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  1. I finally called HAL, since I was still seeing the reservation in my account and no FCC. They said it takes a while to get done, which doesn't bother me since I'm not booking anything right away. I asked about the $300 FCD becoming non-refundable and the rep told me that so long as I called before the end of 2022, they would refund it to me, even though it will show as a FCC. I should be able to book a HAL cruise by then, even though I already have three others booked for 2022.
  2. Thanks, but there's nothing there that isn't in the email they sent, with the exception of the commission protection, which I don't really care about. It doesn't specifically address FCD's.
  3. How long should it take for the to cancel my reservation and put the money back in my online account? I still had the reservation for the cancelled cruise as of Friday. Just for fun I went through and completed check-in and downloaded my luggage tag and excursions brochure. Update -- I should have checked again before posting. My reservation is gone, but my FCC/FCD balance has not been updated.
  4. So by becoming a FCC, does it also become non-refundable? If I take it as FCC and then do not end up booking anything, can I at least get a refund of the $300? Or does the refundability of the FCC remain what it was originally?
  5. I know this is an old thread, but it seems to be relevant to a question I have. My 2021 Europe cruise was just cancelled by HAL today. I had reserved while on board so paid $300pp for the FCD. I had not made a final payment, so it seems like I should get $600pp. From what I read here, it will all come back as FCC, and presumably if I do not use it by the time it expires, I will lose it. Is that correct? Seems wrong, given that the FCD was always supposed to be refundable. The other option is just to decline the bonus FCC and i'm guessing it either becomes a $300 FCD again or gets r
  6. But I was told that there is a single deviation fee per sailing, not per leg. Is that not correct?
  7. Well now I am confused. Are you saying that if you fly in early and stay late, and book their hotel on one end and your own hotel on the other, there is no custom air/deviation fee?
  8. Yes, if I use their hotel AND BOOK IT THROUGH THEM, there is no custom air fee. But as we discussed a few pages ago, they sell their hotels at a much higher price than you can book it on your own. Thus is becomes a matter of figuring out what the price of booking the hotel through them is vs. booking it on your own, plus the custom air fee, plus the free/included transfers you'd lose. Then there is also the question of what the airfare would cost you vs. getting it on your own. These are all questions I cannot answer at this time since my cruise is in April 2022. I'm sure that ther
  9. So it's just a single $175 fee per person whether you deviate in one direction or two? I still plan to fly back right from the cruise, so I guess I'll be able to take advantage of the included transfers.
  10. Well, in my case I'm not Gold but live in a gateway city and would only pay the $175 in one direction since we were just in Barcelona (where we disembark) and will fly right home. Plus we're going to fly PE and not BC. In any event, we'll see what prices look like next year when I'm able to book air for my April/May 2022 sailing.
  11. And I'm guessing that if you pay the $149 upgrade you don't have any say in what they give you and have to take it? So you could pay for PE and getting a crappy airline? Although I will admit that I am not that picky. We did PE in Alitalia last year (booked on my own) and it was fine.
  12. I was on that sailing and had no idea he was on board! And I actually had a reservation at Sel de Mer and walked out because their special was not fresh from our stop that day in Bergen (whee they have a huge fish market) as I had been told it would be!
  13. If you missed the airing tonight, here is the current schedule, although I know that it will also be on later in the month. I think it will also be available for streaming, but possibly only if you subscribe to the channel through your local cable provider.
  14. Ugh. I don't understand why the Smithsonian Channel takes so long to broadcast the new seasons in the US.
  15. Yeah. I got the time wrong. 8pm EST not 9pm. I have my DVR set to record all new episodes of MCS, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it in the recording schedule. It certainly took them long enough to show the latest season!
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