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  1. I’m booked on a Danube cruise on the scenic crystal .. we booked the junior suite on the sapphire deck but now that I’ve seen the review on cruise critic - I’m afraid we made a bad choice. It says the shower is half the size to make room for a tub that we won’t use. Can anyone comment on this? Are we better off with a deluxe balcony? Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I think I’ll go with the car and do some sightseeing too .. we’ll save $2500 so $200-$300 on a car will still save us $$ even if I book a great hotel in Prague
  3. Thanks -- I did call today and they do no provide the transfer if you don't buy their extension.
  4. thanks.. they were closed yesterday but i just called and they said they do not sell the transfer on it's own and i'd have to make my own way if i don't buy their extension. It's $2500 extra for two people for the transfers, 3 nights in prague, one tour and the transfer out.
  5. Considering booking my own extension and wondering if I can save money over what the cruiseline charges ... Seems to be about $2500 for two of us ... How can I get from Nuremburg to Prague? Has anyone done this off of a Scenic cruise? Thanks!
  6. Wondering if Scenic will provide a transfer to Prague after the cruise if I don’t buy their extension? If not, is it easy enough to figure how to get from nuremberg to Prague? I think it’s about $2500 more to do their extension. thanks for your thoughts and/or experiences. rachel Traveling end of June
  7. considering the avalon illumination 11 Night - Active & Discovery on the Danube with 3 Nights in Prague in June 2020 as a first time river cruise ... has anyone done this one? Anything I must know? It seems like a very good value for money compared to others like AMAwaterways and Uniworld .... are these similar lines, trips, excursions, food? Or am I very mistaken? Thank for any advice you can offer. I am headed to Europe for a wedding in Italy and hoping to do a 30th wedding anniversary trip before or after that occasion. I prefer to NOT vacation in Italy and have always wanted to see Prague and Budapest. Thank you for your insight! Rachel
  8. yes -- we did that excursion over misty fjords -- and I'm wondering about wildlife in the norwegian fjords -- are there a lot of birds? A main interest of my husband's ... I know whales are further north than our ship is likely to go, unfortunately.
  9. Thank you .. Yes -- I am looking at other cruises .. We are limited as we need to be in Rome July 6-8 for a wedding so are trying to time something very close before or after that ... Also -- $$; I think flying into Copenhagen or pretty much anywhere other than London or Amsterdam is going to be too pricey for us since we will also need to get to/from Rome.
  10. this particular cruise seems to have $1000 price difference pp on aqua over standard ... i guess that's considered not worth it in your opinion?
  11. Thank you for this info .. We are not at all familiar .. so you think this is a better itinerary? https://www.princess.com/cruise-search/details?voyageCode=3020 I don't think we have the time to get to the north cape...seems those cruises are 2 weeks long. Please correct me if I'm wrong. We are very limited in when we can travel .. Having to be in Italy from July 6-8 and hoping to do this trip directly before or after.
  12. We are considering a cruise to Norway from Southampton. We have done an extended land trip on Iceland recently and have done a land/cruise in and around Alaska. Is a trip to Norway too similar to these locations? We don't get to do these types of trips all that often and I'm tasked with finding us a way to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary either before or after a wedding we've been invited to in Italy in July. Generally opting for cooler temps in the summer I started looking north. Would love your opinions and forgive me for being ignorant on the matter. I know each area has it's own positives but with limited funds and time, I welcome your opinions. Rachel
  13. We are considering this cruise in June out of Southhampton. We've never been on a Celebrity cruise before but are considering the Aquaclass cabin. Does anyone have experience on this ship, this itinerary? Recommended? Also -- we recently did Iceland -- but on land. We rented a car and did a lot of the island and wonder if a Norway cruise would be too similar? I suspect not since views are different from the water but wondering if anyone has the experience to compare both? Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. flew with him several years ago and added on misty fjords on the way back .. felt very safe and secure. Have a wonderful trip. I'll never forget those bears.
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