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  1. I am sure they are moving a lot of people around and giving upgrades given the current True Tropics sale is quite good with some cheap prices already for Caribbean cruises in peak Feb March season. If prices are already this low, I think there will be further bargains down the road as Windstar President said they were looking to introduce a reduced single supplement special for Caribbean cruises in the coming weeks. Great bargains ahead.
  2. Chipshot, you are correct, Deck BBQ is in JVD and is a dinner activity while VG is beach BBQ and is a lunch function
  3. Deck BBQ will likely be on the 24th when you spend the night in JVD. You’ll spend the following day on JVD and then sail to VG at 3pm and then have beach BBQ in VG the following day on the 26th
  4. Not that I want to catch you offguard Mr. Delaney, but I believe Windstar’s current policy is as you stated 2 bottles per 1 week cruise and 3 bottles for longer cruises per stateroom not per person
  5. Thanks for the info, will set my expectations accordingly. I guess I can live with the wear & tear, so as long as it’s clean and that the food & service continue to remain the same, then we’re in business. Was wondering more about AC (had AC issues on Pride a few years back), engine/propulsion issues (we lost power on Legend in 2017 and drifted for about 2 hours before they restarted it). Any complaints from guests in general or issues I should be looking out for
  6. Minidonuts85, How was the condition of the Star Legend? Any technical issues during the cruise?
  7. We will be doing the same cruise in less than 3 weeks. Really looking forward to spending 2 weeks aboard the Legend, the first time we do a 2 week cruise. Yes itinerary has a bit of everything, Vieques (a first for us), the BVI, St Barth, Montserrat, Les Saintes & Bequia. Beware though that while documentation does show on what days platform will be out, some port may too much swell and they don’t open it. This something that could happen in St Barth and Montserrat which can have currents where we’ve seen this happen. I would say, don’t plan too much around it, if it’s open and you have time, just go. Sometimes we do sightseeing in the morning and would go swim on the platform for an hour before doing late lunch on Veranda, pure bliss. And to top it off the platform is one of the best place to be when it rains in the Caribbean, the rain is warm, the water is warm, no problem man!!
  8. Elklemi, You did not get rain since you were in dry season which runs from May/June to end of October in French Polynesia
  9. Straw Hat (Meads Bay near Jacala and Blanchards) and Trattoria Tramonto (Shoal Bay West) are also both excellent choices. As you will see, there is no lack of great restaurants in Anguilla. We have sailed with Windstar 7 times, all in the Caribbean, and are heading out for our 8th in November on a 2 week Caribbean cruise aboard Star Legend with some friends. We love the ships, the stops, the food and the general laid back atmosphere onboard, not stuffy at all like some of the more expensive luxury lines. I am sure your family will enjoy
  10. Not sure if Cuisinart still offers this and if they do, do they offer it at peak Christmas time? We asked for it last year(in November) and said that as they were reopening that week 14 months after post Irma renovations (place looks great) and that this service would only be offered later when operations were back to normal. I would write to them and ask. The package included a day room which was great when we used the service a few years back. Snorkeling gear is ok. Would bring my own mask and tuba as this doesn’t take too much room in luggage, they’ll provide the fins
  11. Chipshot, we we have been to Sunshine Shack a number of times. Great laid back vibe. Food is OK and not expensive. They have umbrellas. Location is amazing with few buildings on the beach so very uncrowded and great view of St Martin. You can walk a few 100 yards and you will come to the Cuisinart. I believe they offer day packages. A little further you will come to Dune’s Preserve which has been totally rebuilt since the hurricane. The ship will provide towels when you exit (the beach shacks only have chairs and umbrellas which typically go for $25 (2 chairs one umbrella)). We had a similar downpour experience when on the Star Pride in St Lucia a few years back. We spent the afternoon in the warm rain on the trampoline attached to the water sports platform. It was a memorable afternoon. The Beach BBQ is on Fischer’s Cove in VG, not as nice and exclusive as Prickley Pear in the North Sound but closer to the Baths which you can do on your own from there (not the case in the North Sound as you were captive to the cruise line excursion as there was no other way to get there) Casino is being taken out with the refurbishment and given the added capacity, they are adding the casino space to the lounge. I am sure your kids will love Foxy’s on JVD the action in St Barth and the amazing yachts and sailboat in English Harbour Antigua. One of the new restaurants will be an alfresco BBQ place at the back of the ship which they were trying out when we went last winter. Enjoy your cruise
  12. Chipshot, Only one ship in Roadtown on March 10th (Disney Fantasy) which is when Wind Surf will be in Virgin Gorda for the Baths excursion. No other ship in VG on that day either. No other ship in Roadtown on March 8th (when Surf is there) and 9th (when in Jost Van Dyke) and only 2 ships in St-Thomas each on March 9th and 10th (none on the 8th). Should not be too busy on shore Here is link to BVI cruise port schedule http://crew-center.com/british-virgin-islands-cruise-ports-schedules-2020
  13. Chipshot from Michigan, I guess you are on the March 7th cruise as this is the only Yachtsman’s Caribbean itinerary that has the Anguilla variant. We are also looking at this cruise as we love all of these islands. As for your questions here are my answers. Shoal Bay transfer is exactly what it is. At $55, it’s expensive. Taking a cab from Road Bay will cost $30-$35 each way for 4 people. Great beach, (voted one of the nicest beaches in Caribbean, a worthy title), not crowded (like all beaches on Anguilla), a few restaurants (we always go to Madeariman. Beach chairs available for $10. You can also take cab to Meads Bay where you can get a chair and eat at the famous Blanchard’s Beach Shack or at Jacala. Again great uncrowded beach. The DaVida excursion is overpriced. While the food is good, this is the beach shack, not the restaurant next door only open in the evening. Beach is great and cab will cost $20-$25 each way. Lunch with beer & wine will not cost more than $50-$75 depending on how many drinks you have. Half price from Windstar. The Baths excursions are usually done early in the morning when ship is in Virgin Gorda prior to the rush of cruise ship passengers coming in from larger cruise ships docked in Roadtown Tortola. The excursion ends around 11 and they will take you back in plenty of time to take advantage of the beach BBQ that happens on same day. No security issues. These are all great islands where you can wander around on your own with no issues. We have been to all of them several times with never any issues. This is why we love these islands. You can see the days when the platform is out on the itinerary section on their website. It looks like it will be open every day except when in Roadtown Tortola and when in Falmouth Harbour Antigua. Although itinerary says platform is out in Virgin Gorda, it typically is not open during beach BBQ but they bring all the same toys to shore for guests enjoyment (including waterskiing if that’s your thing). We have never been on the America’s Cup sailboat ride but I assume if it’s like other Windstar transfers, they keep the bags on the bus while you are out on boat. Wouldn’t know about changing facilities. Finally, with regards to the overhaul, I understand they are taking out the casino and expanding the lounge, moving the spa and converting some suites to standard staterooms which will increase capacity by 32 to 344. She is not new but she is still in very good shape. if you need any more info on this itinerary, let me know, it would be a pleasure to help
  14. Mr Delaney, I recently noticed the Winter 2020 Yachtsman's Caribbean itineraries are still not going back to Sopers Hole and Prickley Pear (replaced by Roadtown and Fischer’s Cove). Can you provide an update on the status on those 2 stops, will they ever come back, we really liked them. Thanks
  15. I believe the space is for the stairs as well as cabin steward cupboard
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