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  1. Have you ever tried Norwegian? It’s cheaper than Royal, although not as cheap as Carnival. I thought Norwegian had great ships and comparable shows. I still think Royal had better staff and food though.
  2. I can definitely agree with that. I don’t mind paying more for Royal because I’m a big believer in “you get what you pay for”.
  3. I personally haven’t been on Carnival, but with all the reviews as well as people I’ve talked to agreeing, my wife and I may never try Carnival. Even cruise critic, as well as other websites that “grade” cruise lines, usually have Royal at the top of the list. Of course, reviews can be bias, but when my wife and I cruise, we make a point to ask people about their experience with other cruise lines. You do have some that like Carnival or another cruise line, but the overwhelming majority that have done multiple cruise lines, say the Royal is the best in many ways, including food.
  4. In all honesty, your opinion on the food blows me away. The food and entertainment are usually the things I look forward to the most on my cruises with Royal. Almost every person I've talked to says Royal has the best food in the MDR, with maybe the exception of MSC.
  5. Yeah, only have to pay double the price for a cruise.
  6. How was dining in the MDR? What it structured times like 6 & 8, or could you show up whenever and get a table pretty fast?
  7. I second this, I usually don't do frozen drinks but this was a good "dessert drink". Another good drink as people mentioned above in a Miami Vice, it is 1/2 pina colado, 1/2 strawberry daiquiri with blue carocao on top.
  8. Hot tubs are already “unhygienic” to begin with and I have only seen one drink spilled in the hot tub on my 9 cruises so far. Just think about how many sweat or even urinate in the pool. I don’t think a little alcohol would hurt. Also, you should be should be showering whenever you get out the hot tub or pool anyways.
  9. That’s great news then! We go on a cruise next month Royal and I was hopeful. I do understand why they don’t want glass in the pools and hot tubs, but no alcohol didn’t make sense to me. We already prefer Royal, this just gives us another reason.
  10. We just got of the Norwegian Sun and they no longer allow people to have drinks in or around the hot tubs or pool. I was wondering if Royal has adopted the same policy?
  11. We just got off of Norwegian Sun and they no longer allowed drinks in the hot tub or anywhere you could reach them from the hot tub, same goes for the pools. We were very disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy our drinks in the hot tubs and were wondering if it’s a fleet wide change.
  12. It is one of my favorite drinks, just wondering if they will have it on my cruise in a few days.
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