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  1. Actually, for roll calls, even DIS is less active. They've tended to go off boards over the past few years, onto social media platforms.
  2. I saw a beautiful photo on Instagram of the three ships in port, taken from a high angle. Not my photo, so I can't post it here, but I can post the link: Three Disney ships in port
  3. It's a silly correction. They are still cast members as while they are working, they are still on stage. They just happen to be cast members who are crew members.
  4. There are only four cabanas on Serenity Bay and they're pretty close to each other. Personally I don't see a difference among them, but #25 is the furthest away from the main area and therefore the most quiet. Since you mentioned the Bahamas, I assume you will be on the Dream, which has two adult only (18+) dining options, Palo and Remy. Remy is a French-inspired, fine dining option. There is a Champagne Brunch, dessert experience and dinner option. I won't go into the details of each, you can easily check the DCL site for full descriptions better than I can. Palo is an Italian restaurant that has a brunch and dinner offering. The brunch is very popular and tends to book up quickly. There are up charges for both restaurants, $40 for Palo brunch and dinner and $125 for Remy dinner, $75 for the brunch and $60 for the dessert experience. Prices are per person.
  5. I'm glad you found the answer. I was going to say exactly that. We like the secret veranda rooms on deck 6, which are aft and are nowhere near the Buena Vista Theater.
  6. What a load of crap. He's going off second hand information and a lot of speculation and second guessing. Don't get me wrong, people and crew did get sick, but he's going back to the one guest from the cruise two prior to the wbpc that everyone has been speculating about. He made one statement about some guests supposedly boarding without being tested and I can tell you that is absolutely not true.
  7. Bartman is correct. we're not disputing the fact that there were some confirmed cases aboard the Wonder, but a lot of the facts surrounding the where and the when are either not factual or based on assumptions.
  8. That article is so filled with incorrect information, it's absurd to be even considered journalism. Whatever happened post cruise, it is not in any way DCL's fault. As I previously stated, they did everything in their power to keep us safe. If a passenger exhibited symptoms and did not go to medical, it's on them.
  9. I'll start. We recently came home from the WBPC on the Disney Wonder. I already created a topic about our experience in this forum, so I won't rehash it. But let's just say, I was feeling more safe last week than I am this week. I live in NY, which is the epicenter of the crisis and thankfully, I can work from home. I have one daughter who works full time in Disney World and is getting paid and another daughter who works n a hospital in DC, who is my current cause for stress. My son lives in PA and is also working from home. His wife is expecting the end of June, so hopefully the curve will have flattened by then. In the meantime, we are suing the 40% discount afforded us to book the Northern Europe Cruise from Dover to at the end of August 28th. Still a long time away, but researching ports unfamiliar to me will help distract me from it all.
  10. We just got home Friday night from two weeks on the Disney Wonder and I can tell you I never felt so safe as when I was on the ship. Captain Henry, CD Ashley Long and ACD Mike Gibbons went above and beyond to make sure all passengers (and crew) were kept safe. When we boarded in NOLA, they did not allow anybody on board who had traveled to the infected countries in the previous two weeks and took our temperatures. There were sanitizers everywhere and servers at the entrance to Cabanas making sure everybody washed. We had a medical emergency that forced us to turn back to Grand Cayman, meaning we would only stop at Cartegena with enough time to drop off and take on entertainment. But, when we got to Cartagena, we were not allowed to dock, meaning that Voiceplay and Jon Armstrong, the two entertainers that were supposed to disembark, couldn't and John Charles and other entertainment for the second week could not get on. The crew and cast rose to the occasion, creating alternate entertainment for us, from a cabaret type show one night to a crew talent show. The entertainment that couldn't leave, filled in with extra shows. Leslie Iwerks, filmmaker and daughter of Don Iwerks and granddaughter of Ub Iwerks , gave extra presentations. Once we hit the Panama Canal, things really got locked down, with no guest allowed to self serve at the buffet, drink station or Eye Scream soft serve. Those area were cordoned off, with servers standing and serving from inside the restricted area. Once through the canal, the Captain made an announcement that a decision was made not to stop at the last two ports, Cabo San Lucas and Porto Vallarta and head straight to San Diego. We arrived a day early, where guests were given the choice of disembarking a day early or staying on until Friday. We chose to stay on until Friday, since we had already changed our flight when we heard Disneyland had been closed. Lucky we did, since disembarkation was only from 12pm to 2:30pm on Thursday, so we would never have made our flight. As people left the ship on Thursday, Captain Henry was standing in the atrium thanking them all for sailing with Disney. Bottom line, this is why we cruise Disney. They took care of us, ensured our well-being and went overboard in adjusting to the unfortunate curve balls that were thrown their way.
  11. Not sure if it's the same, but they had strawberry soup at Palo brunch
  12. Only because the Dream generally has shorter itineraries. But if you break it down to a per night cost, they're about the same.
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