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  1. That was a very sweet move you made. 6145 is next to the Penthouse and is probably (along with 6146) the best S1 on the M class ships. Good move!
  2. Why are they called 'Sweet Sixteen' when there are actually 32? Sixteen on each side.
  3. So, you didn't take it to guest services and tell them it wasn't working and have them give you a new card for your 'new' stateroom? That lanyard idea is good. That way folks walking toward you instantly know how important you are, right? For several cruises I didn't realize there was a difference in cards. Then when we were walking to Luminae the couple ahead of us presented their cards and the hostess immediately said, "I'm sorry, sir. This is the Suite restaurant". So, I guess there really is a difference, right?
  4. Indeed. I am almost sure you were on the other side, flashing your 'distinctive' sea pass card. The experience is titillating, right? ðŸ’Ĩ
  5. By the way, I agree completely. I would be bothered if Luminae was sold out and we suite passengers could not get in. I've always wondered why suite passengers would be allowed to dine at Blu. This past cruise we had lunch as part of the officer's dining experience in Blu. The food was very good, but the dining room seemed very small (Eclipse). The Blu snoot was just a joke, by the way.
  6. Yep, you got it. I think I may post it on our roll call and offer to add folks for the upcharge plus $20 pp per day. Help offset the cost of our stateroom. 😎
  7. Well now. It seems you are having Blu snoot moment!🧞‍♂ïļ I wonder, and you may be able to answer, how many suite guests actually dine at Blu? We have walked past Blu in the evening on our way to a specialty restaurant and the line was probably fifty people deep. I have never seen more than four people waiting at any time at Luminae, but we dine early, too, so that may affect lines. If Blu is that good we may give it a try on our next cruise. It looks like Luminae may be crowded!
  8. Well, heck yes. There is nothing I enjoy more than flashing my Suite Class key card when leaving or returning to the ship, watching the steerage passengers in the cattle line while I hold my key card over my head, saying, "Lookee here, y'all. I have that distinctive key card". 😎ðŸĪŠ Seriously? Someone actually cares about their distinctive key card? I must be missing something.
  9. In my opinion Luminae, alone, is worth the upcharge. Over the last ten or so years on a number of Celebrity sailings we have become used to being pampered in Luminae and we now routinely cancel specialty (Tuscan or Murano) to eat at Luminae. Michael's Club (The Retreat Lounge) and The Retreat are also great included perks that justify the upcharge, and if you get an S1 you will also get a very good location. S2, maybe not so good, just so you know.
  10. I haven't yet been on the M class, but will be next year on Summit. And it's been several years since we were on Equinox and I just recalled the smoking area being at the port aft of the ship on 14. Not being a smoker I never sought out other areas of the ship. Oddly enough, I did research through Celebrity an hour or so ago and could NOT find where they actually say there is smoking permitted on the ships, only where it is NOT permitted. I just find it odd that smoking might make it from 5 to deck 9, thus my question.
  11. For some reason I was remembering that the only smoking area on Equinox was on 14 port side, aft, outside the Oceanview Bar. Did your stateroom attendant or security check to see the source of the smoking? I have to wonder if it was coming from an adjoining stateroom balcony?
  12. Great point. I had forgotten this twist, and it's so accurate.
  13. Best to keep it all in perspective. Each opinion is just that. One opinion, and not likely to be shared by many others, sometimes. I read the opinions for both informative and entertainment value. Some make my roll my eyes, others make me smile, and if I took them seriously, some might actually make me a bit sad that some folks deem themselves so damned important that they have lost perspective about how unimportant they really are.
  14. I guess my only critical remark about Celebrity is the seeming lack of communication before significant changes are made. I have no idea if it's possible to both email and post coming changes and how the heck they would reach EVERY customer, current and past. But, maybe they should give it a shot so they can always say, "We tried to get the word out". For example, one day they started charging for grilled burgers where the burgers had previously been no charge, but apparently a lesser quality meat product. That went over like flatulence in church, of course, and the feedback was so strong that the policy changed in just a couple days. Then, most recently, again without notice of any kind. free in-room movies were removed. Backlash occurred and that policy change was reversed, again within days. Bottom line for me is we have a great time on cruises and enjoy being pampered. We pay extra for Suite class because we enjoy the product. We don't watch TV, other than the ship channel to see where we are and where we are going, so free movies are not an issue for us. We don't get free burgers from the outside grill, so that's not an issue for us. I don't see that Celebrity is really doing anything other than running a business and trying to stay afloat.
  15. We had the fortune of attending a bridge tour recently on Eclipse. The Operations Captain explained that the Infinite Veranda concept is helpful in maintaining ship's speed during heavy headwinds. The Captain closes all the IV 'windows' and it drastically reduces drag on the side of the ship, making it much more aerodynamic. Just food for thought, ATL Cruiser.
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