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  1. I'm in LOVE with my packing cubes! I would agree that I'm not so sure about space savings, but you can't beat the organization of cubes, IMO. Even on short trips, or overnighters, it allows me to pack in a duffle bag or backpack and still keep everything neat and tidy!
  2. Thanks for the wine diaper suggestions! I know we are bringing tequila back from Cozumel, so these will be great for the flight home! DH thought I was a genius! lol
  3. We live south in the Norfolk area and drove up the night before. Got a cruise hotel that would shuttle us to the terminal in the morning and had a chill dinner and relaxed evening on the inner harbor. The variables of driving that far the day of the holiday would stress me out.
  4. We just did a price comparison on Lyft, Uber and cab fare and they were with in about $2 of each other. Probably just do cab so we don't have to call ahead.
  5. Unless something has changed, if it's a close looped cruise starting and ending in the US, you do not need a passport. We were in Roataan 18 months ago and no, it was not a requirement. If in doubt, call the cruise line.
  6. Yep...I do it every time! I can deal with the cruise line's regular coffee as long as I take my creamer! I even take a few to breakfast with me! lol
  7. This is all I ask of my sweet husband too. He's pretty game for anything, but we are on vacation so I try not to torture him too much! lol The last 2 cruises have been over the Christmas holiday and all I asked is that we do the "formal formal" nights in the MDR. Other than that, I was game to just relax and hang out. That seemed to suit us both well! It was fun to get all dolled up for just that little bit of time!
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