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  1. When you get out of the dugouts, are you getting out into the water? Just wondering if we should wear our water shoes and bring others.
  2. We cruised on the Pride a few years ago. Had a cabin for 3 adults - me, my mom, my sister. You can have the beds be 2 singles, or a queen, and then the sofa pulled out into a bed. It really was not crowded during the day when the sofa was a sofa. When pulled out, hard to get around the bed to the balcony. But we really did not feel crowded at all....my sister quickly got used to me crawling across her bed to get to the balcony in the morning!
  3. Thank you Strenz, that is reassuring! That particular night was definitely wicked - the crew even said it was worse than usual and many of them were sick.
  4. We are thinking about this cruise in the future and I am wondering if anyone has experienced rough seas enough to cause motion sickness on this route? I only ask because on our last Windstar cruise, Barcelona to Lisbon, the last night heading into Lisbon was so bad that we were unable to leave our cabin for dinner and 2 of us who practically never experience motion sickness, were very sick despite medication. Turns out that this is a common spot for rough seas. So....I just want to be forewarned if this is a regular occurence on this route. Thank you!
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