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  1. Why do they make it so complicated for Americans the rules and regulations are so dang complicated. We leave in a week and I have handicapped parents who can’t walk for more than an hour yet we are now being told by the independent travel agent who we booked the cruise through that if we want to get off the ship we have to do a minimum of six hours of educational/guided tours?? I’m sorry but that sounds horribly boring and basically impossible for my parents. So we are now wondering if we will even get off the ship. We feel totally blind sided by him not telling us this upfront
  2. We are cruising for the first time in a long time and first time using a travel agent. Our TA booked us at 8pm for dining each night on our cruise and I'm a little concerned because what if we get hungry at 6pm? Do we have to wait till 8 or can we go earlier?
  3. I'd love a copy too, please. THanks so much!! mhscarbro@comcast.net
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