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  1. I am somewhat surprised to see that on August 5th all segments were available. On August 4th, we tried to book Fort Lauderdale to Auckland, and it was unavailable. We contacted our cruise TA, and she told us every cabin level was wait listed. We asked for the wait list, but aren't optimistic. It would be our second cruise on Silver Whisper, and we loved it. Are we missing something?
  2. That's what I really like about the Compass Rose menu. The right side of the menu changes every day, and contains selections from specialty restaurants on Regent Cruise ships (even if you're on Voyager and you don't have a Pacific Rim on your ship). The left side of the menu stays the same and has something that's reliably good when you don't see anything on the left side of the menu.
  3. I am obsessed with planning all of our vacations. For our cruises, I check the past excursions that were offered and write down our preference and a backup, and get online at midnight eastern time when our cruise opens for excursions. But, we found 2 that were not offered on our upcoming cruise (Cultural Awakenings). I still check once in a while, but those 2 excursions have never become available. I had already booked alternatives. On our July Med cruise, there was a Pompeii excursion that was already wait listed by the time I reserved the previous 5 days of excursion (about 20 minutes). I had really wanted to see Pompeii. As it turned out, the day of that excursion was sunny and 95 degrees. It would have been very uncomfortable in Pompeii. We took a small group excursion from our anchorage in Amalfi that included a boat ride to Positano, where I had found that there was an excavated Roman villa under the site of the Positano Catherdral. It was buried with ash at the same time as Pompeii. It's being excavated, and the entry fee goes toward continuing that effort. There were 4 of us on the tour, and it was air-conditioned, and fulfilled my expectations. I think it was 20 dollars each, and all 4 of us thought it was well worth it. Our Regent SMG excursion was 18 dollars each, and included a free ice cream in Positano, and a group tour of St Andrew's Cathedral in Amalfi with 14 people, which we also thought was reasonably priced.
  4. Th The opening isn't big enough for ice, but it fits in the mini-fridge. I found that the flat type of can insulator fit very well to keep it cold for a longer time. The round type of can insulator didn't fit well. It might fit it was put on before filling the Vapur, but once the bottle is empty, it would also take up more room. I'll be using the flat type of can insulator with the Vapur on our next cruise. When I bought the Vapur bottles last spring, I didn't find anything online that was made to insulate it.
  5. A nice tropical shirt, your best flip flops (we only bring flip flops and sandals on the PG, but sandals are too dressy for Motu Mahana), and a nice pair of shorts sounds like a perfect way to dress for your celebration. You could have a speedo under those shorts, and make it an easy clothing change, but you would need permission from your wife to do that. From what I've seen, the men's room is never as backed up as the ladies room, but from what I've been told, it's still wet and sandy.
  6. I'm sure that if your sound machine let's you sleep in your cabin, the surrounding cabins won't hear it either. We might hear a hum, but that's easy to sleep through.
  7. We were in our mid sixties on our first HAL trip last December, and we were definitely not old enough. We had a fixed dining time with a table for 2 by the window. The table next to us was a table for 4. One couple was our age, and very nice. The other couple assigned to their table was a man in his mid-nineties, and his most recent wife, who was in her mid seventies. She ordered the same thing for her husband every night, and ordered nearly everthing on the menu for herself. They both loved to brag about themselves, and often commented on conversations that the 2 of us were having at our table, making us a table of 6 with a small space in between. I love open seating.
  8. Having used those bathrooms a few times in the past, I would definitely not plan to use them to change for your vow renewal. Since it's no longer a wet landing on Motu Mahana, I'd wear something nice (but casual enough for the weather and location) over a swim suit. After the vow renewal, I'd take that off and put it into a waterproof backpack or beachbag. I would bring a swimsuit coverup, or at least a pair of shorts, to wear over my swim suit, and enjoy the rest of the day swimming, walking, sunning, and enjoying the great food and drinks on a small private island in paradise.
  9. On our recent Regent cruise to the Med, our AC was quiet enough that we could hear someone in the cabin above us snoring very loudly. That was a first for us on any ship. The AC on the Paul Gauguin has always been quiet as well. We've always stayed on Deck 8, and haven't heard any excessive noise, and no snoring.
  10. We always return them to the ship for recycling. And we reused the excursion plastic bottles to fill from the glass bottles to keep it cold. On our next Regent cruise, we'll ask for more than 2 bottles of Vero water since we normally drink twice that much water per day. At home, we have some plastic bottles that we refill from our faucet and keep in the fridge to take with us anytime we leave our condo.
  11. That's what I hoped was the case, but when it was mentioned that RO might not be used, it made me worried. Steam distilling doesn't seem practical for all of the ship's water. RO used on fresh water is pretty fast and takes most pathogens out of the local water. Unlike hotels in the DR or Mexico, I trust the cruise lines that we travel on to treat the water enough to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth from the tap. But we tried a HAL cruise last winter where I didn't feel comfortable about the water, and didn't enjoy much of anything about the cruise to consider HAL again. The Neptune Suite was pretty nice for the price, but not worth it when compared to a smaller cabin on Regent.
  12. Someone had posted a few months back about Vapur water bottles. They seemed like a good product, are BPS free, and definitely not silicone, so I bought a few before our July Med cruise and brought them with us. But I wasn't able to figure out how to keep them cold, and the temps were in the mid 90's the first week, and around upper 80's the second week, so cold water on our excursions was something we wanted. We were able to keep our small refilled plastic bottles cold. I need to work on what to use to insulate the Vapurs when they're full so they stay cold on excursions.
  13. I thought they tasted the same until I took the "challenge" twice at our local shopping mall many years ago, and both times, I picked the Coke. I've always chosen Coke since then.
  14. Yes, it will be disregarded and dismissed. I read this board because I've chosen to cruise on Regent. We looked into Seabourn, and didn't find it something we were interested in. We live in Florida, and read the regular reports on our local water, and as someone with a college degree that can interpret the report from both a chemical and microbiological perspective, I'm confident our water is safe. That's one of the reasons I purchased a home in our local Florida water district. That doesn't mean that all water in the US is high quality, but to say that "our tap water in the US is awful" is definitely not a statement made by an intelligent or informed person. There are great differences in water districts, and having your own well makes you responsible for the water quality. Maybe those who think water on the cruise ships is higher quality than the US should take a closer look at the water being pumped into the freshwater tanks of cruise ships when they dock in other countries, where tap water is totally not safe to drink.
  15. Since we had less than 1 liter of water left in our cabin for our first afternoon and night, I was very thirsty first thing in the morning before any breakfast venue was available at 6:30 AM in the coffee connection. I check our fridge and only found Coke products. I prefer that to Pepsi, but don't normally drink it at 6 AM. With no water except the bathroom faucet, and an Espresso maker that didn't work, I drank an ice cold Diet Coke at 6 AM, and totally enjoyed it. The next day, we received 2 bottles of less than a liter of water, brought back 2 plastic bottles of water from our excursion, and had our Espresso maker replaced with one that worked and was filled with water, so all was good on our second morning. No Pepsi products available that I saw.
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