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  1. I took the 2016 WC on Crystal just after I retired, and was very pleased with it. They do a superb job with the on-board experience, which matters on a world cruise because the nature of geography is such that you wind up with quite a few sea days in a row at times. And it is very nice to not have to pull out a card or sign things out because pretty much all but the excursions, shops and spa are included. As noted above, Crystal's parent company is having financial problems, and Crystal's refund record for Covid has been among the worst in the industry. That being said, they have
  2. I think that's what they were trying to say with this parenthetical: "(affording you more time before your reservation enters the cancellation phase)," but I'm glad they spelled it out more clearly on their website.
  3. Thanks, all. Those are some very practical suggestions.
  4. Thanks. I know in 2016 the internet could not have supported zoom, but I understand that Crystal has upgraded it since then. That's why I'm hoping......
  5. Crystal doesn't have single cabins, but their single supplement is more attractive than most. I think it's 40% for a WC.
  6. I know that cruising stopped before zoom became commonplace, but zoom DID exist prior to covid. It just wasn't as ubiquitous as it now is. So, here's my question: is Serenity's internet strong enough to support participation in a zoom meeting? I'm booked on the 2022 world cruise, and still hold out hopes of it happening, but may need to join meetings via zoom from time to time. Is this even remotely realistic?
  7. My brother and SIL canceled a cruise before Regent did, and lost the deviation fee. However, they recently re-booked another cruise on Regent, and Regent applied the deviation fee from the canceled cruise to the new one. However, it's not clear that this is a hard-and-fast policy. It may have been a good will gesture for a couple new to Regent.
  8. Another thing that makes me wonder about onboard bookings: Since usually I can get a fare for economy class that costs less than the Regent air credit, I will book my own if the flight is less than 5 hours. Anything over that (assuming it is trans-continental), I'd rather use Regent air since it's business class and the air credit is less than what I can get on my own. On a trans-ocean cruise, I split the difference and take Regent air for the flight across the ocean and take the credit for the domestic U.S. flight. When I do this through my TA, the air credit has alw
  9. I do wonder if the typical Regent rep has much if any actual experience on board each ship. As it happens, my TA, along with her colleagues at her agency, do collectively have hundreds of nights on board, and has tipped me off to certain quirks about a particular ship or cabin type. I'm not sure if a rep can or will do this. I'm not saying this as a passive way of arguing the point. I genuinely don't know, and am wondering. Something else I wonder about is what cabins are available to what agents for booking. In particular, are the Regent reps looking at the same cabin availability
  10. I was told per operator per day, but of course haven't independently confirmed that.
  11. What I was told by someone in Destination Services is that Alhambra allocates only a fixed number of tickets per day to any one operator, so once Regent's number is filled, that's it. She mentioned the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam as another destination with that limitation. So, the numbers are already limited and once the excursion is filled, that's it. They can't add another group or an additional time.
  12. On Regent and Crystal, unless you request otherwise, the charges accumulate and you pay at the end of the full cruise. Of course, Regent is inclusive of the major expenses, and Crystal of many of the major expenses, so the accumulation of charges isn't that large (but you sure do pay for it all beforehand as part of the fare). And both tend to offer fairly generous OBCs, which do get credited against your charges as you go along.
  13. If this is enforced/enforceable, I won't be taking any cruises originating in Florida.
  14. Evening entertainment on Regent tends to be a mix of 45-minute themed variety shows by an in-house troupe and headliners of various specialties (singers, magicians, comedians, acrobats, etc). If you are on for 29 nights, the cruise likely will consist of 2-3 segments. The variety shows repeat in each segment. No big extravaganzas. There also will be music/dancing and maybe some other programming in the lounges. On sea days, there isn't a frenzy of activities, but there are things like lectures, deck game competitions, yoga classes, etc. You are definitely y
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