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  1. I think it's great that Bethany is officially a CD now. She did a great job as Activity Manager on Infinity and Edge. Does anyone know what happened to Luigi de la Cruz (who real name is apparently Luis Manuel De la Cruz Zapata, according to his Linkedin entry)? That's one CD I hope to never see again.
  2. Thanks. It's posted by an individual and thus not legally posted, but I'm happy to finally be able to watch it.
  3. Captain Tasos (Kafetzis) posted on Instagram that he will be joining Equinox in November. Captain Alex is taking over on Solstice (this had been mentioned earlier).
  4. I believe that Captain Kate has said that she would NOT be on the TA when someone asked her on IG. So if I had to guess, I'd say Captain Costas again. Since he left at the beginning of this month he should be back by October.
  5. Well, it didn't happen to me, so I can't file anything.
  6. So now we've returned to the question of whether this is something that an attorney (or consumer affairs department) should be interested in.
  7. Was that included at the full cost or did you just get the $35 a la carte credit?
  8. Yes, but I always assumed that was due to human error and the minibar issue as well. In this case the coverage is being added automatically and to me that is entirely a different situation.
  9. Well maybe I was reading too much into Damian's post. He was definitely on this last cruise since Lauren posted this in response to his post congratulating her on the end of her contract -- "Thank you @damianfromtheship for your incredible support this cruise" On the other hand, he also showed a bike he said he rode yesterday in Vancouver, and I'm guessing a CD doesn't take the day off on turnaround day.
  10. That's a little early for Captain D. Kafetzis since I thought he left at the start of May (I know he started on 2/3). But I think this is a short stint as Captain Kate will be joining at the end of August, although she might spend a couple of weeks on board prior to becoming Master, as Captain Kafetzis did in January.
  11. Based on an Instagram post from Damian De Lorenzis, it appears that he has joined Eclipse as CD, and Lauren has gone on vacation. I guess his stint on Edge is a one and done.
  12. Going back to my retail store comparison. I find it hard to believe that a consumer affairs department would not come down HARD on a retailer found to be adding an extended warranty to purchases when the customer did not ask for it, even if it was cheerfully refunded when the customer pointed it out and asked for a refund.
  13. If there were enough people who it happened to, a lawyer might consider looking intoit as a possible class action.
  14. Based on a very small sample here, this appears to be more than just an isolated mistake. There appears to be a clear pattern of the coverage being added when the customer did not ask for it. And if there are so many people here who it happened to, imagine how many others also were also victimized (please do not criticize me for use of that word) and did not notice or ask for a refund. Is it any different than a retailer "accidentally" adding an extended warranty when you buy an item even if you didn't ask for it? Would that be OK if they refund it when you notice and complain? And do you think an AG would take an "it's no big deal" approach?
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