barrycat, yes one person can be on package, this was instituted a year or 2 ago. Wipro , never thought about the mini bar. The wine’s not great though
  9. Correct, you can bring 3 at the start and likely would be able to bring 1 or 2 more more from the ports (if available) as they don't really care if you don't abuse. You can also bring the bottles you've brought in at the deck BBQ and there's a 50% chances they won't charge you the corkage fee. We have done both (with and without drink package) and no longer take it as the wines we like on the wine list are not available by the glass. I posted wine & drink lists on the forum back in November so you can get an idea of what the prices are.
  10. I think the Wind Surf and Wind Star will stay in Panama until the end of October, post hurricane season, and only start sailing in Caribbean after that. Why would they send most of their staff on the Pride back to Lisbon if they intended to go to Europe later this summer. Also if they intended to sail to Europe, they would have chosen another port to berth that is closer to Europe and yet outside hurricane zone. I am sorry for all the posters who have cruises booked and have to go through this hassle, but as I have said in many posts, I have never seen the point of booking a Windstar cruise too long in advance (mostly for pricing). With the aggravation some posters have had to go through for their refunds highlighted on this forum, it just confirms that I'll continue booking our cruises the same way.
  11. My detailed review on our recent cruise was just published. Feel free to ask any questions. Only thing I left out was that the hot tubs have strong chemicals which will discolour bathing suits if you stay too long, it happened to me. http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=67137b0e5c2c6592402c66dacec54c5cbcad59d55c6417395d85710e7c7772aec452b689fb0e7497428fc55ee9cca9de052ea636c1e9a09957479d6092e2dd90
  12. 2 of them apologized when they arrived around 5pm as they thought our departure time was 6 like the previous night. The other 10 were all together in a van and did not even seem to realize we had been waiting for them for an hour The tender could have brought us back and returned to pick this group up even if it meant the they could have waited a bit for this tender. If they were late, they could have waited but that was not what the Bridge wanted and in the end the people that were on time got penalized while the late comers did not even notice a thing. Bridge was totally unresponsive.
  13. If only we had been given some sort of explanation (everybody already knew by then that the Surf would no longer sail) but we never got that and the attitude of the Bridge staff, the Security guard on the dock and the Chief Engineer later that evening were inexcusable.
  14. Maybe they did, but having 2 tender runs instead of waiting for everyone would have gone a long way in keeping tempers down. Don’t think it had anything to do with what was going on, it felt more like it was an attempt to save money which they took too far. There was no explanation nor were the officers available to discuss. It was not necessarily the delay itself, but management’s attitude in addressing it. Very poor customer service in my opinion
  15. Posted this under a different thread earlier but thought it should go into its own thread. We are finally back home and now starting our 14 day quarantine as now required by government of Canada for returning travellers. Our cruise was great and will be posting a review shortly but there were a few glitches this time around especially with tender service more specifically with bridge staff who control the tender operations. What we have noticed over the years is that our anchorages get further and further away from the the tender docks at the ports and thus the voyages are longer but Windstar does not seem to add a third tender (maybe only at the start of the day) which made for a long wait of over an hour to get back from St Barth. On our last day in Antigua, last tender was at 4h30. There were approx 12 of us waiting when a tender showed up at 4h15 but did not go back to the ship at 4h30 as there were 12 passengers still on the island. The Bridge staff did not let the tender back until all passengers were in which did not happen until 5h15. There were a lot of upset guests with some that had spa appointments they would not be able to meet and get charged on because of this. Everyone on the dock could not believe the attitude of the Bridge staff (we were told the 2nd officer was on duty). The Security guard at the dock had no authority and told the officer ( and some guests also spoke directly to the officer on the walkie talkie) that the guests were pissed and all over him but the officer did not release the tender. Not only that, the staff knew the 12 would not be there for a while so it would have been so simple to take us back and get the tender to come back to pick up the late guests. By doing this they accommodated the late guests but got 12 very upset guests. It would have been so simple to get the tender to do one more run. All guests would have been happy. I tried to go to the Bridge once we left port, but it was conveniently closed when it was supposed to be accessible, probably because the security guard told us to complain to the Bridge. Not only that, we discussed this issue with chief engineer (Arnauld from France) who we bumped into as he was having a drink in Compass Rose. Although he is not involved directly in the Tender operations, he was condescending and did not even acknowledge here could have been an issue and would not even apologize. Complained to reception and they acknowledged my complaint and we tried to speak to Staff Captain but he was not available. Will vent out my frustration on this issue in our survey. Maybe the Bridge staff needs more training on customer service I am sure if the officer had been on the dock, he would have felt the guest pressure, but up there in the ivory tower, they can wash their hands and say this is for security reasons, what a bunch of baloney! This did not end the trip on a high note. And to top it of, the tender engine was left on for the full hour while it waited, not very environmentally friendly knowing these run on cheap and dirty bunker fuel. Other than that, it was a great cruise
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