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  1. Disneyfriend

    Antibes -or- Eze?

    Thank you, Marazul! I appreciate your input. Lucky you to have lived in the area! 🙂
  2. Disneyfriend

    Antibes -or- Eze?

    We have a private tour lined up for our single day in Cannes this summer. We can choose between: Nice - St. Paul de Vence - Antibes *or* Nice - St. Paul de Vence - Eze It's our first time to the area, and I know that we can't go wrong either way. Just wondering if those who have been to both might recommend Antibes or Eze? (It's for our family or 4, including an 11 and 13 year old.) Thank you!
  3. Disneyfriend

    LIVE from ROME! November 1-5, 2018

    Thank you for your lovely report and pictures! I'm so happy to hear the golf cart tour was so positive. We have two different golf cart tours booked with My Best Tour in June, and I am *really* happy that your experience matched up with their very positive reviews!
  4. We are signed up to do this after our upcoming cruise in June. We'll get picked up, take a half day introduction tour to Barcelona, and then get dropped at the airport in the early afternoon. Barcelona Day Tours did agree to customize our tour to include a guided stop at La Sagrada Familia, plus a sit down lunch. Those were the two things that I personally was most interested in for our first visit to Barcelona. They gave us the option to have a driver-guide or a driver with a separate tour guide. They also allowed us to extend the tour from 4 hours to 5 hours by paying a reasonable supplement. So I can't vouch for them personally yet, but I can tell you that they were very happy to customize our day according to what our family's priorities were. I have been very pleased with their prompt and polite communications, and look forward to a great day with them.
  5. Thank you! I just sent you an email. 🙂
  6. Thanks for posting, CCJack - I really appreciate your input. It's especially helpful to talk with someone who has recently been. I knew there were recent floods that had partially destroyed the road to Portofino, but I had not been able to figure out how much has been repaired in the last few months. How did you get to and from Portofino, then? I would love to hear any and all details about your day, as much as you would like to share. 🙂 Yes, I would be very happy to get the name of your guide since you were so pleased with her. We too are a huge fan of private guides for a variety of reasons. We economize in lots of areas in our life, but don't mind splurging on a good private guide when traveling - especially to these places were are likely to visit only once (or twice max) in our life. Thanks again for posting! I'm glad you had such a good trip. Where else did you visit on your cruise, if I may ask? I'm surprised Genoa was your favorite stop - that's great! What made it your favorite? 🙂
  7. Thank you, Len. The funicular does sound like a lot of fun. Everything I've researched about Genoa looks genuinely interesting. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it so much! AAAGGGH . . . I want to do both!! Seriously!
  8. Disneyfriend

    Blarney or Kinsale?

    We loved our half day in Kinsale. We took a historical walking tour (with Don & Barry's - excellent) and had a fabulous lunch at Dinos, right on the water. Kinsale is charming and picturesque, and definitely has quite a bit of history, if that interests you. We took a one day tour with Tours by Locals, so after our visit to Kinsale we had enough time for a visit to the Jameson Distillery in Middleton. I'm not much of a drinker - in fact, I took my very first sip EVER at the end of this tour - but I still found the tour quite interesting. And the drive between Cobh and Kinsale, and Kinsale and Middleton, was gorgeous. Lots of green rolling hills and beautiful scenery. And even with all that, we visited the Cobh Heritage Center for about an hour. This is a fabulous activity to do at the end of the day, because we were literally steps away from our ship. It's a great little museum , but again, I really like history. Hope this helps. We had a lovely day in the area and made a ton of great memories!
  9. Thank you both, very much. I appreciate the advice! Any other input also very much welcomed. 🙂
  10. I am looking for some advice here. Our cruise ship stops in Genoa next summer. This is our first time in the Mediterranean, so everything will be brand new. We're a family of 4, with 11 and 13 year old children. We have a very port-intensive itinerary, so I'm hoping to make Genoa our easy/light excursion day. It's the half way point of our cruise, and it is sandwiched between Livorno and Nice. I really hope to keep our excursion at about 4-5 hours that day so that we can sleep in and still get back early enough to have a relaxing afternoon on the ship. We have already booked Papillon for a private excursion out of Livorno, and they have a lovely 5 hour excursion out of Genoa that includes Portofino/Santa Margherita/Camogli. This may be just about perfect for us. On the other hand, I'd love to see a few highlights of Genoa as well. St. Lawrence Cathedral looks gorgeous, for instance. There is a tour that combines all of the above, but it's 8 hours - just too long for what I was hoping to do this day. So if we have to decide between touring Genoa and touring these cities on the Italian Riviera, what do you recommend please?
  11. Disneyfriend

    Canterbury Cathedral and White Cliffs of Dover

    We did something very similar this past summer. After a week touring London, we moved to Canterbury and stayed there in a hotel (Abode Canterbury) for two nights before our cruise out of Dover. To maximize our time, we set up a full day private tour with Jane at https://toursoftherealm.com/. She met us in the lobby of our Canterbury hotel and then walked with us to Canterbury Cathedral for a private tour. This took approximately two hours. Next, she drove us to some tiny villages in the English countryside. We stopped for lunch at an English pub that was - no joke - some of my favorite food from our entire trip. We explored a tiny stone church that was a great contrast to the magnificence we had just experienced at Canterbury Cathedral. Jane drove us next to Dover, where we spent another 2-2.5 hours exploring Dover Castle, including the WWII tunnels. Finally, she drove us to St. Margaret's Bay for a lovely look at the White Cliffs. I can't tell you what a lovely day we had. Jane was warm, knowledgeable, and funny - and an excellent driver. She managed to give us a day that was very full and yet very relaxing. It helped, too, that Jane is from Kent and knows it extremely well. I truly can't recommend her enough. Enjoy . . . I wish we could do it all over again!
  12. Disneyfriend

    Pisa/Florence or Florence only

    For those of you about to leave, I wish you a lovely trip. Since I'm trying to make the same decision for next summer, please report back how your Livorno port day was! :)
  13. Thank you. I keep reading very mixed reviews of the Gothic Quarter. Pictures look charming, but I wasn't sure if it would be a good place for a family to stay, you know?
  14. I am planning next summer's Mediterranean cruise. Our family - myself, husband, 13 year old daughter, and 11 year old son - will spend three nights post-cruise in Barcelona. This will be our first visit. We know we want to rent a highly rated vacation rental through AirBnB or Home Away. I even have several lovely choices, since I'm looking this to book this far out. But I need help narrowing down my search from these three areas. From my research, they are all reasonable choices. I'm just not sure how to choose. Which of these three areas would you recommend a family focus on for their first visit? One of us has slight mobility issues, so we'll be walking some but will also take taxis/tours etc. in order to minimize the shoe leather a bit. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!