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  1. Thanks this was really useful and actually it's even more bugged than that in that it only works the first time you click through the arrows- if you try to then go back and forward it stops working properly. Looks like dress up nights are: March 18 March 21 March 26 This is helpful advice thank you. Hope to meet you on board and let me know if you would like to meet up one night during the cruise. Always nice to meet new people 🙂
  2. Ok thanks for your help. So on the cruise booking site when I go in there with my cruise reference, there is an option to add drinks packages to my basket and it seems to work. I didn't actually try to finalise it, but it lets me go to the point where I can add the ultimate drinks package to my shopping basket. Are you saying this doesn't work, or maybe this is a newly available feature? Also, regarding the gala nights, this cruise has sea days on days 2, 3, 5, 10, and 11. Does this mean evenings 3, 5, and 10 would all be gala nights then?
  3. Hi - we are going on a cruise on Ventura on 17th March from Southampton and had a question or two. - Is there a logic to which nights would be gala nights of some kind? We want to pre-book some speciality restaurants but we'd like to avoid any nights where there is a special event in the main restaurants. - Is it worth pre-booking the ultimate drinks or will it be cheaper on board? - What is the restaurant dress code?
  4. Hi all - looking at a P&O cruise from Southampton in March where I am seeing a good price of about 680GBP each for an 11 day cruise. I've never cruised on P&O before so what are the extras you might have to pay? - Drinks package appears to be £40 pp p/d? - Do you have to pay daily gratuities charge? - Any other hidden extras? - Roughly how much is parking at Southampton? - If we took the train, how close is the train station to the cruise terminal in Southampton? - Oceana or Ventura? Looking at the descriptions, seems like Ventura has more varied dining which would be one of our priorities.
  5. Hi, Does the search engine on this site cruise critic include all major cruise lines, or if not can you recommend a site that does so? Our main limitation on choosing a cruise is based on dates rather than anything else, so I'm looking for a site where I can see all cruises regardless of cruise line. I have looked at several sites but it feels like either they exclude certain cruise lines, or they make it harder to select by individual dates. cheers
  6. Hi, we are looking at a cruise in the next few months. We really enjoyed RC a few years ago, but my memory is that their drinks packages are very expensive whereas some of the other cruise lines we've travelled, the drinks package prices are much lower or even sometimes included in the price. Is this still the case?
  7. Good day to all, I am looking for some advice from anyone who has been on cruises where the ship is re positioning for the next season. My wife and myself are looking to go on a cruise in March and we noticed there are quite a few of these at very low prices. As an example we were looking at a Royal Caribbean ship where it's a 12 day cruise from the Caribbean to Barcelona but with only one stop, so almost all sea days. If others on these boards have done any of these, I would be really interested to read about your experience and advice. Obviously the main drawback here is that there are few if any stops and you are on a lot of sea days. Assuming we don't have a problem with this, are there other things that are different about these journeys. I guess you can look at it as similar to a pool side beach holiday but cheaper. For example, can you expect the normal full service on these journeys and all speciality restaurants etc to be open? Is the ship normally full on these (the prices seem to indicate they are not popular), and does this therefore mean you have to get up at silly o' clock if you want to get a place by the pool? Do they lay on additional activities given the number of sea days involved? Do the ships tend to run out of some provisions at the end of these long cruises without stops? Any other advice or input on these type of cruises?
  8. Very simple question - which type of electric sockets are on the Lirica - I'm guessing for sure it's mainland European style but is there a UK socket as well? Just trying to see whether we need to pack adaptors.
  9. Hi - when it says 1 device or 2 devices, is this concurrent or forever? In other words can I log in on one device for a while, then log out, and log in on a different one?
  10. Hi - never cruised with MSC before. Can anyone give me some info about how the internet works on the Lirica: - Quality of service. - What kind of packages are available and what are the data limits? On the website it's offering "standard" or "premium" but it looks like there's no difference in quality of service it's just the amount of data that changes, and it's for the whole cruise for GBP65 per person. Is this price worth it and/or on the ship can you buy smaller packages for just a day or two as needed? FYI I've cruised before with other cruise lines so I'm familiar with the horrendously slow bandwidth and high latency of the connections on ships.
  11. Hi, We are booked on an MSC cruise from Venice on 23rd August. We are a family of 4 but booked on 2 separate bookings for 2 cabins. We have put all the web checkin information for both bookings into the website about a week ago. For one of the bookings, we received a document with all the cruise ticket and luggage tag information on Tuesday (about 5 days after we loaded the information) but this came through as a suspected spam message and we had to go right to the bottom to figure out what was there. For the other booking (which is on a different email address) we don't have anything - we are not not sure whether this is simply because it hasn't been done yet or because perhaps I accidently deleted it as spam as the subject had been appended to suspected spam on the one which did get through. Also, we went back into the web checkin and everything is ticket there as if it's all correct, but in the travel documents section it says they haven't been issued yet. Weirdly also, if we go into the booking for which we do have the ticket, it also says that the document hasn't been issued yet even though we have an email with the documents already! Should we contact them or just wait a few more days and hope it comes through?
  12. We're flying from MAN to Barbados tomorrow on the Tui Dreamliner. I've seen 3 conflicting statements about weight limits on cabin bagage. In the confirmation email it says 7KG. In the detailed text later on in the email it says 5KG. However on the boarding passes, it just gives a size limitation with no weight limit. Does anyone know whether there is a weight limit and if it's heavily enforced? I find it difficult to believe that you are only allowed 5KG of hand luggage of a 55 x 40 x 20 bag - you would struggle to fill such a bag and have it weigh less than 5KG. I've also never seen a 5KG limit on a long haul flight before. I'm guessing / hoping that the 5KG is a blanket statement for short haul flights and the boarding card is correct. Also, is it correct that our bags will go straight from MAN to the ship?
  13. So if you buy the 7 day package but you run out of data before the 7 days is up, can you pay another £49 to get more data or do they enforce that you can't even pay for more until the 7 days are up?
  14. I live in the UK. Itinerary includes Barbados, St Lucia, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, British Virgin Islands, St Marten, Antigua, St Kitts. Just trying to figure out if there is a sim card you can buy which covers all (or at least the majority) of these places.
  15. Hello all, I'm going on a Caribbean cruise on Marella Explorer at the weekend. Does anyone know if there is an option to buy a SIM card in Barbados (or another port) that gives data across all of the Caribbean islands or is it a separate system on each island? I have a portable hot spot that takes a SIM data card and it's been very useful on some previous holidays, but I'm not sure whether to bring it if I'd have to buy a separate SIM card in each port.
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