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  1. Do they re-christen the ships when they get acquired by Pullmantur?
  2. So, from the re-enactment photo the family's legal team has provided with a man of equal height and stature to the GF and the child, leaning over the rail... they claim it is physically impossible for him to have dangled the child out the window. His arms are not "long enough" they claim. I don't see it. I see a man, holding a doll just short of the window, but he can obviously extend his arms and lean forward to dangle and drop her out the window. FACT: The child was dropped out of the window and fell to her death. Someone had to have put her in that position. This guy just does not want to come to grips and admit is failure to his own family. My guess, he dangled her out the window for fun. He was extended too far out to control his arms. She kicked and screamed, and squirmed and he lost his grip.
  3. Thanks to All for the insightful advice and experiences. I've been looking at the Bermuda links, and I did not know there was ferry service from the Dockyard. Hamilton looks like our exploration destination this time around. We may do that in the morning as the timing will be better. The Grandeur pulls in at 2:30 PM The ferry leaves the Dockyard at 3:45PM arriving at 4:15PM The Last ferry to the dockyard leaves at 4:30 That said, we probably won't go there in the afternoon/evening. Our after noon adventure would be to explore parts of Somerset we missed the first time. - Maybe take a bus or cab out to the Westover Dairy Farm which supplies 30 percent of the island's milk. - Take some sunset photos at the Daniel's Head Park - Hike back to Woody's for fresh seafood. - Hike or bus back to the Dockyard and check out the pub there. - Back onboard the ship to see a show, or some other activity The next morning we can - Coffee and light breakfast at the Windjammer, or room service - Hop the 7:30 ferry to Hamilton - [INSERT DESTINATION ADVENTURES HERE] --- Any interesting sights, restaurants for mid-morning snack, or early lunch? - Hop the Hamilton ferry back to the Dockyard at 12 to arrive by 12:45 - We have some time to buy trinkets and send postcards from the Dockyard. - Back onto the ship by 1:30 PM for snack, or shower - 2:20 PM Get a good seat to watch all the people trying to get back on the boat before 2:30 departure.
  4. On our last Anthem cruise to Bermuda, we generally like the WJ, but ate a lot of dinner meals in the MDR. I did feel disappointed on a shore day when we came back after stuffing ourselves on land at some great seafood restaurants to find the WJ had put out a Jamaican themed lunch. My family is Chinese-Jamaican and we found the dishes they presented had all the local flavors, but were kicked up a notch with better quality and presentation. I'll have to check out the WJ on shore days when we do Grandeur this fall.
  5. That's why miner's wives would roll a little tab on the corner of a Cornish Pasty when they sent their husbands down into the dirty pit mines with lunch! Eat down to the last piece and toss the corner!
  6. Last time I was in Bermuda was an Anthem cruise in May that got there 7:30 AM and left at 4:30 PM. Not much time to explore, but my wife and I took a bus from the wharf and went as far as Somerset Village as a Do It Yourself tour, rather than hop on a rushed package. We explored a few shops and had ice cream and a refreshing drink at De Island Shack, then hiked back to the wharf. Very picturesque scenes along the way for snapping photos. We explored local shops and groceries. Stopped at Woody's for the best fresh fish sandwich, a Dark and Stormy made with the local Barrett's Ginger Ale and Goslings Dark rum. At a local drug store, I bought a "Bermuda Cookie" for about $4 or $5. It was a pink disc that could well have been made of pure sugar melted into a cookie shape. It wasn't all that tasty. I also picked up a six-pack of the ginger ale to bring back to the ship. We ended our adventure at the shops by the wharf. As expected, it was a tourist trap, but we sent back some post cards to my nephew and niece who collect postmarks and stamps. Picked up a bunch of pricey rum cakes that were OK in my opinion (think boxed cake mix made with extra butter and a sprinkling of rum) - I prefer a Jamaican Black cake. But that's my two cents. This time around, we are on Grandeur in October and it sails in at 2:30 PM and departs at 2:30 PM the next day. Anyone have any DIY recommendations? Last time we were there, we did not have any stomach real estate to try the local fish chowder. We'd also be looking for a place that serves a high tea, or other local venue.
  7. Well Duh! That's what you get for hiding money in a microwave!!😋
  8. ...and I found that the microwave in the cabin NEVER worked and sometimes the door got stuck! . . . . .
  9. My experience is from Anthem spring of 2017. BREAKFAST We ate most breakfast at the Windjammer. I don't recall why. We did the MDR once in the 4 night cruise. The MDR, as others have stated is quiet. I think service is perceived slow because you want to pack your day with activity and get out fast. Otherwise, it's not worse than your average diner. I liked the Eggs Benedict and vaguely remember going for items at eh buffet, but also ordering eggs and grits and stuff off the menu.. not memorable apparently. We liked the windjammer because they had a lot of Asian breakfast items - hot soups, a few noodle dishes, congee (rice porridge), various kinds of sausages and omelets to order. I did NOT like the breads, bagels or pastries. They looked pretty, but tasted dull. We were early risers and never had a problem for getting a table. Lots of fresh fruit which I put in my 48 oz. insulated mug with ice water to make a flavored water. LOVED the overnight oatmeal/muesli with berries. LUNCH Only ate lunch once at the MDR the last sea day because we got a kitchen tour that included an exclusive brunch. Wish we had done that more often! We really liked the lunch menu. I had been avoiding the NY Strip which is always on the menu. It was a really good steak! I'll be ordering that one again! Still left room to try the Windjammer later Windjammer lunch - again, lots of variety. I think there was a Caribbean night that we were too stuffed to partake, but I still tried a few items and they were terrific! They also had a "Thank You" cake ffrom the crew which was so good, I brought three pieces to the cabin for my napping wife, but ended up eating them all myself! DINNER We absolutely love the MDR for service and better food quality. Also, my wife like Indian food and asked if they had any. Our wait staff who were Indian lit up and brought us a seven course Indian meal every night we were there! And that was on top of ordering from the menu. the last night, they literally spoon fed us. I had ordered a shrimp appetizer and watched as our attendant de-shelled a shrimp using only two spoons and fed us! I only went to the windjammer to explore after dinner, and most memorable for me was a simple vanilla mousse. But there were a lot of good options there. Roasted leg of lamb, seafood and a variety of other things. ROOMSERVICE Wish I had tried it. There was one late night that I actually felt kinda snacky, and the pizza place was all out and the sandwich shop only had a veggy baguette (which was very tasty). I did not want to wake my sleeping wife, so I opted not to call room service. I think I will try that on my next cruise on Grandeur in September.
  10. All nice reivews. I'm sailing GOS in late September. First time on that boat. Hopefully the hurricane season will be mild.
  11. I've got enough BoA cruise points for my trip next August. I'm paying for the cruise out of pocket. when I am on the cruise, I am redeeming all the points for onboard spending, then redeeming those for cash. I then have all my money back in my pocket. I would just go ahead and enjoy the cruise. When my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, I suggested we take a cruise while he was still healthy. He opted to wait till AFTER chemo which put him in a steep decline from which he never recovered. Live life while you can.
  12. How long is your Bermuda cruise? I did Anthem from Bayonne to Bermuda in 2017 - 4 nights. Only spent a few hours in Bermuda. guys who booked a tour had to be rushed back before the ship sailed.
  13. Whether is was a tasty food treat, drink, service, place or activity... what was the most memorable that you would want again?
  14. Do they still have that game where you slide coins down a chute to try an make a sweeper push other coins over the edge where you can get them? Do people hang out by that machine when there are rough seas?
  15. $2 bills are like the gold, $1 coins, some banks have them, some don't. I used to get the $1 coins from banks that were near commuter metro centers because it was convenient for the ticket machines to accept them. Casinos are also places that have $1 an 50 cent pieces. But $2 bills, not sure. I'll have to check around.
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