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  1. There are plenty of other open spaces - we love the Waterfront and also the deck above the pool if there are lounge chairs up there. We generally don't like sitting around the pool unless you are planning to go swimming. As the previous poster mentioned every ship has something on the "Sports Deck". I hope you enjoy your cruise - I think the real joy your parents will have is vacationing with family. Quality time spent enjoying a good meal, watching a show, sitting in a lounge listening to music, enjoying the sea breeze, beautiful sunsets - all cherished memories - priceless!
  2. I'm on the Norwegian Bliss and the itinerary is showing 9 am - 6 pm in PV on 10/9. Yikes - maybe 10:00 am is no doable.
  3. We just returned from an Alaska cruise on the Joy. We had a balcony and it was nice and we were out there only for a short while while sailing through the glaciers. However, we saw lots of folks on Deck 8 on the waterfront set up with folding chairs and blankets and warm drinks. It looked fun and seemed like a big ole party on that deck. I think for an Alaska cruise, I would forego the balcony and use the savings for other things and join the viewing party on the waterfront.
  4. On my last cruise, I purchased cruise next certificates and booked our next cruise. We paid BF category and got upgraded to BA category.
  5. Thank you both for your replies. It was very helpful. Anything "not to be missed" when visiting these places?
  6. We will in PV from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We have a food tour booked at 10:00 am which meets in the Romantic Zone and we would like to go to the Malecon afterward and then a quick shopping stop at Walmart before getting back on the ship. Couple of questions: 1) How far is the Romantic Zone from the pier that Norwegian docks at? 2) Where should we catch a taxi to get there? I understand it is less expensive outside the port- what is the average price for 2 people inside port vs. outside port? 3) After our food tour, we want to visit the Malecon. How far is the Malecon from the Romantic Zone and cost of taxi to get there? 4) Is the Walmart across from the cruise terminal in PV. How far from the Malecon and approximate taxi cost? Is this a feasible plan or are we cutting the time too close and we will be rushed?
  7. We did not purchase a dining package for our 13 yo daughter. She shared my entree in Cagneys and we both still couldn't eat the whole ribeye steak. We had four sides which is basically two sides each for my husband and I. She ate a little of the sides. For dessert, we shared one. At Le Bistro, she had my soup and escargot and did not want any more food. I tried to give her some of the Coq Au Vin but she was full. For La Cucina, she shared my pasta and had an appetizer that the waiter did not charge us for. My daughter is a light and picky eater and I find that sharing an entree and sides with her is more than enough for both of us. In the past, we did buy the dining package for her and it was totally unnecessary. I hate wasting food and sharing with her worked out great.
  8. We requested them on our recent cruise in June to Alaska on the Joy. We did tip our room steward extra for this.
  9. We had a balcony guarantee on our cruise to Alaska on the Joy last month and we got all the perks. I think it is only the sailaway balcony that you don't get the perks. The balcony guarantee worked out great for us - we ended up in a BA cabin on deck 12 - midship.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has had their upgrade bids accepted for this sailing. We are on an IA cabin through a CAS offer where we paid only port charges and taxes and the $140 admin fee per person - interestingly enough, the IA cabin price on their website was showing as higher than a balcony cabin (BA) category last week. I called the CAS and tried to have them move us in to a balcony cabin but they wanted an upgrade charge of almost $1000 per person. I just stayed in the IA cabin and will try to upgrade to a balcony via the bidding process. If we aren't successful, this will be our first inside cabin. If anyone has stayed in an IA cabin on deck 15 which isn't too far from the observation lounge - I would like to hear your opinion about the inside cabin and what you liked and didn't like about it. Just getting myself prepared on what to expect. Thank you in advance for any input and advice on the inside cabin. Regardless of whether we get upgraded or not, I'm sure we will have a great cruise.
  11. Thank you all for the responses. If anyone received notification on an accepted bid for the Mexican Riviera sailing on 10/6/19 on the Bliss - I would appreciate a heads up.
  12. Hi all - I've submitted bids on an October 6 cruise - anybody know when is the earliest that NCL will start notifying if the bid has been accepted. Thanks in advance
  13. Thank you - we live in Southern California close to the San Diego area. We were born and raised in So Cal so we are quite use to earthquakes. The good news is that no lives were lost. I hate to admit it but I didn't bother getting out of bed on the first quake that hit on 4th of July. I was lying in bed reading the CC boards (LOL) when the earthquake hit - it was a long rolling motion and it wasn't too bad. I was much younger when the Whittier and Northridge quakes hit So. California and those were horrible ones. We had a bookcase in the hallway that fell across our bedroom doorway and we were trapped in our room and things were falling everywhere and breaking. There was lots of property damage throughout different cities. It was horrible - I remember the violent shaking and aftershocks and us running outside, and there were lives lost during those earthquakes. I also was in a high rise hotel room in San Diego when an earthquake hit. That was a small one but all the out of state guests in the hotel was spooked. Some had never experienced an earthquake and came out in to the hallway. I remember telling some folks to not worry and that it was just a small earthquake and that if another one hit, just stand under the doorway until it passes. I guess each state has its fair share of natural disasters - we get earthquakes and fires but no tornadoes or hurricanes.
  14. We booked a balcony guarantee on the Norwegian Joy sailing to Alaska on 7/27. It worked out great for us - we are two adults and a tween. We just got our balcony assignment and ended with a BA category on a midship balcony on Deck 12. It is a connecting room but that doesn't bother us. I figured we saved over $1000 on this sailing by booking the guaranteed balcony versus booking a midship balcony in the BA category.
  15. Hi - can you provide the tour companies that you used to book excursions outside of NCL. Interested in the tour where you get to hold sled dog puppies for my daughter.
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