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  1. I understand that. What I meant is that I am very loyal to them, spending heavily in their casino. They are not very generous anymore.
  2. I am platinum plus on NCL. Lately, they seem to be stingy with the offers. I have done a few on Holland America and receive much better offers.
  3. I think that you need 2500 points for a free cruise.
  4. I did try the e-mail. Unfortunately it was useless. They don't really answer your question. I don't understand why they keep things a mystery. They must be losing business.
  5. I saw that, but no number and no one to talk to.
  6. I spoke to a HAL rep and was told that there is no casino contact. She said that you can only respond to offers that they send. I said that I wanted a Host and was told that you could only deal with one while on a ship. This all seems very strange to me.
  7. I am also interested in finding out this information too. With NCL, I just call. I earned a lot of points on the Nieuw Statendam, but how do I get future cruises to my liking? I have gotten some offers mailed to me, but I would like to be able to choose my own.
  8. They are on the Pearl. I was on the ship at the end of March.
  9. Can you believe that they are doing this on a Holiday weekend? I won't be getting mine either. I will be away. Sadly, they won't make exceptions to come on another day for certificate pick-up.
  10. Hello. Just wondering if anyone has gotten a cruise certificate from Foxwoods lately.
  11. I didn't even get to ask for a ship, she basically said no! I will wait a month or so and then call back. Plus, I like the small older ships........................should not be a problem.
  12. I asked if they changed the program and she said no. I told her that I earned more points than usual. Her response was some line about that being only important for tier levels on the ship. I thought that 2400 was an inside???
  13. I have gotten both. Foxwoods will usually send offers in May or June. I too have recently cruised on HAL recently, and yes, much better offers!
  14. I just got off a western Caribbean cruise. I always got an inside comped immediately after, but now 20%off??? I even spent more than usual. Also, what good is 20% when they add $140 each for the mystery casino fee? It may be time to look else where...............
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