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  1. Does anybody know if you can buy a day pass directly from the Royalton White Sands? We are going to be in Falmouth on January 1, 2020 and I am finding (so far) that the tour companies are off that day for the holiday (I'm still looking). I am wondering if we can purchase the pass at the resort and then just take a cab down there. Thanks
  2. We have cruised on three different lines and found each of them to be incredibly sensitive to my son's food allergies. We have always gotten extremely personalized service in the main dining rooms and the waitstaff goes out of their way to make sure my son has everything he needs/wants. I would agree with being careful at the buffet...but there are usually other made to order options available on the ship where you can find something to eat. I also believe they allow you to bring some food onboard (such as bars)...but you may want to check beforehand.
  3. I have been doing some pricing on a cruise next year on the RC website and every so often I get a "Deal50" coupon code that comes up that knocks $50 off the price. Is there any rhyme or reason as to why/when this comes up? Is there anywhere to enter a coupon code when booking? Thanks.
  4. In looking at a cruise for next year, I can see several cabins (even an entire category of cabin) as available when looking at that sailing on the UK site. However, when I try to go and book those cabins on the US site...they aren't showing up as available (the entire category isn't even showing up). Why is this?
  5. Here is my "dilemma" now.... We are going on a NYE cruise with Royal this year.... Will I get more bang for my buck if I book our next cruise (using these gift certs.) by booking on board, or is there really no advantage to that anymore? Also, if I book on board, do you think they will accept the gift certs? (Not sure why they wouldn't since I am booking directly with Royal). Thanks
  6. Good to know. I just always figured you had to initially book with them to get those perks. Thank you!
  7. I have never transferred a booking to a TA. What are the benefits of that? Thanks
  8. Exactly....I just assumed they were like the Carnival cards I bought last year and eagerly gave AARP my money before reading the restrictions on the gift certificates (and it wasn't like it is in fine print...they have it plastered right where you buy them....so this is totally on me.)
  9. Well, like I said....I have another cruise in my future....so things could definitely be worse 🙂
  10. The sad thing is...I am on these boards all the time and just didn't take the time to read the issues. I had used the AARP Carnival gift cards without issue and just "assumed" these were the same. ....and you know what happens when you assume....you end up with a stack of AARP RC Gift Certificates.
  11. As one who always stresses to "read the fine print"....I didn't and ended up with a stack of AARP RC Gift Certificates that I can't use on the cruise I currently have booked. The good news is...it means another cruise is in my future. My question is...if I book a cruise using those gift certificates (not fully paid off) and then there is a price drop, can I take advantage of that or does the fact that I am using gift certificates somehow block me from that? Thanks
  12. Prepare to have the best sleep you have ever had :) I am one of those that wakes as soon as it is daylight outside and had two cruises this past year with interior cabins and was able to get GREAT sleep. We did bring a small travel fan for some white noise and to keep the air circulating.
  13. Guys Pig and Anchor BBQ (I think that is the name of it on the Breeze). I believe it is on Deck 5. It is only open for lunch on sea days and after the first day it gets very crowded. We ate there when we boarded our cruise and walked right up with no line....we tried to go back later in the cruise and it was slammed.
  14. I have done Royal, NCL, and Carnival Breeze and your review was dead on. I had a great time on our Breeze cruise except for the lines, lines, and more lines (and you are right about the deck chairs, there are none without towels on them). The fact that many of the Carnival ships (if not all) are laid out similarly is a bit discouraging for booking future cruises....but as you said, if the price was right I would eagerly book one again.
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