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  1. We are booked on the Solstice April 2021 for the Transpacific cruise. I know we cannot accurately predict the future but in looking at the excursions that Celebrity currently offers are slim pickings if we have to stick to ship excursions. Do we anticipate them widening the offerings?
  2. Agree with the Doubletree Centraal Station - we took the train from Schipol and then walked to the hotel. Location is great - we happily walked all over central Amsterdam for 4 days from that local. This allowed us the chance to have meals and treats along the way with no regrets.
  3. We had a grand times playing 3 rounds while we were in Bermuda. Also played in SanJuan and St. Thomas. We found we could put them behind the couch.
  4. Not so - multi page document to complete accurately, passport sent in to consulate and at least 6 week wait. Required if you arrive in Russia for a river cruise or land travel except cruise ship “in transit” visits. Had a fabulous trip but the visa took planning.
  5. We had not trouble requesting that and a sharps container for our son with T1 diabetes.
  6. Our FCC was accurate - direct booking with Celebrity.
  7. Our first cruise was on the Costa Angelina Lauro in 1974. Had been used as a troop ship and then reverted to cruising. Porthole, fixes lower berths that were angled with the hull. Bathroom smaller than any you would see today - you could shower while brushing your teeth. Amazing meals served by very good looking Italian staff that had the time to really give you an experience. It was some time before we cruised again but that experience was amazing.
  8. Ours have been based on 125% of cabin rate, sent one to each person rather than combined. Taxes, port fees, and paid gratuities were refunded to the credit card.
  9. Luggage is pretty personal choice - from years of business travel I like a two wheel bag (4 wheels are a pain on uneven or carpeted surfaces and the wheels are particularly vulnerable to breaking off). Next is weight of the bag - we travel carry on only whenever feasible so I need to heft it over my head on the plane. I have used TravelPro and am happy with the quality - last bag lasted almost 500000 miles (checked when it contained books and papers).
  10. Issues not even considered in this thread - as well as direct patient care issues there would need laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray, respiratory therapy support (to name just a few of the support departments that make a hospital function.
  11. Personally you miss our favorite Southern ports on these cruises - ABC’s. The Freedom cruise would be my choice.
  12. None other than what we consider baseline such as flu, Hep A and B, pneumonia(age related), and tetanus.
  13. That depends totally on the young lady - my sons would have enjoyed either at that age. Med on a large ship will be very busy but will have nightlife on board if she wants that. We loved the river cruise experience for the busy walking tour days and more relaxed evenings as family time.
  14. One of the difficulties in containing any virus is truly identifying carriers - I live in a part of the US that attracts many Asian visitors so I could have exposure while hiking at a National Park and using the restroom or visiting the visitor center.
  15. I always travel with a very small car size diffuser - has not been an issue.
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