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  1. We test prior to our cruise 2 weeks ago through CVS with a rapid test. They provided results online within the hour. I was worried since I had already gotten my third shot, but had some sort of upper respiratory and runny, could've been allergies too. Needless to say I tested negative. At the port still had this nose that would turn on and off. But I tested negative at the port as well. We saw a few people get taken away to a special room for another test, not sure if they made it on board. But for anyone with an upcoming cruise, I'd atleast test prior to going.
  2. Yes you can tip extra to whomever. This is a loaded question on here... but we tipped cash to those who gave excellent service! Mostly the bar staff, restaurant staff, room steward. Everyone was great!
  3. Yes... loud in the evenings! You can hear the music down the hall near the atrium. It was rocking!!
  4. Nope... they don't charge till day 1 of your cruise. At anytime you can change payment through guest services. Up till your cruise, you can change payment in the check-in process for your cruise.
  5. They will hold it till the last day of the first cruise, you'll carry it through and check it till the end of your second cruise. I believe on a b2b, they take you to the theater, so you don't have to go through the full thing again. I saw somewhere new protocols for b2b somewhere.
  6. We received 2 masks on our cruise 2 weeks ago, although you don't have to wear masks on the ship. The ports that do require them, you will have a temperature scan prior to leaving the ship through security.
  7. No mustard on board lol Kidding! You watch the video at home. Then once cleared, you check in at your station. To view anything on your stateroom television, you have to watch the 10 minute video again.
  8. I should just do an all year food review till my next cruise, keep it going! What do you all think?
  9. I'll start... -Osheehans nachos ( the locals are different) -Le Bistro creme brulee
  10. Post cruise food in Minneapolis! Bang bang shrimp Hummus Chicken quesadilla Staying at the airport Marriott, bistro 79 is excellent!
  11. We're finally off! Get to spend a night in Minneapolis. In to Cleveland early a.m.
  12. Stuck here due to another plane issue, and our plane was an international plane, so we had to get off and wait. Hopefully we'll make the connecting. As of now we'll have 1hr45min in between.
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