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  1. It's very much airline dependent in a lot of the world, e.g. British Airways allow a 56cm x 45cm x 25cm carry-on plus a 40cm x 30cm x 15cm hand/laptop bag each weighing up to 23kg in all classes on both long and short haul, quite generous as the basic checked baggage limit is 23kg. I'd love to see someone managing 46kg of hand luggage plus a carrier bag or two of duty-frees. Heathrow Airport are apparently introducing CT scanners at security which will remove the need for the limit on liquids in hand luggage: if that gets rolled out across the world then people who travel light will find things a lot easier so long as their carrier has a reasonable weight limit for carry-ons.
  2. Another difference between river cruising and ocean is that there are so few passengers on each sailing, and probably a lower proportion of whom will be CC members, that roll calls don’t work in the same way so don’t worry if there isn’t one for your sailing. If there’s one covering your itinerary on your line (or all sailings on your line if it’s one of the smaller lines) join that thread as you’ll be able to compare notes with others who’ve already sailed and those still in the planning and anticipation stage. That said, there’s nothing to stop you creating a roll call for your sailing but don’t be downhearted if nobody joins it.
  3. Unless US airlines have invented a magical new business model, checked baggage handling is a cost which will be passed on to you regardless of whether the airline explicitly charges you for it or bundles it into the flight charge.
  4. Presumably CA meant Euro USB chargers. As with US chargers they can be barely larger than a two pin plug.
  5. Their U.K. recruitment site is advertising for sommeliers: https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/carnival/displayjob.aspx?jobid=4134 They’re also advertising for sommeliers with fluent Japanese so their Far Eastern adventures with QE must be paying off - they want Japanese speakers for other passenger facing roles.
  6. Have you checked the sticky threads at the top of the forum? The new to river cruising thread includes links such as this one about accessible river cruising: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1959
  7. Was it a voltage converter? I can’t think of any reason a simple plug adapter should fry when left plugged in, unless it was seriously faulty. A properly designed and manufactured voltage converter shouldn’t really cause problems either.
  8. The facts are the offences for which Carnival Corp’s subsidiaries have been tried and found guilty. However you’ve extrapolated from there to what amounts to a conspiracy theory that Carnival are doing everything in the most environmentally damaging way possible, eg your waffle about exhaust scrubbers which is all assertion and no evidence (aka ‘Facts’). Until you can provide evidence to back up your accusations it might be best to back off a bit, and that includes inventing a secret corporate environmental policy for Carnival. They have a publicly stated policy and you don’t have any evidence that they have a hidden agenda: again, extrapolating from the past is simply making stuff up.
  9. Dear Tablelamp, may I offer a hint? The ‘Title’ field of a new topic enables you to give other people a clue about the subject you want to discuss, it’s not for your own name (with or without title).
  10. I didn’t actually suggest that Celebrity are randomly dumping anything, just that any packaging ending up in the wrong place is a bad thing whatever it’s made of. The waste business isn’t simple, whether on land or at sea, and there isn’t a universal solution. Any packaging has costs as well as any benefits, and what works better for one company may not for another.
  11. I got the impression from one article that the canal isn’t wide enough for cruise boats to turn, and the authorities don’t want to run the risk of further accidents by allowing them to sail backwards until they reach a turning point.
  12. Tetra Paks (which is what that looks like) are made of layers of plastic, aluminium, and paper so require specialist recycling facilities. Saying it’s a paper carton and therefore more virtuous than material X is a bit of an oversimplification, and if people dump Tetra Paks randomly in the environment they’re as bad as any other waste.
  13. And for anyone who’s not sailed with Saga yet, the Taittinger price is revealing apart from the fact someone in Folkestone can’t spell 🙂. It’s typically £35.00-ish at retail price so by no means greedy compared to some lines.
  14. The Canaries are not part of the EU for customs purposes. They have their own VAT if you purchase anything ashore, but it’s about 7% so combined with being duty free prices ashore are often cheaper than ‘duty free’ on board.
  15. Oh no! It’s bad enough with people innocently creating roll calls in random places without idiots joining CC in order to be ‘funny’. This one’s only other post is along the same lines but in the correct place, with any luck his sense of humour will get him banned.
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