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  1. Heading into the choke point of the busiest shipping lane in the world while showing your destination as somewhere roughly 200 miles west of your position would presumably be regarded as at least careless. Her destination as I write is Southampton so the musical chairs are continuing...
  2. And/or add another cabin in case one isn't enough...
  3. Have your tried calling them and asking? Their web site is fine for straightforward bookings but I get the impression they're more geared up for phone bookings so that they can discuss what their prospective customers want. We've sailed with them twice, booking once online and once by phone, and found they have all the time in the world to discuss the finer details of bookings over the phone.
  4. Good luck - their insurance is a bit hit and miss. Last year my wife declared a probably insignificant condition awaiting diagnosis a few days before our cruise, something our GP considered not to be of any concern. Saga promptly cancelled her cover without explanation, while admitting on the phone that many people in the same situation simply don't admit such conditions in order to keep their cover. The travel insurance bundled with our bank account simply doesn't cover conditions awaiting diagnosis rather than refusing any cover at all.
  5. Anne was one of the few queens to reign in her own right rather than being the king’s wife. Just like Victoria and both Elizabeths. BTW the ship’s name is Mauretania (which Carnival have registered as a trade mark), ignore what autocorrect is telling you.
  6. Carnival have registered Queen Anne, Queen Isabella, Aquitania, Mauretania, Caronia, Aurelia, Sirona, and King James as trademarks in the last few months, most of which were noted recently in another thread. The schedule of intellectual property mortgaged at the beginning of April by Carnival makes interesting reading, even if terribly lengthy and repetitive because they have a lot of trade marks each registered in a lot of countries.
  7. Have you checked prices for your voyage on Cunard's web site to see what the going rate is? There's plenty of anecdotal evidence of people transferring bookings to next year, or rebooking to use their FCC, so if demand is strong prices will have risen.
  8. As a complete novice you could do a lot worse than browse the sticky threads at the top of the forum - there are links to lots of useful articles about individual river cruise lines on Cruise Critic, plus objective comparisons between different lines.
  9. ABTA now doesn't give a suggested timescale, they only say that it's impossible for many companies to issue refunds within 14 days as they'd go bust. Interestingly ABTA seem to be unilaterally implementing a financially protected credit note along the lines of what they were proposing to the Government last month, they've presumably worked out a way of doing it without the need to change the law. Details in the FAQ in the link above: 'What is a Refund Credit Note (RCN)?'. It'll be interesting to see whether companies will be willing to start issuing them or whether they'll continue to refuse refunds outright like KLM/Air France, or just make things overly difficult like BA and easyJet.
  10. Remember that sogne is in the U.K. where it’s normal for credit card companies to transfer credit balances to bank accounts without charge. Things may be different where you are, depending on consumer law and/or usage and practice.
  11. At least Saga along with most if not all of the cruise industry are offering and processing refunds, unlike some package tour operators and airlines which are completely ignoring ABTA rules by only offering vouchers.
  12. Scroll down to 'All bookings departing after 31 August 2020': https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories/flexible-cancellation-policy
  13. You get a credit note for the total amount you paid plus 25% so in your example $5000pp: if you then book a $5000pp cruise it's 'free', if you book a more expensive cruise you get $5000pp off the price. If you book a cruise for less than $5000pp it's 'free' and the balance of the credit is held against your account and can be used towards another booking. If you already have a booking you can use your credit towards a paid upgrade but you can't otherwise use it as part payment for that cruise. T&Cs may differ according to where you booked your cruise, and changed for UK customers yesterday when the extension of cancellations was announced.
  14. That's not a fair comparison if you think about it. European river cruising is a mass market operation, particularly for providers like Viking which is the point I was specifically responding to, unlike expedition style ocean cruising to remote parts of the globe which are otherwise extremely difficult to visit, so can attract customers even at premium prices. I'm not sure I'd travel on CMV at any price, but that's another thing...
  15. Just out of interest where did you get the figure of 181? The 135m length longships can carry 190. Even with half occupancy it would be extremely difficult to maintain distancing in the lounge and dining room, and it wouldn't be viable to run cruises with so many empty cabins.
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