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  1. Thanks for the wine diaper suggestions! I know we are bringing tequila back from Cozumel, so these will be great for the flight home! DH thought I was a genius! lol
  2. We live south in the Norfolk area and drove up the night before. Got a cruise hotel that would shuttle us to the terminal in the morning and had a chill dinner and relaxed evening on the inner harbor. The variables of driving that far the day of the holiday would stress me out.
  3. We just did a price comparison on Lyft, Uber and cab fare and they were with in about $2 of each other. Probably just do cab so we don't have to call ahead.
  4. Unless something has changed, if it's a close looped cruise starting and ending in the US, you do not need a passport. We were in Roataan 18 months ago and no, it was not a requirement. If in doubt, call the cruise line.
  5. Yep...I do it every time! I can deal with the cruise line's regular coffee as long as I take my creamer! I even take a few to breakfast with me! lol
  6. This is all I ask of my sweet husband too. He's pretty game for anything, but we are on vacation so I try not to torture him too much! lol The last 2 cruises have been over the Christmas holiday and all I asked is that we do the "formal formal" nights in the MDR. Other than that, I was game to just relax and hang out. That seemed to suit us both well! It was fun to get all dolled up for just that little bit of time!
  7. We had an aft cabin on the Grandeur at Christmas and LOVED it! Great views leaving Baltimore and ports and plenty of room for the family to gather. Would do it again in a heartbeat!
  8. We are traveling in a balcony cabin on Independence in November and are wondering if there is a way to hook up our laptop (via HDMI cable) to the TV so we can watch movies? Thanks!
  9. My girlfriend ordered one of the packages for us on our last cruise. It was a great surprise and the streamer things that hang from the ceiling are magnetic! I took the decorations off the clips and used them to hang our tour tickets, hats, day planner etc. I brought it home and it will be going with us on our next cruise!
  10. Find an online travel agency that specializes in different types of discounts. That's how we've always done it. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to mention TA's on here, but you are welcome to message me!
  11. I can't speak to the Veendam, but our first cruise was HAL's Oosterdam and to us, it's not even a close comparison. (I will probably get lynched by the Grandeur loyalists, but this is just my opinion) We LOVED our experience on HAL and were a bit let down by our experience on RCCL. We were still on vacation and are pretty laid back, so it's all good, just comparatively, we would go back to HAL in a heartbeat. The room service, drink service, food service (we really liked on HAL that even the buffet was hands off, vice serve yourself), everything seemed just a bit higher end with HAL. We honestly aren't sure if we just got lucky with the staff on HAL, or whether it's indicative of the over all cruise line, so are trying RCCL again in November, giving it a fair shot. I can definitely see us going back to HAL in the future though.
  12. Not true...we booked my two sons (18 & 20) in their own room at the other end of the ship, several floors down. Oh, and as the parent of 5 boys, all teenagers at the SAME time, GO MOM! Trust but verify. I'm sure your kids are great kids, but a little fear never hurt anyone. I would also second the poster that said maybe to read the Contract of Carriage over with your teens. There are some pretty stiff penalties in there (like getting tossed off the ship) that wouldn't hurt the reality check either. Have a blast!
  13. I have that same absolute fear. Just reading these stories is giving me anxiety! For us, as soon as we book a cruise, I get out a white 3-ring binder and write our cruise, dates and reservation number on a piece of blank paper and put it in the front plastic part. Then, I print out all the reservation info and add (as we do it) plane tickets, hotel confirmation, tour confirmations, luggage tags etc and put it in the binder. 2 weeks out or so, I put our passports in the front pocket. As I'm packing my carry on, that goes in it. I either have everything or nothing. (I'm getting a zippered binder soon after it was suggested by a fellow CC so we don't risk things falling out as my carry on gets moved around!) Once on the cruise, that whole carry on goes into the bottom of the closet. I've never put anything in the safe. Just to afraid I'll forget it. It's never been bothered and I know exactly where everything is.
  14. That's all we do when we cruise. We don't take any of the internet packages, so we just leave the cruise emergency number and all our cruise information (including cruise line, ship name and cabin number, along with our specific itinerary) with 1 or 2 family members just in case, and send out a mass text to the rest of the family letting them know who has it.
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