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  1. Well, if you like Murano you will be disappointed on M class, since Murano is not an option. Otherwise the M class if very much the same as S. I haven't ventured aboard Edge and likely won't, so I can't offer an opinion on that one. Since you're in a suite I would encourage you to try to get an S1 if you haven't already. As low as you can go. With staterooms above and below you. You can thank me after the cruise! Of course, if you're in a Royal you can disregard my recommendation ref S1. Enjoy! And yes, you will like the 'suite' life.
  2. It's really hard to quantify in words how nice the 'suite' experience really is. The perks and benefits are intangible at times, but there is a 'feeling' in the difference in treatment one gets. On port days when we stay aboard ship and don't have Luminae for lunch, forcing us to go to the cattle car (Oceanview) to get salad to take back to our stateroom, we REALLY understand how nice the 'suite' treatment is. In my opinion the suite experience is worth every cent, even if we get stuck in an S2 under a pool. I'm glad your move-up worked. I hope it works for everyone who has never been able to afford the suite experience. On a side-note, I am always amazed at how incredibly rude some folks are at the buffet. It's not like that last strip of bacon will be the last served, right. Unless there is an iceberg (not lettuce) involved.
  3. Unfortunate. I was sure I would look really cute in a pair. 😎
  4. Unless you want the suite perks; Michael's Club and Luminae, you may not want to make the move. The stateroom you now have is on the slant of the hump and should be very nice. You also risk ending up with an S2 in a 'not so good' location. I would say just save your money and apply it to something else nice.
  5. Yep. Me too. But I guess I don't really fit the definition of the pride sinner. I do what I do to be successful and I take pride in my success. Do I care of someone else has less pride in their lives? Not really. I recently saw a lady wearing some very expensive designer jeans with holes cut all over, including under each 'cheek', showing her transparent red underwear as she walked away. I could very easily see her pride. πŸ€”
  6. AWESOME! If I recall correctly these two married during a cruise.... it looks like they take pride in their appearance!
  7. You got with me that one. I have no idea why pride would be a sin. Maybe you can educate me on that?
  8. At that rate I would think they would bring Thermal to Iconic... with a lot of smiles. If you're Aqua, yes. If you're in suite class you can when room is available. Otherwise you're stuck in Luminae. Darn it, anyway. πŸ™‚
  9. I just confirmed that with Celebrity. All others must pay for access. C-sea, I will assume you realize that on Celebrity 'Suite' is a level of stateroom and not reference all the staterooms, yes? Not being snarky, but with Regent and others all staterooms are 'suites'.
  10. That must have been a stinker at the end. πŸ™‚
  11. We've found Tuscan to be hit or miss, pretty much like any other restaurant in the world, which is why we normally use Luminae even though we get specialty restaurants included with our stateroom. One bad experience with Tuscan was due to the food being 'average' (which is never really bad on a cruise ship) and the wine steward (not a sommelier) was awful. He kept pushing us to purchase the wine tasting event even though I told him we weren't interested, then he turned to my wife and told her to convince me we should do it. Yikes. Anyway, I had a conversation with the Michael's concierge and then the matre` de from Tuscan contacted me. We cancelled several other reservations for Tuscan, on that cruise. Since that time we've had some really good experiences at Tuscan. I think $30 pp is good pricing and probably worth it.
  12. Absolutely! The label of my nearly new Levi 501 jeans is almost the very same as my thirty year old Levi 501 jeans. And only one pair has ratty holes. Maybe I got a defective label? 😎 Part of the issue with the holey jeans thing is that most of the people wearing them have never had to wear jeans long enough to actually wear holes into them, which is what our society is today. We've done too much for our children, in my opinion. But, I guess that's history.... In any case, again, it's a matter of taking pride in one's appearance. My pride is apparently different by definition.
  13. I think the salient point is not about putting on airs, so much as it is in showing pride in one's appearance. I think that is being lost on our younger crowd these days and that which is considered 'stylish' or in fashion for the moment is more important than looking nice and having pride in one's appearance. I have a pair of those holey jeans. In fact I've had them probably thirty years, but they didn't start out holey and they are really no longer blue and they don't have any pretty filigree and most folks wouldn't think they are cute, unless maybe you were wearing them, of course. And yes, they are well worn, to the point of being tacky. But, the fading and holes were earned. When we go for dinner at Luminae or Murano I will wear a dark blue suit, vest, and tie and I will be proud to be seen so well cleaned up. I won't wear my holey jeans, although I certainly earned the ideal. Yes, I am in a Royal Suite, should that matter for any reason. Simply, show pride.
  14. Maybe sneak him home in your luggage next time? I'm sure customs won't wonder about the kicking and screaming coming from the oversize bag. 😎
  15. Ah yes. I recall that now. With a little luck maybe they will leave Equinox 'as is' for a while. I'm normally all about change for the good.
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