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  1. I went back to earlier Amphora pictures on CC and there was a sofa and chairs but it was not closed off as now. I see they have replaced the wooden floor in this area with carpeting. It's unfortunate the earlier wooden floors looked much better
  2. Looks like the strong winds and high seas in the Caribbean are having an impact on itineraries. Wind Surf was in Nevis instead of Montserrat today and is now on its way to its next scheduled stop of St Barth. This may prove to be a challenge again tomorrow as the Legend left St Barth early today and is going directly to Jost Van Dyke instead of Montserrat (which is already a difficult anchor and even more so with the Northeast winds currently blowing vs normal ESE).
  3. You should be able to but given you wil have forfeited your passport when you check in, you will need to bring your ship card with a piece of photo ID
  4. Minidonuts, I see the Wind Surf has left St Barth early (4PM instead of 10PM) and seems to be rushing back to Philipsburg at 13 knots when they only have 15 nautical miles to do. Anything special happening?
  5. According to their website, l’Occitane toiletries provided are hypoallergenic. Here is the quote 4. Are your products hypoallergenic ?Our products are all tested against allergies and F.D.A. approved. Not only does each of our end products go through extensive testing, each ingredient is scrupulously tested as well. The frequently misunderstood word 'hypoallergenic' means 'least likely to cause a reaction'. It does not mean that it will never cause reactions on anyone ever. In fact, no product can say that.
  6. Did they have cray fish for lunch?
  7. Chipshot, What did you end up doing in Anguilla?
  8. What room were you staying in?
  9. Wonder if most recent earthquake in Puerto Rico will have an impact on cruise operations in San Juan?
  10. Minidonuts, Seeing you're on the Surf right now in Tortola. Any reason the ship is not docked as I see only the Marella Explorer in town? Thanks for inquiring, we'll be on same one in March.
  11. SkiMom 2, I agree with Strenz, Bequia is a beach day. Princess Margaret Beach is reachable by the boardwalk (small hill along the way) or by water taxi. There is one restaurant (Jack’sBar) on the closer end of the beach as well as several other chair vendors (who also have cold drinks and snacks). Nice beach, not too crowded and calm surf. As Strenz mentioned, Bequia is not known for its shopping unless you are a fan of miniature boats. I have never been to the other side of island (I understand there is a turtle hatchery) but this is something I would like to try on a future stop now that Strenz has told us where to go, lol!!
  12. I don’t think it ‘s that bad. It’s not that different from what Seabourn does with its referral coupons which you can give to anyone you want.
  13. I have never tried it outside of the same cruise. I guess both parties have to have a cruise booked with the company to benefit. Let me know, I’m interested in finding out
  14. For cruises of 2 weeks or more they will give you free laundry (just wash and press, no dry cleaning).
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