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  1. We were in Amber Cove 2 years ago. You have to pay for the zipline - I think $20 - can zipline as often as you want. It is short, just over the pool. They charge for umbrella, sorry can't remember how much. They have noodles for the pool. I didn't see anyone on the water slides, everyone was in the pool.
  2. I have cruise luggage tags also, but without the wire attachment. I've had them for years & love them. I don't understand why people bother with the dreaded tape/staples.
  3. Maybe you and your wife can arrange with your employers to work an extra hour a day for 8 days for comp. time? Instead of getting paid for the extra hours, you get the extra day off.
  4. The Scientology ship was there when we got back!!!
  5. The loose ones are probably leftover from passengers. I left several bottles of water.
  6. (4-pack) Buckler Non-Alcoholic $18 (4-pack) Amstel, Stella Artois, Becks, Corona, Corona Light, Bass Ale, Heineken, Heineken Light, Molson, Pilsner Urquell, Dos Equis $22 (4-pack) Blue Moon, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Budwiser, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Light $25 (4-pack) Mikes Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice $26 (4-pack) Boddingtons, Grolsch, Guinness Pub Draught. $27
  7. I'm probably wrong, but I think Antigua's port charges would now be applied to Tortola. If there is a difference in the port charges, your sail & sign card would be charged/credited accordingly. I agree with bakersdozen12, you do not need to go to GS.
  8. I'm just wondering, where can you buy canned water? I know the soda companies send canned water to Flint, Michigan or hurricane hit areas. Just wondering. 😕
  9. I say Jamaica is the worse also. The least - Aruba.
  10. Look on this page for "Port of Call Change", there's more information.
  11. Lord have mercy is an understatement! $1,609.00 for an INSIDE cabin! You cannot purchase the Cheers package. LOL Let the pier running begin!
  12. We love the dancing. It is done most often, after desert is served. Yes, they dance on the food serving platforms, but it's the end of dinner.
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