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  1. We arrived in Singapore on Tuesday and although it was quiet the City was very much business as usual. We've embarked Splendida and our sailing is underway. Passenger numbers are significantly down though, only 1600 sailing.
  2. But not people who are prone to sneezing due to allergies (me) we are disease free to allowed to board. I just know I'll have a sneezing fit in the embarkation queue!
  3. CC has been full of desperate posters wanting cruises to be canceled and saying they've called to ask if they can, perhaps NCL have just decided to appease their passengers and cancel all sailings rather than sail half full. They can the redeploy those ships and lose less money.
  4. You are braver than me! Best of luck to you. What's the name of your ship? No option to cancel and UK FCO doesn't currently advise against travel to our destinations, so no option not to go! MSC Splendida hasn't had any passengers on board since 28th Jan so hopefully no lingering virus onboard.
  5. I hope you are right, we fly to Singapore on Monday for an Asia sailing on Thursday! I have concerns about allowed the ship initially being allowed to dock in Singapore for embarkation on Thursday and then to dock in our destinations and/or quarantined on the ship.
  6. Only Aurea experience guests have MyChoice dining on Splendida. Fantastica experience guests are assigned a time and shared table, they do try to seat passengers who speak the same language together a lot of the time though. It will just depend in the demographic of your fellow passengers.
  7. One of our first cruises was on Costa Magica and whilst we enjoyed it there were a number of factors we didn't; lack of sun bed availability, disorganized and lots of queues. We were recommended MSC and the following year sailed on MSC Divina. We've sailed with then since. Some of the issues with Costa may have been exacerbated by it being a summer sailing though. If you Google "cruising isn't just for old people" a lady called Emma had a blig and one is a comparison between the 2 companies.
  8. Nancy, I think this should be on our roll call thread 😊 Pleased to hear Singapore is nice though.
  9. We stayed in the Radisson blu, wasn't expensive IIRC and very close to thr train station.
  10. A couple of people on our sailing have advised they were offered the option of moving to an alternative cruise.
  11. We didn't have the option to cancel and get a refund or a credit, the email just addressed the change of embarking port and itinerary. We'd received a call from MSC UK just prior advising of the changes, we'd not considered cancelling so I didn't ask if it was an option. No one on our roll call has mentioned asking either.
  12. We were scheduled on the Splendida repositioning sailing from Shanghai on February 14th, we've received confirmation from MSC today we will now embark on 13th February in Singapore. Our stops in Japan and Hong Kong have been replaced with 3 in Malaysia and Vietnam. Expecting that well have a good number of passengers missing. With the virus escalating we feared it would be cancelled but now rapidly researching the new POC.
  13. All drinks under €/$ 6 and from the Easy list. Although sailings in the US include an additional couple of 'cocktails'.
  14. In our experience you do not need to book the speciality restaurants immediately after embarking. We made our reservations the evening before we wished to dine and had plenty of options for our reservation time. I wouldn't see any need for you amend your plans just to ensure a reservation. I've not experienced anything to suggest YC have any priority for booking. Just ask the concierge to make your reservations after your arrival.
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