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  1. Based on this thread, I just checked my booking for August and found we had been upgraded from OS Obs to Balcony on Carib (our favorite deck). Nice. Cheers
  2. You could carry a sports whistle, blow it loudly and say in a loud authoritarian voice, "We have a code red in the buffet at the bread station. I need security to detain this passenger. And I need a supervisor to remove the contaminated food for the safety of our fellow passengers! Now!!! Let's do this people." Just an idea. ­čśë Cheers
  3. We've been CCL stockholders for many years and always use these benefits. I am looking at the form for my upcoming cruise. It says fax or mail. I've asked TA's and Princess employees in the past. They've all confirmed that these are the only options. If you are short on time, you may wish to visit a Kinko's or similar and pay to use their fax. Cheers
  4. Yesterday on CruiseTipsTV, Sherrie told how Princess took care of their upcoming cruise that was canceled due to the Corona Virus. She was told they will receive a full refund of any payments of made and a 25% credit towards a future cruise. Sounds more than fair to me. Cheers
  5. Saw a man turned away last month at the door.
  6. Hi. We live in San Diego County and have done the MR cruise at least once a year for 25 years or more. We've also enjoyed land vacations in both PV and Mazatlán. We've come to appreciate Mazatlán more and more. Our first time was with Randi's Happy Horses. Stone Island is easy to get to. Just go out the cruise terminal, turn left and walk about half a mile, buy your ticket and get on the water taxi to Stone Island. Once there, walk over the small hill and you step back in time. There is a wonderful beach, several restaurants, a few beach activities and vendors. We usually end up at Lety's for beer and coconut shrimp. The beer is cold, the food very, very good, good service and they have clean, well-stocked restrooms. There is no loud techno music. You will hear the sound of the ocean and the occasional mariachi. I've found that the vendors can be dispersed with a simple, "No Gracis." or shake of the head. I've never found Mexican vendors as aggressive as those we encountered in Montego Bay. Last year, there was a guy walking his pet racoon on a leash. Last week there was a guy leading a horse the size of a Labrador. The horse had a small saddle and he was offering rides to small children. I've never seen that before. Short story is we love it. Wish I was there now and will be back. Cheers
  7. Re: the Blue Line walking tour. We did it last week and enjoyed our morning seeing Plaza Machado, the Opera House and Cathedral before heading to Stone Island. Mazatlán is our favorite port in Mexico. We feel safe and enjoyed talking with the "Smurfs" (never heard that phrase before) who were from crazy places like Ohio, North Dakota and British Columbia. They gave us good info, live there at least part of the year, and enjoy helping tourists. Cheers.
  8. We just got off the Oosterdam today. after a 7 day MR cruise We had anytime dining with another couple. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes and that was only once. We usually ate between 6 and 7. Cheers
  9. She says as long as it is magnified. Thanks for your help.
  10. My DW wants to know if they have magnifying mirrors in cabin bathrooms? Thanks
  11. Hope the watch finds its way home. Reminds of a meeting where the speaker told us he'd lost his wallet in the room. He told us the wallet had $150 in it and he would give $30 to whomever turned it in. Our society president immediately said, "I'll give $50." Again. Hopes the watch finds its home. Cheers
  12. OP or others, We are on our 2nd HAL cruise on this ship on Jan 11. First one was on NA earlier this year. We tried different venues and were unable to find a good cup of coffee. Nothing fancy or flavored - just a good cup of coffee. Ideas are welcome. Thanks.
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