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  1. Smaller pillow gifts! Or just fun activities in ports added.
  2. We ended up booking the V of V for 2021 (hoping)...but keep your eyes out on whatever itinerary Fred Olsen puts "our ships" on...they have a good itinerary on their Boudicca we liked, but hoping they put the Amsterdam on it eventually...or a similar one. They seem to have a similar type of cruiser on their ships.
  3. With all the cancelations over this year, I can't keep up with all the FCCs that were moved to other cruises which THEN were canceled, then FCCs and deposits moved to other cruises, etc...Is there any way we can check with HAL directly about the status of the money they have "on our account" vs going through our TA?
  4. Britboys: I totally understand you wanting to do the Kiel Canal...we were lucky to do it on HAL's Prinsendam several years ago and it was wonderful...perfect day. I do think, as you, that neither the Amsterdam or Rotterdam can make it. Even the Prinsendam (now gone from HAL) which Is quite similar to your ships had to have all its antenae down for the bridges. I DO hope the incredible Astrolabe in the Amsterdam's atrium (3 stories high) is kept...it's an amazing work of art...and sometimes it works! From what I read here, I think FO is a good match for us, so I'm sure w
  5. Our trip to Svalbard and other northern Norway ports on the Veendam was canceled with the sale of the Veendam. So, with the A'dam and R'dam going to Fred Olsen, I checked their itineraries and saw one on on the Boudicca that was not comparable to any other I've seen...Greenland, etc. too...very nice itinerary. IF they get rid of the Boudicca (which rumor says on their CC site), then PERHAPS it will allow the A'dam or R'dam to be used for that itinerary. Could pair it with a stay in the UK with friends and try to hitch a ride back on a HAL ship...my preferred way of getting back from the Europ
  6. As a HAL aficionado, I've lurked here on Fred Olsen the last few days, checking to see the comments about our beloved Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I've checked for your northern itineraries (lost the one I was planning to do in '21 due to the Veendam being sold) and was HOPING to find another itinerary that did the FAR north Norway...and found your Boudicca did an itinerary I liked...but didn't care for the ship...SO ...am HOPING that IF the Boudicca is removed, perhaps the Amsterdam or Rotterdam would sail that far north itinerary (that did Greenland, too)...if so I would be a very happy camper!
  7. Thank you all for the seat location information. We've sat on the sides before, so wondered about the ability to get others. We were too close to the bottom (4 rows back) so wanted to try another location, so that’s why I wondered if we had the ability to choose. We will only use the HAL bus for assorted reasons so other suggestions were appreciated but not for us. We’ve been to Edinburgh several times ( my gg-grandmother worked in the castle), so are looking forward to another trip we hope! Supposed to be in S. Queensferry which we love....but know that, the cruise, and the ship could change😩
  8. I"d worry about motion (tend to avoid forward cabins at all) as well as potential (depending on where you're sailing) of fog horns!
  9. Assuming we will cruise next summer, if we want to get the HAL Excursion to the Tattoo, will we have an option to choose what "area" we want to get our tickets in? Last time we went I think we just were given them with no choice...but can't remember. Hoping for no rain the next time!
  10. Dollars: Make sure they are "crisp newer bills"...some places won't take our old wrinkly ones. Don't plan to give children bills...it's strongly discouraged in most (all) ports for obvious reasons. Also figure any donations (pencils, pens, etc. ) for children will have to be in a group donation done by the ship since they do not want individuals donating items. Someone on one ship had brought a whole duffel of T shirts for children and was told they couldn't take it off the ship to donate it...had to be done by the ship or not at all. Yes, most the places you'll visit will need minimal small
  11. Lots of various companies working on vaccines all over the world. Don’t fret about what you hear now.
  12. Surprised that cruisers haven’t read the Path Between the Seas...really a must read before taking a Panama Canal Cruise! Money saved by no cruises this year seems to be eaten up quickly with home repairs: HVAC, new walkway, roof, and miscellaneous. Time is being well-spent finishing up 2 quilts, and the BIG project of going through dozens of photo albums of my parents and grandparents as well as scrapbooks and scanning and organizing important photos and memorabilia. I’m seeing the end!
  13. YEah, rafinmd...we should all receive refunds (or forward to next year) for our MedJet coverage! Nobody went anywhere this year! Expensive coverage for staying within 150 miles of home...more like 20!
  14. If you even THINK you want to take the 2022 WC, you need to let your TA know and "get in line" to make a reservation. First choices go to current WC folks, then it opens up. We have been on the list for months, so will hopefully be able to get a cabin when it opens, but they do go pretty fast...then you wait for the cancellations and fewer cabins available. I'm HOPING one of the two itineraries we would like are chosen, otherwise, we'll opt out and be happy taking other long cruises.
  15. Lido Deck Cabana? Those have been a joke (imo)...just partitioned off part of the Lido area with fabric curtains...not private...only really allows you to be guaranteed a place on the Lido near the Lido pool...but definitely not fancy. The aft cabanas are a lot nicer, but pricier too and are open to the air...just don't get your hopes up. The Eurodam is a favorite ship of ours though, so you WILL enjoy it!
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