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  1. Actually, I was a little surprised to see it in Stardust as it was certainly not available there in either 2018 or 2019, and it was one of the reasons we brought out own water bottles this year.
  2. They have also had a table with bottles of water in Stardust for all of the tour departures so far. I guess Crystal does read CC!😁.
  3. Well, since getting blown out of San Juan del Sur, the Pacific has pretty much lived up to its name. Calm to the point of glass at times, light waves, low swells and light winds. A bit windier today making it hard to keep a hat on when walking the upwind side of the Promenade. And it has been hot, with temps in the mid-80s F/low-30s C range. Both the unplanned and planned sea day activities have been very good. Jim has done a great job as usual, and the World Affairs lecturer Prof. Roberto D'Alimonte did two lectures on Brexit, which were illuminating, and yesterday tackled a preview of the 2020 election. In closing his intro Rick reminded everyone that he had Security on standby! The Professor did an admirable job with a difficult and touchy subject, and even got more than a few chuckles out of the audience. Our call in Huatulco yesterday was brief, arriving about 8:00 and leaving just before 3:00. Although originally planned to be a major tourist destination by 2020 with 20,000 guest rooms, the reality is only about 2,000 rooms have been built, and most of the rest of the plan shelved. Club Med actually closed up and pulled out about a year ago. What is there is clean and well maintained from the little of it we saw. Our tour was a hands-on Mexican cooking class. We made Tortilla Soup and Fish a la Veracruz, which was red snapper in a tomato/pepper sauce, and it was all quite tasty. And after that large lunch, dinner was at The Sushi Bar!, followed by the White Night Party, which was well attended. Tomorrow afternoon we arrive in Cabo for an overnight, followed by two final sea days for this segment to LA. Anecdotally it appears most of the guests will be disembarking in LA, and there will be a significant crew exchange, with 100 leaving and 100 coming back. Most of those leaving will be returning to the ship in Singapore in two months, where we will welcome them back. And it still feels weird thinking, and typing that!
  4. This evening is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier. Went to Sunset Bar before dinner in Prego. Had a great dinner, then dropped down to the Avenue where we bumped into other friends from Canada Ultimately decided we didn't feel like going to the show, so went to the Bistro for a coffee and are now comfortably settled in our room for the night. We will see Icons next segment. Or maybe the one after that.😊
  5. Or is that three every other day, you know, like me and oatmeal raisin cookies!!!😁
  6. There used to be, but they turned into the high-stakes room for the casino a few years ago.
  7. We did single segments of the WC from 2006 to 2010, mostly because they were always the most interesting sailings of the year. You paid a "premium" for it being the WC, be we felt it was worth it, and we saw a lot of the world that way. About 2009 we started to think about maybe doing the whole thing one day, but even though semi-retired, aging parents/relatives and other issues kept us from pulling the trigger. We decided to do the two longer B2B segments in 2018 (40 days) and 2019 (35 days) to see if we could handle being on a ship that long and still stay married! And it worked!😉 We had actually booked 2019, but switched to this year when the itinerary came out as we liked it better. So far the onboard experience has been pretty much the same, but I think that is mostly because, even though it is part of the WC, this sailing is not that terribly different from a normal Panama Canal transit, which we have done four times prior. I suspect it will start to feel a little different once the remaining WC'ers board in LA and we head to French Polynesia. That is when more of the WC-specific events will begin to occur. In terms of "feeling", the biggest thing, and we felt this in each of the last two years, is the realization that we will be here until the middle of April! it hits in random conversations, such as with some of the crew who are disembarking in LA who say "but we will see you when we come back in Singapore"!! The other difference is we don't have to do "everything" if we don't want to. We will have seven chances to view every show, so if we feel like skipping one, we can! I think it will be interesting to see how and if these feelings might change as we go along. At the moment we have the 2022 WC booked too and how we feel as this one goes along will likely determine if we actually do end up doing the full WC in 22.
  8. We spoke to Scott in the Avenue on Friday evening and he said he had a speaking engagement in Tampa on Tuesday so they were disembarking in Panama City.
  9. Never a bad thing!😉 Unfortunately I am nursing a fairly painful blister from new shoes on my left heel, which makes walking any distance uncomfortable, so it turned into a pretty lazy day! We are doing 14 knots with the wind and seas running from almost behind us, so it has been a fairly smooth ride since about 10:00 AM. Jim did a great lecture about Fred & Ginger at 11:00 that was very well attended.
  10. We have not seen it in a few years, and it was a masterful performance! His rendition of "If I were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof was sensational and garnered massive applause from an almost full Galaxy. As I said to Monica afterward, "You may take Jim out of Zero, but you will never take Zero out of Jim!!" And the last few minutes did bring tears to our eyes!
  11. Woke up at 6:30 this morning for our 7:45 tour in San Juan del Sur, looked out the window and said " Oh-oh! Don't think we will be tendering today!" White caps as far as the eye could see, and we were in a shallow bay!! At 7:15 the Captain announced we would be leaving. The winds, already at 40 knots, with gusts to 60, were expected to get worse later in the day, so we turned about, followed by Regent Mariner who came to the same conclusion, and will be making our way slowly to Huatulco on Thursday! Unfortunate we had to miss the stop, we were looking forward to the, as described by Shorex, "rustic" bathroom stops!😉😄
  12. He and his wife disembarked yesterday in Panama City as he had to be back in Tampa for a speaking engagement on Tuesday, so we only saw the one lecture unfortunately. Sailing off the coast of Costa Rica at the moment in bright sunshine, calm seas/winds and temps in the low-30s C. We are in San Juan del Sur tomorrow, which will be a tender port.
  13. Well, we did finally sail under the Bridge of the Americas about 6:45 this evening. We were supposed to sail at 6:00, but about that time a Neo-Panamax Liquid Natural Gas Tanker was coming down channel carrying, according to its web page, about 80,000 tonnes of liquid natural gas!!! We are now about five hours out into the Pacific, passing the Emerald Princess along the way, and sailing in quite calm seas. Internet is still rather erratic though. On a bright note, we had coffee and dessert after dinner this evening with Jim Brochu (Out To Sea), and he is doing Character Man at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. Really looking forward to that!
  14. And just after I posted this, we stopped dead, and then reversed into Pier 7, then we lost internet connection for a few hours. Not the nicest pier location we have ever docked in, but since we "sterned in" at least the view from the Sunset Bar of the Canal traffic was interesting. Tonight's entertainment was a mildly interesting folkloric show.
  15. Just sailing under the Bridge of the Americas, completing our transit of the Canal. We will be docking shortly in Panama City for an overnight and day of touring tomorrow. I do plan to post some pictures, but Monica is the "court photographer" and we are having some small technical difficulties trying to get pictures from her Cloud Google Photos to my CC thread.😁 Once we get that sorted out........
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