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  1. Thank you for the bold font attempt to chastise those of us who have experienced first hand the illogical nature of MSC's onboarding times. Ours was changed no less than 4 times in 4 separate emails leading up to our last voyage. As such we recognized (correctly in our opinion) that they had no idea what they were doing with regards to this aspect of the process. We printed out the one with the earliest time in case someone at the port asked. They did not. As indicated earlier, I am not willing to get on my high horse and lose a half of day of holiday to show that I boarded when one of my four emails asked me to.
  2. Yes, was able to. My stateroom is "wrong" but since it's a fantastic balcony starboard (preferred) I'm not going to bother to try to switch, lest I end up in a Bella Inside. (Who knows with the MSC IT folks...:)) PS - I'm from good ole Lincoln, RI originally
  3. Oh, what a pretty stateroom. I, too, prefer sofa next to balcony. I wish there was a way to figure this out when looking at the deckplan.
  4. Our boarding "time" for Divina was 3pm; we arrived at 11am. Onboard with glass of champagne in hand by 11:30. I am, for one, not going to lose basically 1/2 a day of my holiday to board at 3pm. To note, however, there is no longer priority embarkation for Black/Diamond status (which we were keeping in our back pocket if we had to).
  5. The Oberon is very nice and we enjoyed it. We were "hoping" that since the ship had been sailing with no PAX and the wines were just getting more aged that they would be willing to open up some random treasures. Nope. In fact the Caymus Conundrum (white) that they were serving was the 2016 (blend) that had been clearly floating around for a while 🙂 Best place to try something would be the Cantina di Baccio
  6. Same issue here. Got documents last night that showed a change to my "picked"/assigned cabin. Can't log in today.... just sittin' here whistlin.....
  7. There should be assigned YC seating, but for drink service only time will tell. As of last month you have to bring your drinks with you (which I prefer, because drink service in the theater always seems to take much longer)
  8. This is correct however the OBC is fully refundable if not used onboard (as "verified" yesterday by an MSC rep)
  9. Question - does anyone know if it is possible to pre-purchase MORE than 1 Butcher's Cut? (Say we want to go 2x) The online price in advance is so much more favorable.
  10. Tacking on to this - what happens if we include, say, DH's dress pants - will they be laundered or dry cleaned? It's somewhat confusing with the package b/c it says laundering, but then there is a note about cocktail dresses and men's suits that take extra time b/c of special handling. If I can get DH's clothes cleaned appropriately I'll just take them onboard dirty 🙂
  11. OMG, this made my whole day! Such a fitting quote for the MSC shoreside shenanigans... (PS, we've sailed in an Aurea whirlpool suite - I'd take YC over it anyday.)
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