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  1. Jumping in to ask for advice. I'm 4 days in London and staying at The Mad Hatter, according to their web site it's a "7 minute" walk to the Waterloo East Station. I would not attempt walking with suitcases 😟. Does the train from here go to South Hampton? If I take the train would I be able to go in the morning or would it be better to go the night before? Lots of guestions, sorry 🙂. I'll be there in September if that makes a difference and cruising on the NCL Star.
  2. Thanks for the answer. The Virgin Atlantic flight that I was looking at leaves at 12:35 P.M, I was afraid that was too early. So, looks like I may be looking for a Hotel for the night. Though a private car might be cheaper that a Hotel.
  3. My cruise gets into South Hampton at 5:00 A.M., My flight will be out of Heathrow. How early can I safely book a flight home? I've just started looking for tickets and need some advice.
  4. Need some advice, please. I've been hoping the prices will drop on the March 30th cruise on the Star. I know that right before the cruise they usually drop the solo supplement on sail away cabins. But now I'm wondering if I went ahead and booked, have I waited to late to have a chance of getting a bid offer. I have no idea of a time frame on when bid offers go out.
  5. Thanks for the help. I didn't want to sit at the airport any longer than I had too, since I have to fly to Portland, Oregon. The only other time I came into Miami, I flew out of Fort Lauderdale so I really had no time frame to go by.
  6. The itinerary for NCL Star says disembarking at 8:00. Wondering how early I can book a flight at the airport. I know you can walk off early if you take your own luggage, but have never done that. Hoping for some advice about times.
  7. Flying in late afternoon on the 26th. I can't decide if it would be best to get a room at the airport or head on in to town. Guess I'm looking for suggestions for Hotels at the Airport and also by the port. Leaving the morning of the 27th on a cruise on the Breakaway.
  8. Looking at a Panama Canal cruise on January 27 leaving from Los Angeles, but need to know where it departs from. Trying to figure out which airport to fly into since there is several to chose from.
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    Thanks for the help :):)
  10. chk-gnt


    Saint Greg, Looking for some advice, I will be in New Orleans for 2 nights in November. Currently I have booked "Inn on St.Peter". I thought I wanted "older" hotel thinking it would be more authentic, now I'm having 2nd thoughts. Can you tell me anything about this hotel?
  11. Thanks for the info. Just tried again and get the same messages. Did try it on my cell phone and got on but really need a bigger screen to see everything needed. Makes no sense that the LapTop doesn't work and Iphone does. I guess I just need someone more computer smart than me :):):o
  12. Probaly silly question but is anyone else having problems using the Web Site? I try to use it and keep getting a message that it having a short vacation, that it is out of service or a bad request. Very annoying since I am trying to decide on excursions.
  13. How does the Meta upgrade work for solo passengers? When you've already paid double for the cabin your in. Surely you don't have to double your points that you use.
  14. I was in the Pearl Garden Villa 14512 two weeks ago on a Alaskan trip. It was very peaceful and quiet in our room.
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