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  1. Congratulations Daisi. The Six-Bucket Well in Obernai is a Renaissance-style fountain, built in 1579 by a group of Strasbourg craftsmen. Three columns with Corinthian capitals support an octagonal canopy with biblical quotations from the New Testament carved in the stone . Cute village and of course, a restaurant was right behind the well.
  2. It is Alsace and was a stop on an optional Rhine winery excursion. Did you locate the village the well is located in?
  3. You're on the right track. I did edit out the signage that was on the restaurant behind the structure in question.
  4. Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place. The person one who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo! Please, DO NOT POST any PHOTOS unless it is your turn
  5. We were there last December. Your photo is a great close up.
  6. The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Mekong River cruise
  7. Is that a silhouette of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
  8. From the signage, an English speaking country?
  9. Correct. A visit to the castle as part of the Viking Elbe river cruise. These pictures are the outside of the Spiral Staircase within the inner courtyard. The 28-meter high stair tower is impressive for the view from within. Torgau has Second World War history as well with the first meeting of US Army and Soviet forces. Looking forward to your next contribution.
  10. It is the Elbe. And a grand spiral staircase. I suspect you know the place?
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