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  1. Apparently it does to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, they want final payments..
  2. Better get your simple calculator back out. It's .00048. Which is .048%.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. But the cruise lines need to have an acceptable plan on dealing with infections. It really doesn't matter where those passengers contracted the virus.
  4. We disembarked Nieuw Statendam March 15, her last cruise. Beautiful ship.
  5. But even then it would be just a few ships with limited occupancy. Unfortunately.
  6. I stand corrected 🙂 Just assumed the centrum noise would get to those cabins. Cruise Critic is a great place for info!
  7. Correct it's primarily an airborne transmission. Otherwise there wouldn't be the worldwide obsession with masks.
  8. Not likely to the refund. Definite no on paying to get you home. If a test is required and you don't want one, stay home and take whatever refund or FCC you can get from them.
  9. Any room anywhere near the centrum on Serenade is going to have noise at night, even on decks higher up. I looked at the deck plan and have to believe those like 4580 are going to have some serious noise pounding when things are happening at night in the centrum.
  10. We did a L&S Freedom B2B2B January/February to 2022. Wish we could do it in 2021 but it's not in the cards. We won't choose to be "sad" as much as it would have been nice. We did 6 weeks on ships last winter, the most we've ever done for our winter escape. Glad we did it and moving on. Motels/condo's booked for 10 weeks in Florida next winter. With a 2 week visit to St. Maarten if they'll let us in.
  11. Net loss of 1.6 billion for the second quarter.
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