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  1. Onboard for last week. Nothing been mentioned about problems. We did email TUI after being refused to cancel without losing money but sill not response! Have also mentioned our reluctance to sail given problem and change to itinerary onboard but nobody has got back to us. First Marella cruise and likely the last. Booked Premium AI and have found you can only get certain drinks in some bars! Lots of things not available too. So have wasted money! We have enjoyed our port stops but are really annoyed at missing Koh Samui, Malacca and Langkawi. Staff are brilliant!
  2. We actually leave 2 Jan not Feb! Still isn’t right that only £250 or £100 is offered. We picked cruise because of the itinerary. I know other things can affect port stops and then nothing can be claimed but TUi know there is a problem and some trips should have been cancelled until problem was fixed. Very disappointed and hoping nothing else goes wrong!
  3. We were ‘refunded’ £250 each. No option to refuse this or to cancel. Rang this morning as no response to emails and was advised that no refunds will be given! Suggested I try insurance. No idea when problem will be fixed. Call handler was understanding but claimed she has been told by managers what to say. Said she couldn’t let me speak to anyone else as they would say the same! Did suggest I email the pre-cruise complaint team but said it would be 72 hrs before we would get a response! Not much good to us as we leave early to fly on 2 Jan. just hoping something will make TUi take responsibility and at least offer compensation or allow cancellation! Too late for us now though.
  4. We too have booked this cruise leaving UK on 2 Jan. We have received the email and now also an amended invoice! Nothing asking if we would like to cancel and so far no response to an email! Two ports cancelled and another we don’t arrive until 6pm. This has been total disappointment and not sure if we just have to accept the changes as we are so close to sailing. We are also concerned that the problem again has involved a fire! TUI don’t seem to realise just how worried we are or that the engine problem doesn’t appear to be getting fixed any time soon. Has anyone been able to cancel or been advised if we can claim compensation? So thankful that this site is here!
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