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  1. Dining packages are normally available via the cruise planner. You select a number of nights. I've attached an example from my Cruise Planner.
  2. Yep, me and my wife did it together. Originally, there was another couple scheduled to attend too, but they were unable to make it. It was a fun experience because we were already friends with the bartender who taught the class. We basically had the opportunity to ask any questions we wanted (about the mixology topic, or anything else). The bartender went over all the tools of the trade, and described some techniques for pouring, mixing, etc. They also explained the different elements of a cocktail. The bartender described the training that he did to become a World Class bartender. They gave us a little cocktail kit to take home. It''s a pretty short class, so it isn't too in depth.
  3. These look delicious! Especially that mochi.
  4. It is a really chill venue. For whatever reason, it's always near empty.
  5. I'm a guy. In my experience, plus the Canyon Ranch FAQ, they only have female masseuses. This is from the FAQ (accessed via Cruise Planner on Celebrity's website): "Can I request a male or female therapist? Only female therapists are available for all massage treatments; other services vary."
  6. The experiences of my wife and I haven't been bad either. On our first cruise, they hardly tried to sell us anything (I think they may have mentioned some lotion was available for purchase, but that was it). On our second cruise, at the end of our treatments (we did 3 each), they tried to sell us some things, but it wasn't too bad of a sales pitch and I wouldn't say it was high pressure. Perhaps because my wife and I always do several treatments, there is less selling going on. In our experience, it hasn't been a problem. I'd say we've also had nice treatments and massages too. They definitely help me feel relaxed on vacation.
  7. I've done Sushi on 5. You have to pay for it, but it's normally a quiet place.
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone! I think the best idea might be to stop in for some snacks, and grab a few cocktails while we enjoy the venue 🙂
  9. Which ship? All the Canyon Ranch spas have female masseuses. In my experience (around 6 different massages), they've been good.
  10. Hi folks, The wife and I will be on the Solstice next month and were wondering if we could stop by Sushi on 5 for just drinks? They have some different cocktails that we are interested in but we may not want to eat there.
  11. Hey Paul! Thanks again for the pictures. Have you noticed how busy the Solarium is on your cruise? Wondering if that would be a good place to chill.
  12. Hey Paul, Thanks for the review! Really enjoy following along. We are considering doing this cruise next year, and were wondering if you could snap a couple of photos of the bathroom/room? We've been trying to track down some pictures of the AquaClass rooms post-renovation and haven't been successful.
  13. When we took the class, it was mostly basics (terms, tools, components of a cocktail). We took it with Marius (spelling) on the Eclipse. My wife and I were the only two in attendance, so there was a lot of opportunity for us to ask specific questions. Even though the content wasn't that in depth, it was a fun a experience, especially with a bartender you already like.
  14. We just upgraded from a Concierge room to an Aqua room (for a refund of $1300!) -- Since we haven't done Blu before, we've scaled back our dining package from 8 to 5 nights. We still love Murano, but want to be able to give Blu a good try. You could split the difference and cut back a few nights.
  15. A while ago, Celebrity was running a promotion where if you booked your air travel with them, you got a few points (I don't recall the exact amount) -- you could look for a situation like that.
  16. Yep -- correct cruise (apologies, I should have mentioned that). The bartender didn't mention too many details, and I didn't press. But I also found that number to be surprisingly low.
  17. I asked one of the World Class bartenders a similar question on my last cruise -- how many people on board had the premium package. He knew the exact number, but I believe it was around 300. So, I don't think a lot of people upgrade.
  18. We thought everything was great and absolutely worth the money. We had some previous experience with the chef, so that made it extra special. Here is a link to the menu we were served.
  19. I didn't get emailed this offer -- is there any way for me to redeem it? I have a cruise upcoming and could use the extra CC points.
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