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  1. When was your last cruise? Our Feb 2020 cruise on Escape had the prime rib night. Just wondering when it happened.
  2. 11 days? I think that is for sure going to be cancelled. So sorry. Anything over 7 would be first to be chopped. 😞
  3. Some people here are being very confused. Most vaccines hover at 50%, anything more than that is a great result. 70% is a very good vaccine. Remember, any vaccines goal is to get the R0 number below 1. If you can get that below 1, the pandemic goes away.
  4. Huge demand, tons of FCC that needs to be burned through, prices will be high for about 18 months after sailing starts back up. They will only come down if demands starts to go down, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  5. I think what's important to remember is there are so many choices and they all have their time and place. In Feb of 2020 my cruise had a prime rib night at the pub, so maybe it depends on the cruise (I was on a 7 day Escape). I use O'Sheehans for late night snacks, and honestly, it's good as a pub food, which is all it claims to be. The menu you can find online is basically standard every day.
  6. Many outlets are saying if you want it, by April you probably could get it, as many people will pass on it, even though they are older and have existing conditions. As soon as I can get it, I will. I said this in another post but Phase 3 trials for most drugs are 3000 people (that is the average, you can be as low as 100 people) and then they get distributed to the masses. These two vaccines have had 10x of that. To say they did not test properly is not understanding the simple truth in the studies.
  7. I am in the same situation, have one on the 9th of January, don't see any way it will go, but it's still not cancelled. The only good thing for me is I already have one scheduled for early 2022, which will be a hard time to find a cruise once everything is resumed and all that (IMHO). I would love to drop into a may/june/july cruise to replace this one.
  8. I just want to touch a bit on the comment that we can't know this vaccine is safe because it is rushed. This is being pushed hard in the media it seems. Please do your own research, but here is why I am OK with getting the vaccine. Phase 3 (Final phase before approval): Normal drug trial, average participant level: 3,000 (can be as low as 100) Pfizer trial: 43,500 Moderna trail: 30,000 Think about this, we are at over 10x the number needed to get your heart medicine, your statin, your BP meds, your Alzheimer's meds approved. 10x..... Pleas
  9. I propose the same rules for all grocery stores, airports, modes of transport where you are near people not in your immediate family dwelling, and all other places we can gather. Sound fair?
  10. As of this morning Escape is out to see and headed to Sri Lanka.
  11. This has been discussed all through the no-sail for the most part. What you are missing is the competition you speak of is doing the same thing, if not worse. Celebrity has doubled from a lot of the posts I read, no one is cheaper, not even close. As for land based, it's not the same vacation, so you can't compare them. If I can't have a coffee or drink on my balcony out on the ocean, it's a no go for me. As for the spa, there is nothing in the guidelines saying they can't be open. The rest you ask about, well, it will be what it is to start, and I agree that you won't be able to talk
  12. Interesting that in the mix of posts on that page each day has at least 1 ambulance transfer from ship to hospital. Are they testing procedures there, or are they having a few folks that need more care? Anyway, I am glad that things are working over there, they are staffing up, and it looks like the local hospitals and transports are in sync with the cruise lines and helping rather then running scared like every country did this spring.
  13. So just checked, Escape is scheduled to be in Jakarta IN on Nov 5th, and Joy is heading to anchorage in Manila bay. Color me confused, since Escape wasn't at dock picking anyone up yet.
  14. We knew about the refused entry before cruising, and every passenger that missed the bubble excursion because the news agencies are drooling for some bad news. We knew about 7 cases on Costa that turned out to all be false positive (even the guy with the Flu in hospital). So what I am trying to say is there is no way the news media would not find out if there were cases on any of the ships in any area of the globe at this time (I am including Tui, and the ships sailing in Asia right now).
  15. We are being real, I think we all need to remember we have different levels of what we are willing to do (restrictions) as well as what we are willing to risk to live our lives. Basically, you and I really don't agree on this, and you know what, that is OK! 🙂
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