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  1. Just how old do you think Mrs Elf is????????? You are stepping on shaky ground there Mic ...........🧝‍♂️ 😎
  2. silly me, I thought I had poked all them tenners into her right royal garter belt
  3. as a follow on .... We also got some 50 pound notes which are so old they are also being rejected but can be changed at the bank. Not all of them just some of them .... Don't ask me to describe what it is about the actual note, but the checkout chick at Tesco called over the Supervisor who very politely advised me how to go about exchanging the notes. Lesson to be learned - try to get polymer where possible. 🧝‍♂️ 😎
  4. 😁 or at the M&G ...... which ever .... we usually do sail away under the stairs at the Outrigger Bar, Deck 14 at the ass end or aft end depending upon your nomenclature preference
  5. Heya all, Just wanted to highlight a minor issue that may catch some folk out. England is transitioning from paper money to plastic money. Apparently paper 10 pound notes are no longer accepted by law at local vendors (taxi, hotel, shops etc) but can be exchanged at banks or building society etc Going to a bank is not high on my things to do list while on holiday. So if you are getting any walk around pounds from money changers in Aussie you may want to consider rejecting any paper 10 pound notes. 😎
  6. A breakdown of the OBC for our cruise starting 31 October
  7. veni, vidi, visa ..... I came, I saw, I shopped
  8. Should have turned around and took em back the way they came ......... that'll learn em!! 😎
  9. But will the press get all over it like they do to the cruise industry or will it get left alone cos its about a true blue Ozzie Bonza train what Slim Dusty sung a song about mate 😎
  10. Well, it is on a train but its still Noro .... Link to News story
  11. OK ...... how about using some of the discarded paper products such as art sale flyers, patters etc and the like to be used by the kids in the kids club or craft groups onboard to make into paper mache (spelling) type lanterns or similar. Maybe paper planes or more ambitious origami. Give them a coat of colour paint or maybe not. And drop these "creations" on the last night creating a new tradition whereby the pax create their own entertainment props. It may need more thought but it may also work 😎
  12. We are onboard same ship, same time - I shall race you for some popcorn!!!!
  13. and it is raining in Sydney, who would have thunk it ..... 😎
  14. Wow who would have thought there would be so much discussion about cruise cards ..... Not to mention the different colour lanyards you can be issued - now that's a whole different system 😎
  15. yup - my brother was at Manuka the other night ........... BRASS MONKEYS stayed away from the place!!
  16. instead of going under the bridge, they should try coming at it from the other side ....... simple!!
  17. need the cruise season to start ...... you have TOO much time on your hands!!!!
  18. Or as it is known in other parts ....... drain the swamp!!
  19. when it come to cruising all I have to make sure I have the RIGHT pants on and have not LEFT my cruise card in the stateroom all other on board navigation is entirely dependent upon too many variables; one of which is the amount of alcohol 😎
  20. ..... How many rusty screws did they replace on your balcony railing today? ..... Is that a hole just above the waterline? ..... How long do you think that guy can last without a life jacket? ..... Gee I never knew torpedoes went that fast! or other witty ice breakers
  21. I don't have a watch, I have a wife who takes care of all my time issues ....... its high time you <insert heinous activity here> what time do you call this? that's the last time you <insert pleasurable activity here> how many times do I have to ..... and such ................ 😎
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