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  1. just made a minor edit to your post to align it with my thoughts
  2. 4 workers at my local hospital emergency department have tested positive to coronavirus. Guess I had better double my praying and hand washing efforts.
  3. I saved money on haircuts by smashing the mirrors ........ Cant see it, don't care ........
  4. just walking around Italy was bad enough, I can only imagine what it would be like onboard as they say in racing parlance .......... prefer others
  5. yes, yes you had better ..... have you ever see pier runners chasing a Dobby Elf Mobile ???? Make sure you don't squash the chocolate donut you are bringing me from the IC
  6. OK .... so I expect to hear the full low down on this including salacious gossip during the car ride to the airport. Dig girl, dig!!! you have 3 hours!!!
  7. No doubt you enjoyed a few of the Death Adder coffee's on them big chairs
  8. I notice you guys are arriving into Melbourne on Sunday at 0800, rather later than the usual 0630 ish arrival. Had to notice as I am playing chauffeur 😎 Is this arrival time due to ....... it not being a turnaround day the tides the number of celebrity CC guests on board Any other wild guesses ..........
  9. Big seas got nuffin on the ride to the airport in the Elf Mobile!! 😎
  10. seriously time to shut down the fires thread and kick off the weird & wacky weather thread!!
  11. So you DID get my Xmas gift ....... (blocked toilet) 😉
  12. I know those guys ...... it is tragic! The community is so small and tight knit, lots of people are hurting I am sick to my stomach
  13. you wont get any sympathy from me - I tend to avoid the shows with a passion on the bright side at least I don't get accused of people holding a seat for me 😁
  14. From memory ..... 7 pm (ish) 8.45 pm (ish) depended upon port days/sea days ...... formal night etc
  15. They usually number mine with a 6 inch paint brush so they can find the number after the laundering process ........ jus sayin
  16. and if you have trouble rinsing them, just use the fire sprinkler head to hang your coat hangers 😎
  17. On our first few cruises we were directed to the Princess Theater to wait disembarkation. Thus I developed an instant hate for the place ......... I carried the grudge so far that I refused to go to any entertainment, movies, shows etc. in the Princess Theater for that very reason. Things have changed now and we are no longer corralled into PT for disembarkation and I have since attended a few happenings such as shows and presentations. But if I am totally honest ......... I still grimace at the thought of going to that place cos its one step closer to getting off the ship! Silly me 😏
  18. Recently flew to the UK via Doha with Qatar Airways. Yes we had to fly an "avoidance route" up the Persian Gulf keeping the UAE firmly out there under the port wing (got great views of Dubai & Abu Dhabi). Departure out of Doha to Manchester was directly overhead Iran ....... we had no issues. We cruised back via the Suez Canal stopping in the UAE. We did see a patrol boat (assumed to be Iranian as it had no markings or flags) which liked to zoom in our general direction as we cruised through the Straits of Hormuz. This was in October/November 2019.
  19. If I was going for a walk I would need my adult sized nopes at the moment. Still rumbly skies above my place
  20. Mrs Elf liked the fire and ice treatment ........... PS ....... she firmly believes while it was 'nice', it wasn't worth the money!
  21. I wear the same clothes all the time, it would be silly if I wore someone elses!!
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