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  1. I have done this with a few wine apps (e.g., Vivino, WineSearcher, etc.). Unless I build my own database (or "cellar") with my own notes and ratings, I can't access any information about wines, such as other people's or critics' ratings or reviews. Vivino is the closest, but I would have to create a cellar with all of the wines listed on Celebrity's wine menus and save it to My Wines. Lots of time and effort, and I would rather just download an already existing database if it's available. I don't think one is, though.
  2. If you try clearing your browser's history and cache, or try another browser, you might be able to see the "correct" deals available for your sailing. I was having trouble with this, but it seems to be working for me after trying a different browser with history cleared. I still only get 10% off for beverage packages ( 😥 ), but at least I know for sure!
  3. Hi, cruisers. I haven't had any luck with this one, so I thought I would ask. Are there any wine or beer ratings apps with databases that can be used in offline mode? I would like to research a little more about available wines and beers while on the ship, but I won't have internet access. I found out that Untappd has an offline-mode app called Tappd That (iOS), but the user accesses his or her own beer history rather than the entire Untappd database. I didn't find any wine app that has an offline mode at all aside from the ability to scan labels. It it would be useful to download an app that has a database with current and comprehensive ratings to help with selection (and more wines listed than the typical "top 100" list). Sort of like a sommelier in our pocket! Thank you in advance.
  4. This might be too specific for this sub-forum, but I thought I would give it a shot. My party and I will be eating dinner at Murano on the Celebrity Equinox for the first night of our upcoming cruise. As always, I am undecided about what to order! What are some of your favorite menu items -- or your "must-haves" -- in Murano? I have seem some older posts on this topic, but some menu items have changed, and controversy re: warm water and cold water lobster have contributed to my indecisiveness. One of Murano's signature dishes is a flambéed warm water lobster tail, but discussions about the taste of warm water lobster have turned me off a bit. What do you love to order at Murano? No restrictions: I am a lover of all good food, and my motto is to try everything at least once in life. I am also lucky to have no dietary restrictions, like allergies or specific food intolerance. I value taste/flavor and uniqueness--so anything that Murano does the best in terms of quality and rarity would make my first night super special (can you tell I have been looking forward to this cruise for a while? 😉). Thanks, everyone, and I look forwarded to reading everyone's recommendations! Edited to add: I did find this informative and recent thread on this topic, if that helps: Specialty Restaurant and Other Venues Favourite Items.
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