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  1. I am sailing on the Epic out of Barcelona. I will be playing in the casino and would normally bring my cash aboard and put it in the safe but this trip we will be staying in an airbnb for 3 days prior to the cruise. I don't really want to hide the cash in someone else's house nor do i want to carry it around. Does anyone have experience purchasing on board credits prior to sailing and using thst money in the casino? If there are funds left at the end of the week, is it easy to access? I just got off the phone with NCL and I am not confident that the lady I spoke to has ever sailed or ever been in a casino so relying on my cc experts.
  2. So we are on the Epic out of Barcelona in September. Pre cruise we are in an airbnb and I am not crazy about leaving my bankroll in the apartment while sightseeing. Can I purchase on board credit and then access it in the casino either at the table or cage? Also, what about funds remaining in the account at the end of the cruise?
  3. We sailed the Getaway twice and Epic once and are booked again on the Epic in September. If both ships were sailing the same itinerary for the same price, I would choose the Getaway because of the Waterfront. But we thoroughly enjoyed Epic (funky cabin design didn't bother us) and look forward to boarding again.
  4. Not at all. Loved it so much, booked the same cabin agwin.
  5. Especially grateful for the disembark info. We have a 9:30 train to Paris. Looks like we will be fine.
  6. We just did our first carnival cruise after 3 straight on NCL (And on Epic in September). My wife and I loved Guy's burgers and there's nothing comparable on Epic. But I think O'Sheehans will work for the kids. Burgers, dogs, wings, fajitas and table service. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I think you are being given the option to upgrade to the topbeverage package. The package you chose when signing up includes any drinks up to $15 which works for most. The premium package includes more expensive drinks like single malt scotch, veuve cliquot champagne, specialty coffees, bottled waters, etc.
  8. Don't mean to hijack the thread but we are disembarking off the Epic in September and want to take the 9:30 high speed train to Paris. The booking window opens in about a month and the tickets are non-refundable. The next train is 4 hours later. Any thoughts?
  9. We booked an aft balcony on the Getaway deck 8. Loved it so much we booked the exact same stateroom for a later cruise. Huge balcony.
  10. I posed those same questions on another forum. Everyone agreed that the credit can be used in the casino. Got mixed answers regarding the drink card for your spouse. Thry did say that to use that card, you had to be actively playing. You couldn't, for example, go to the casino bar and order a few drinks.
  11. Let me first say that I wish they hadn't changed the package (twice since we sailed in 2016). But I just got off my first Carnival cruise and I really missed the NCL program. Two things about Carnival. First, there is a 15 drink limit per day. I don't want to start a debate on drinking too much but I did hit my limit on our last night. Second, I am a single malt scotch drinker and I akways tip an extra buck but the pours were in a shot glass and did not cover the ice. I had to wait 5 minutes to order another to make a decent drink. On NCL the bartenders were much more generous.
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