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  1. gometros

    Questions about Disney Cruises

    There are laundry facilities on the ship. Also, at what resort are you staying? They may have laundry facilities as well. Shore excursions are charged at the time of the cruise, not before. You may cancel your port adventure booking up to 3 days prior to cruise departure date.
  2. gometros

    New to DCL not to cruising - questions

    Glad you answered this. I thought it was free, but not having run it, I couldn't be sure.
  3. gometros

    First time Disney help needed!

    That's a good point, Shmoo. I was thinking of it just from the price view point, but climate could be a factor as well.
  4. First time cruisers' booking window is 75 days, not 90 days. Once that window opens, you will be able to do everything you need to do online. Under "My Disney Cruise", click on "My Reservations". Under Cruise details, you will see "My Online Check In". The website has changed a bit since our last cruise, but I assume that once your booking window opens, a link will become active to allow you to continue.
  5. gometros

    Paradise Beach now offering an All Inclusive option.

    You need to find the roll call for your group for those answers. This forum is all about Cozumel.
  6. gometros

    First time Disney help needed!

    Btw, they're doing an 11-day Southern in July. I remember looking at that, but we avoid the summer due to higher prices and higher children to adult ratios. But it's a great itinerary; Aruba Barbados, Martinique, St. Kitts, San Juan and Castaway cay. I believe Martinique is a first.
  7. gometros

    First time Disney help needed!

    That's not entirely correct. The Fantasy does vary, offering shorter or longer cruises on occasion (we're doing an 8-day Southern Caribbean in October) and with some differences in itineraries on its 7-day, be it Falmouth, Jamaica versus Costa Maya on the Western sailings or San Juan versus St. Thomas on the Eastern sailings.
  8. gometros

    Alaska 2020

    Once again, I agree with txwriter. Your previous experience changes the whole dynamic. Congratulations on 10 years cancer free. That is truly a cause to celebrate.
  9. gometros

    (NEW) DCL Carry-On Alcohol Policy.

    Nothing like reviving an old thread to spout nonsense. It doesn't how much you paid, you do not have the right to do whatever you want in your cabin.
  10. gometros

    Alaska 2020

    I'm with txwriter on this. We did Princess also southbound. Was able to spend some time in Anchorage pre-cruise and in Vancouver post. Normally, I would push DCL, but with Alaska being more about the ports than the ship, I'm not sold that Disney gives you the best exposure to Alaska. Because they don't have as much time, you don't see as many glaciers and spend less time in port. Looking at the 2019 itineraries, they're only in Juneau a half day and the other half at Dawes Glacier and a day at Icy Straight Point. Or some itienraries spend more time in Juneau, but skip Icy Straight Point. With Princess, we had a whole day in Juneau and got to go deep into Glacier Bay and then had another day at Hubbard Glacier.
  11. gometros

    Palo lunch or dinner

    I learned the hard way that on a short cruise, I have to do one or the other. We made the mistake of doing Palo brunch they morning after Palo dinner and it was just too much in a short amount of time. At least on a longer cruise, I can space it out better. But, that's just us.
  12. I don't know if it works for Cruise Line cast members, but another good way of passing on a compliment for a land based cast member is to tweet to @WDWToday with the hashtag #castmembercompliment
  13. gometros

    Kids Cruising Without Parents

    Here's the information you need from the DCL site: https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faq/kids-teens/minor-authorization-form/
  14. gometros

    Disney Frozen Characters on board - how does it work

    You get to book this Frozen Meet & Greet when your booking window opens, for you, at the 75 day mark. I would do it as soon as that happens, because those tickets go very quickly.
  15. The only excursions I know of, are when DCL stops at PC as a part of a longer itinerary, such as the Bahamas cruises out of NYC. The majority of them are park related, with the sole exception being a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.