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  1. The way some people made it sound they would have to rip the ship apart deck by deck and do a mass install of whatever air recycle system they wanted to use. A project which would take months I am sure.
  2. It remains to be seen CDC will do and what Cunard/Carnival will do international waters as to whether masks will be worn on ships for life or social distancing will remain for life which it might do. Which if they do you can scrap Cunard altogether at least the transatlantic crossings. I don't think there will be much demand for Solo travel or even from the LGBT crowd if they can't have their get togethers which have been attended by more than 100 in the past. Oh and no CC meetup. But the UK Government seems intent to after mid June to reopen and to accept that Covid is here and li
  3. He advocated ripping the ships up to install new air flow systems. Really ripping them up, like ripping out and redoing every stateroom and common area. It would have took months perhaps and cost god knows how much. It is dead issue now with the proof that vaccines reduce spread by however much percentage plus likely instance on vaccination. I can't see any cruise line pursuing that air flow situation nor it being viable to do so. It would cost what tens of millions? Hundreds of millions?.
  4. EW 101. Good to see you again. ace2542 in the finance department. Just to clear a couple of things up. You no longer wish to that Cunard should rip the ships up from stem to stern at a cost of many millions to install all the air flow systems you spoke of previously. When insistence on vaccine and proof of vaccine cost us nothing or very little and there is evidence of vaccine providing strong reduction of spread? And we have already had to push new build back by more than a year and are facing at least another 3 months of cancellations.
  5. No not really not so far as I am aware.
  6. The antibodies they will have should last until vaccine time then which is good.
  7. Have they had their vaccines yet?
  8. But won't they shut the classroom down if the teacher gets it and if enough teachers get it shut the school? I actually do think that the Police and Teachers and Paramedics should be the next ones to get it. for their own safety in their job.
  9. What was the result of your friend's vaccine check up test?
  10. I don't think being American really matters to be honest in terms of the ship sailing. The main issue Cunard QM2 and your booked TA crossing is facing is the Travel Ban/Presidential Proclamation of March 17th 2020 which prohibits British Nationals and other nationals for that matter from entering the USA unless they have quarantined for 14 in an approved country to my understanding. The Captain/Bridge Crew of QM2 - all British Nationals to my knowledge - will NOT be able to do this and then sail the ship from Southampton. So that will terminate the QM2 crossing right there regardl
  11. But the flagship Britannia can handle the first sailings better then the smaller vessels and be more flexible in how they work things out and help to more accurately nail everything down for the rest of the fleet?
  12. Nope I suspect you have just lost your money. That is what a travel agent will say. And since I personally suspect Masks will be on the ships forever - I think they have to be for the protection of the crew who are onboard for months we get off after a week they don't. - Cunard will not be likely to offer refund either. Masks will also be on your balcony as well I imagine. I can imagine the sea breeze potentially carrying the Covid through the air for some distance. And of course the Afternoon Tea will be near impossible to conduct as well.
  13. Does the "round the UK" call into Dublin or Cork or even Le Harve? Some of the sailings on different lines with that package title do you know.
  14. Nothing for the technologically impaired who still use an old pay as you go phone, track phone in American money or even drug dealers phone if you want to call it that?. And a Doro phone for my father as well. 🤣 Nothing for us then?
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