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  1. Those are really small, unattractive staterooms, and the layout is terrible. We have a future cruise credit of 125% for a Veranda B for the 16 night cruise from Fiji to Bali , with 4 nights pre in Fiji and 2 nights post in Bali, and an upgrade on the flights, for our cruise cruise on the PG back in April that Ponant cancelled with only a few weeks notice. With those inflated cruise costs on Ponant, we will probably only be able to afford a short cruise around the Society Islands in a small cabin, with no pre or post, and have to pay again for an upgrade for our flights. We already lost money on car rentals and hotel rooms that were too late to cancel without a penalty or total loss, getting to LAX from Florida and back. The 193 square foot Le Soleal cabin appears to have only 1 chair. Will one of us need to sit on the bed, or on the little vanity stool if we decide to dine in? Where is the desk that we need in our cabin to do online communications from our laptop? I would rather have 2 chairs in the main cabin than have a separate room for the toilet. We have one of those in our condo, and have never closed the door. This isn't what we expect to get for the very large amount of money that we have already paid. If we have to be on Le Soleal, we want everything else we have already paid for.
  2. Maybe you should ask yourself why CBS said that a vaccine might be approved in weeks, but won't be widely available until nearly a year from now. Why wouldn't they make it available as widely as possible? The drug company or companies that have a vaccine approved will be very anxious to provide it to everyone that they can, and prove it's worth. And the US government has paid them a lot of money to do that. As for the first class upgrade, there aren't a lot of planes with first class seats anymore. If everyone asks for one, they're not going to get it, or they may end up with a longer flight. Business class is more than good enough for me.
  3. While GrJBershire might only believe it when they see it, both SeaDream ships sailed all summer in Norway, where the Hurtigruten carried Covid 19 positive passengers from port to port, and SeaDream only had one false positive on a passenger who already had disembarked, and then retested negative. SeaDream was very successful in keeping their passengers safe, as well as being successful by nearly selling out all summer while sailing in Norway. I don't know how the megaships will ever be safe. Many were never able to control norovius. I'm more hopeful with smaller ships once there's a vaccine, or Covid 19 miraculously starts to fade away as SARS1 and MERS did.
  4. We looked over the bookings on the PG site, and quite a bit is available. In fact, hardly anything is booked. Pretend you are going to book another cabin and list those that are available. It's wide open on all decks. In fact our cruise in Dec. '21 looks wide open as well.
  5. Yes, I did. There are so many now that it's hard to find one that is totally appropriate, and won't be misinterpreted. I was intending to be humorous. I never had any kids. I know I missed out on a lot of good times because of that, but deciding on the sleeping arrangements of adult kids isn't one of the things I miss.
  6. Responding to the OP, Mofrances: I'm sorry, but if your 3 adult kids will be traveling with you, then you need to give each of them their own space and not force them to share a cabin, with a queen bed and a sofa bed. The sofa bed in a meant for a child staying with their parents, and not 3 separate adults. Aren't there any larger cabins available that would allow you all to stay together?
  7. I held my breath when I saw your post TBK, and I just let out a deep breath. Thanks for the update.
  8. I make 3 great meals everyday at home at this point, and we don't miss eating out at restaurants in SW Florida at all since Covid19. But I'm so very much looking forward to our next Regent cruise in September of next year. We are rarely disappointed by our meals on Regent. We spent over a month onboard last December and January, and really had no complaints other than returning to the ship after an excursion and finding only leftovers available for lunch. After a few days of this, they started leaving the restaurants open later at lunch for those returning from excursions. We love French food and have always enjoyed Chartreuse. We try to get as many reservations there as we can. There is no readily available foie gras in Florida, and by the end of our last cruise, I had so much foie gras at Compass Rose, that I didn't miss it for a while (but I do now). I don't care for Prime 7 since I don't enjoy a large steak for dinner, and the non steak entrees have disappointed me. My husband loves their steaks, so I suffer through it at least once. We don't like buffets where everyone help's themselves, and some reuse the plates that they've eaten from. We've even seen people tasting from the spoon in the tray. Maybe Covid19 will improve food safety in that area. We have never been fans of "all you can eat". We would rather have smaller portions of great food.
  9. I have no idea why they put tubs in anything other than the high end suites on Explorer and Splendor. There's no reason to waste space with a separate tub and shower. Just give us a nice big shower. On a cruise ship, the only thing we've ever used the tub for is to hang wet bathing suits, or other wet clothes when we' be been caught in the rain, and (sorry to admit) washing dirt off our shoes when we return from an excursion. And brass tone fixtures are now out of style, and chrome hardly ever goes out of style. I've learned that lesson when replacing fixtures at home.
  10. Our next cruise is a Viking River Cruise in late May of next year., which we postponed from the same time this year. We just rebooked our flights, and it's still scary to think about going to an airport and flying, even in business class. After that we have a September Regent Cruise in the UK and Europe, and then our postponed PG cruise in December of 2021. Until then, we're doing the same local travel within Florida, spending a lot of time outside, and not eating out unless we feel that it's very safe. We hope that when people get in their car and come from another state to Florida, they social distance, and wear a mask where you can't or where the local mandate requires it, just as we do at home, or on the road within Florida.
  11. Back in 2017, our first PG cruise stopped at Fakarava on our way to the Marquesas. We didn't book an excursion since we were first time cruise ship passengers, although we had spent a week on Moorea and a week on Bora Bora in 1995. We took the PG tender to shore, with only dollars in our pocket. And we found that we should have had XPF. We asked around if anyone would give us a tour for dollars, and we found a man named Anoah (my phonetic spelling) who was married to a French woman, and had a small hotel. He gave us a wonderful drive around to all of the sights near the tender drop off, and we really enjoyed it. If we were younger, we would love to go to Fakarava for a week or 2 and stay at a small hotel. We'll be looking for an excursion this time on Fakarave that doesn't involve swimming with sharks, wich is what we did in the afternoon. Those photos of Fakarava are beautiful TBK.
  12. Yes, might we be meeting onboard on that cruise? And, I have decided to do the drift snorkel on Taha'a this time, even though I've been too scared to do it in the past. I'll only live once, and I need to make it worthwhile, even when it scares me. I love snorkeling, but I also don't like to lose control while snorkeling, so drift snorkeling is a challenge. But I did do the Fakarava snorkel with sharks on my first PG cruise, and lived through it. There was someone from the PG that was there to help the snorkelers who panicked. When I suddenly saw an 8 foot shark swimming 6 feet under me, and trailing me like I was prey, he took my hand and led me away from the shark's path. I still know his name and am forever grateful to him for making me feel comfortable in completing that adventure. He helped a number of others enjoy their snorkel that day.
  13. Well if they want anyone to book in the future, then they really need to look like they're open on the IC website, and they need to let PG cruises make us feel that's true. We origially rebooked our cancelled April PG cruise to the reunion cruise in January. We asked for 2 nights pre at the IC Tahiti, and 4 nights post at the IC Moorea. That's when we were told by PG that the IC Moorea was closed permanently. They offered us the Hilton instead and we said yes. Since then have rebooked from January to December of next year, with 4 nights pre on Moorea, and 2 nights post on Tahiti. They were unable to tell us what hotels were available. We rebooked because PG said that flights on Air Tahiti Nui were yet not available for January. When we got to July 1st and PG said they had seats reserved, but couldn't tell us what they were, we had to rebook. We need to fly from Florida to the West Coast, before boarding our flight. If there are any restrictions for Covid19, that's not going to work if we can't book flights from Florida ASAP. And we are never willing to sit with a 3rd person on an ATN flight from LAX to PPT. We loved the old ATN planes with 2 seats, and on the new planes, we either need business class, of purchasing the 3rd seat on our own. We're both tall people, and my husband is wide in the shoulders, so a third person doesn't work. I'm thinking less and less that we'll ever take another PG cruise, but I do know that we've already paid for a Fiji to Bali cruise with 3 nights pre at the Pullman, and 2 nights post at the IC Bali, and business class airfare, and Allianz insurance that didn't cover anything. Sorry for venting, but we've been spending too much time in our condo for 5 months now, and feel like life is passing us by. We walk around our neighborhood everyday, trying to avoid being hit by people riding their bicycles at a high rate of speed on the sidewalk, and wondering when we'll be hit by a hurricane, instead of seeing the world during retirement as we had planned.
  14. Our first PG cruise (actually our first cruise ever) was early in 2017, and it was the 14 night trip to the Marquesas. We loved it. The Marquesas were so unspoiled, and uncrowded. They're beautiful, green and mountainous, and have a very interesting history. Everyone on the 4 islands that we tendered to were genuinely welcoming. The arrival of a ship is a celebration for everyone. We crossed paths with the Aranui 5 at 2 islands, and everyone onboard seemed to be having a great time. We watched them offload some cargo at Nuku Hiva. Those onboard watched as well. I was surprised at how much the Aranui 5 looked like a cruise ship. I had looked at the earlier ships quite a few years ago, and was afraid that they would be more like a freighter than I wanted to live on for that distance. I guess that will change even more in the future. On our first cruise, the PG actually had reversed the order of its ports in the Marquesas since a large cruise ship was passing through from California to Hawaii to Nuku Hiva to Papeete. We were very happy to share the port with the Aranui 5 instead. I don't remember which cruise ship caused our diversion since none of them were familiar to me at the time, but when I looked it up at the time, there were more people onboard (passengers and crew) than there were residents of Nuku Hiva, which has the largest population in the Marquesas. I'm sure you will have a great time on your back to back cruises.
  15. Next time you go, definitely do it. That part of the coast was beautiful, and not very crowded at all. Since we had a week's worth of dirty clothes on our last day north of the LA area we went to a local laundromat, and ate lunch at a diner nearby. while our clothes washed, and after a brief visit, dries. Unlike LA, we felt very comfortable in the San Simeon area. I'm originally from the Hudson Valley in NY, and we both spent our entire working lives there before moving to Florida.
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