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  1. Thank you, TheChiefNL! I like it when lotion is supplied, but my husband loves it. My skin seems to soften during cruises but my husband's seems to continue needing lotion.
  2. rkacruiser, RuthC, and Lovely other, thank you for your replies! This makes me happy and even more excited for the trip. I love some of Elemis's products. Can't wait to find out if any supplied are the ones I like.
  3. For the Inside and Oceanview cabins, do they really provide Elemis products or do the dispensers just say that? Years ago NCL used to provide Elemis in dispensers of Inside and Oceanview cabins, but discontinued that. Their dispensers didn't say Elemis on them, but for a while after discontinuing still said the fragrance.
  4. We used Harv and Marv. Booked with them before our cruise. Wonderful! Our boat driver/guide was knowledgable, personable, and a good driver. He knew the habits and locations of the wildlife during the previous days of our visit so was able to anticipate where to go for best opportunity to see whales, seals, etc. Price was good, size of group participants was good - 6-8 people, so viewing, seating, picture taking, videoing was optimal. We would happily use their company on a future visit.
  5. Thanks for that information, broberts! A lot has changed during my time away from Cruise Critic - some for the better, some not.
  6. When I've felt under the weather during or after a cruise I'm pretty sure it came from the airplane flights. So far taking Airborne the week before flying to our last two or three cruises and taking Airborne during the cruise may have helped. I think I took it the week following a cruise once. I probably should do the following week every time now that I'm getting older. I now also turn the air off when I arrive at my seat on planes. I think the blowing air directly on me affected my sinuses and maybe blew more germs at my face, eyes, nose, throat. So far with the air not blowing at me seems to have helped my eyes and throat not dry out so much too. I have to watch the temperature and, if possible, the direction of the air vent in the cabin during the night. If it's too cold and pointed straight at me, I'm more likely to have problems, but then, I have to watch those things at home too, or I end up not feeling 100%. I clean some items in the cabin when we first arrive and occasionally during the cruise because I'm more aware of keeping my hands cleaner and away from my face than my husband is.
  7. Thank you for remembering and liking that feature as well, Turtles06! I would love for them to think about adding it in future, too, thanks for asking about it. CCHelpJenn, thank you for letting us know it's not on the to-do list currently. I hope you will consider bringing it up for consideration, though. The signature is condensed, but it does seem unnecessary on every post in a thread. broberts, thank you for bringing up that point. I think if someone wanted to see someone's signature later on in a long thread, the person could click on the member's name and see the person's signature without needing to go back through previous posts.
  8. Hello. When I reply multiple times on a thread, how do I turn off my signature so it doesn't appear in every post I make in a thread? Having it appear in one or two submissions is fine, but every reply in one thread is a bit much. I think there used to be an option on a reply box that you could click to keep your signature from appearing. Thank you!
  9. These reports are not making me look forward to my first Holland America cruise. I have put off sailing on the cruise line for a couple of reasons - one of them being less entertainment, especially later in the evening. Now I learn they are cutting back even more. I do not want to go on a cruise to sit twiddling my thumbs and going to bed at 10 pm. I am content to entertain myself with reading, playing Sudoku, and watching the scenery, but I also want entertainment I don't normally attend while home.
  10. I would appreciate it if Holland America gets the pricing sorted out before June 21st. As others have stated, the substitute port itinerary (Key West and Half Moon Cay) should have lower pricing. It shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. They've been to both of those before so should know their worth, port fees, taxes, etc. This would be our first Holland America cruise - November 6, 2019.
  11. Bermuda substitution would be terrific, but I know there is no chance of it happening.
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