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  1. My lasting memory of Rhodes ........... Cats. Stray cats everywhere!! We found many of the eateries inside the old town walls were a bit touristy and pushy for your custom. After a short walk from the ship to outside the old town wall we came across the Rhodes Yachting Club Cafe. Link Very welcoming local eatery/bar with excellent food and drink ......... and of course cats.
  2. Our cruise director often referred to them as ship prizes ..... yes I said ship!! I was the lucky recipient of a bottle of shampoo (bubbly) and a wine bottle stopper for winning trivia twice over a 37 day cruise.
  3. Updated Sapphire Princess SHIP CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Caribbean Princess DuVaul Gamble (as of 11/6/2019 sailing) Matt O'Brien (tentatively 2/2020-3/2020) [source] Bernie Fuentes (as of 11/6/2019 sailing) Coral Princess Fernando Cunha (as of 11/17/2019 sailing) Matias Chimicz (as of 9/29/2019 sailing) Crown Princess Angela Kristensen (leaves 12/7/2019) Duke Christopher (as of 11/17/2019 sailing) Diamond Princess Mikiko Ikemoto & Victor Stevenson (as of 11/2019) Natalie Costa (tentatively after vaca) Michael Kujawski (as of 10/2019) Emerald Princess Kaylee Lloyd (as of 11/18/2019 sailing) Enchanted Princess Golden Princess Corey Moir (leaves 1/10/2020) Matt Barnard (as of 11/3/2019 sailing) Grand Princess Kevin Tugwell (until end of 11/2019) Steve Campbell (returns in 12/2019); Grand will be Steve's main ship until 2021 (info from 10/13/2019 sailing) Matt O'Brien (tentatively 4/2020-7/2020) [source] Marahscalh Stanton (as of 10/13/2019 sailing) Island Princess Benny Yau (until early-1/2020) Mark Young (as of 10/17/2019 sailing) Majestic Princess Andrew Kadillac (as of 11/15/2019 sailing) Pacific Princess Peter Tredgett (until at least 12/5/2019 sailing) Regal Princess Daniel Falconer (as of 11/17/2019 sailing) Martyn Moss (as of 10/26/2019 sailing) Royal Princess Matt O'Brien (until 11/30/2019) Marcus Prince Juanta (beginning 11/30/2019) Billy Hygate (as of 9/29/2019 sailing) Ruby Princess Aaron Hawkins (as of 11/8/2019 sailing) Richard Joseph (as of 11/8/2019 sailing) Sapphire Princess Matthew Baker (as of 11/10/2019 sailing) Kelvin Joy (as of 10/19/2019 sailing) Sea Princess Peter-John de Kock (as of 11/3/2019 sailing) Sky Princess Alexander Yepremian (until his vacation during 2/2020-end of 3/2020) Adam Love (as of 11/10/2019 sailing) Star Princess Michael (Micca) Reitano (as of 11/4/2019 sailing) Neil Rose (as of 10/6/2019 sailing) Sun Princess Jody Miles (until 1/2020) Warren Smith (as of 11/13/2019 sailing) TO UPDATE THIS LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including the above headings AND these instructions, from the most up-to-date list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post, to the "Post a Reply" box. Paste your copied text into that box. Make your modifications to the list. Click the "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes.
  4. As well as the medical evacuation we also had to disembark a crew member on compassionate grounds. Crew member's only child had been bed ridden for many years and passed away in the Philippines. Princess organised an emergency offload however because Princess did not have a port agent in Jeddah we had to wait until the Saudi authorities processed the offload and a representative from the airline had to attend the port to pick up and escort the crew member. Heart breaking for the guy and the rest of the crew who knew him, apparently he was very popular but the rest of the crew.
  5. just got back from a 37 days adventure from Southampton to Singapore so sad to return to this news our prayers and thoughts go out to all those affected
  6. now if only they could make it priority tendering to return to the ship THAT would be a real benefit! otherwise ... meh
  7. as long as the water taxi guys weren't 🧝‍♂️ 😎
  8. Just how old do you think Mrs Elf is????????? You are stepping on shaky ground there Mic ...........🧝‍♂️ 😎
  9. silly me, I thought I had poked all them tenners into her right royal garter belt
  10. as a follow on .... We also got some 50 pound notes which are so old they are also being rejected but can be changed at the bank. Not all of them just some of them .... Don't ask me to describe what it is about the actual note, but the checkout chick at Tesco called over the Supervisor who very politely advised me how to go about exchanging the notes. Lesson to be learned - try to get polymer where possible. 🧝‍♂️ 😎
  11. 😁 or at the M&G ...... which ever .... we usually do sail away under the stairs at the Outrigger Bar, Deck 14 at the ass end or aft end depending upon your nomenclature preference
  12. Heya all, Just wanted to highlight a minor issue that may catch some folk out. England is transitioning from paper money to plastic money. Apparently paper 10 pound notes are no longer accepted by law at local vendors (taxi, hotel, shops etc) but can be exchanged at banks or building society etc Going to a bank is not high on my things to do list while on holiday. So if you are getting any walk around pounds from money changers in Aussie you may want to consider rejecting any paper 10 pound notes. 😎
  13. A breakdown of the OBC for our cruise starting 31 October
  14. veni, vidi, visa ..... I came, I saw, I shopped
  15. Should have turned around and took em back the way they came ......... that'll learn em!! 😎
  16. But will the press get all over it like they do to the cruise industry or will it get left alone cos its about a true blue Ozzie Bonza train what Slim Dusty sung a song about mate 😎
  17. Well, it is on a train but its still Noro .... Link to News story
  18. OK ...... how about using some of the discarded paper products such as art sale flyers, patters etc and the like to be used by the kids in the kids club or craft groups onboard to make into paper mache (spelling) type lanterns or similar. Maybe paper planes or more ambitious origami. Give them a coat of colour paint or maybe not. And drop these "creations" on the last night creating a new tradition whereby the pax create their own entertainment props. It may need more thought but it may also work 😎
  19. We are onboard same ship, same time - I shall race you for some popcorn!!!!
  20. and it is raining in Sydney, who would have thunk it ..... 😎
  21. Wow who would have thought there would be so much discussion about cruise cards ..... Not to mention the different colour lanyards you can be issued - now that's a whole different system 😎
  22. yup - my brother was at Manuka the other night ........... BRASS MONKEYS stayed away from the place!!
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