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  1. The obstructed view is what you see when you look straight out from the verandah. Looking down and seeing a lifeboat (or another verandah, as was the case in my VD category cabin on Koningsdam deck 5) is not considered an obstruction. Of course, if you'd booked a VH guarantee, you also might have gotten a free upgrade to a better category (of course it is not guaranteed). BTW I just checked the HAL page for Club Orange, and the picture of the stateroom they show is clearly misleading since I'm pretty sure that it shows a suite right next to "starting with a complimentary stateroom upgrade." https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/dining/club-orange.html
  2. The OP was assigned to the same deck -- "and the cabin they wanted to give me was another inside cabin 2 doors down from the one I had." And as someone else said, a higher floor isn't always better. The spa cabins are on a top floor at the front of the ship and many people do not like the location (but you could actually get upgraded to one under this program).
  3. We just bought a bottle at the market at the pier in Amber Cove (Dominican Republic) last week. It smelled real. I subsequently read that Curacao was a good place for it, although I didn't see it there (nor did I look for it). I agree that Cozumel is good. But our cruise didn't go there (nor will the OP since they said their sailing is eastern and southern).
  4. You're supposed to see Private Fare pricing when you login, but that does not exist for all sailings. Do you get mailings from them (email or snail mail)? I get them and would login and never see the same pricing. Then I created a login for my wife and she had them, even though both of our names were on the mailings! I contacted HAL and they "fixed it". Now I see the private prices online but my wife doesn't (which makes no sense but isn't an issue since I am the one who looks for cruises). If you get the mailings but do not see the private price when you login, I suggest creating a login for your spouse (assuming you have one).
  5. How do the mechanics work? Do they deduct the credit when you buy the tickets or do they apply it to the price of the cruise after you buy the airfare?
  6. Vmax1700 s correct about the first gala night --i t was the the Half Moon Cay night, not the first sea day. The second gala night is the first of two sea days at the end. If anyone cares, they changed the clock back the very last night of the cruise. The captain said passengers liked it that way. I did not and many others I spoke to also felt that way.
  7. For dinner? Of course! Sadly, there is no more 25% discount (or free bottle of wine that I saw mentioned elsewhere). I tried multiple times to get 25% off Tamarind the first night and did not succeed (I was not a 3* so no automatic discount). If you are asking about lunch, no they are not open.
  8. You should post this in the forum for Europe travel. Or better yet, contact the company directly to get an answer to your question. And if you had a discussion in a different thread, you should continue it there and not create a new one!
  9. I would have had a different reaction to that one.
  10. Yes, we've been using that one for a while. Always gets a smile, from me at least. Occasionally I'll say "it's not my wife" when they want to take a picture of us together. The only ship I let then take a photo of me is on Royal Caribbean since I get a free photo for being Diamond, and then just a couple of shots.
  11. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure that the azipod issues are mechanical.
  12. I do not see any other fare for the 6/21 sailing And I just checked the "C" agency (not big box) and they are also $7992 with no fare other than V&V.
  13. That's the 6/14 sailing. You said 6/21 and that is what I priced. On 6/14 I see a Restricted Fare without perks and View and Verandah. And it would be much simpler if you posted the per person fare that shows on the website and not the total since it's much easier than going thru the whole booking process.
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