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  1. Thank you all for your responses! I'll look into the links you provided.
  2. I know there have been some talk of the CFAR insurance, but I don't see that listed as an option on our cruise summary. The only insurance offer we have available to add to our book is this Essentials Travel Protection. Is it worth it? Factors to consider, we are local to the port, so no travel disruption as there are multiple ways to get to port from us. We are in our 40s so not a high risk age for most health issues, and we're traveling with 2 teens. I would consider the CFAR but I can't figure out where people even get that option from NCL. I see it listed on the website but not in my cruise summary. Thanks!
  3. My plan is to order the liter bottles to the room and bring a smaller reusable water bottle with me so I can fill it from those liter bottles. That way I'm only carrying the amount of water I want with me.
  4. Just curious if teens need to be registered when we first get on the ship. Can they just show up to events we see in the dailies that sound fun? Do they need to register for specific events?
  5. I have an excursion already booked through NCL online for GSC. Will I get a tender time automatically assigned, or do we still need to go find a time ticket somewhere?
  6. Booked a mini suite with a couch for 1 kid and pullman for the other, their preferred sleeping arrangement. We have the opportunity to bid on a haven. However, I wanted to know how the beds work before bidding on anything. I was curious if there are any havens with a similar set up. Another room I saw, not sure if it was NCL or RCCL or Disney, they had the couch that had a normal sitting surface for 1 bed, then a pull out lower trundle for the second bed. That would work well for us as well. I just can't seem to find any pics of haven suites with beds made up for 4 passengers.
  7. I was actually looking for the room with only a couch (and possible pullman?) for passengers 3&4 in the living room. Not the havens with the second bedroom.
  8. I've tried to find the info online but am not having much success. In the Haven on BLISS, can someone tell me how the sleeping arrangements work for the 3 & 4 passengers? In the Haven where it just has the couch in the living room (not the 2 bedroom family suite) where do both people sleep? Does the couch pull out like a normal sleeper sofa at home, so sleeping side by side? Or is it trundle bed style where 1 sleeps on the couch and the other has a pull out lower level bed? None of them are pullmans, right?
  9. How do you book priority Access? Is it only offered to some?
  10. That's great! I'm glad to hear it. I'll feel more comfortable filling reusable bottle that way.
  11. Interesting. I hadn't heard that before. It's worth a try for that kind of savings. I'm guessing we'll be able to use our regular cell service the day we board the ship, and possible find free wifi or cell service in our other ports. So probably the freebie wifi is fine for us. I wanted to understand how the upgrade worked in case we decide we do need it.
  12. That's what I thought. We're definitely good with 1 plan and probably the freebie is enough.
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