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  1. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out as I can think of a couple major players (Princess & NCL) who sent supposedly purpose built ships (Majestic Princess & Norwegian Joy) for the Chinese market to be stationed there, albeit not under Chinese control / flag and both were sent packing with their tail between their legs. Yes, both of those ships mentioned are behemoths in comparison but both were literally brand new and if you're comparing apples to apples when it comes to competence and reputation, both Princess and NCL have many years more experience in the realm of ocean cr
  2. Again, the choice for christening Sun in Shanghai and appointing the VP of China Merchant Bank Financial Leasing as the godmother go hand in hand, as does this move which is clear as the nose on anyone's face. Question now is, which ship follows...
  3. Crown Princess was the first of this class which is effectively a Princess Grand Class with an extra deck. There were 5 total built off the same spec with brand specific changes built in the following order: Crown Princess Ventura Emerald Princess Azura Ruby Princess Personally I find Princess' decor is gaudy with too much brass and 'bling' whereas at least with P&O its a little more bespoke by comparison. As for the Royal Class, again the Princess offerings are very shiny and bright with a sweeping atrium that feels wide open in comparison to Britannia
  4. Looks like the Chinese are calling in their marker for their investment in the Sun, which of course will no doubt serve as a cash infusion of sorts as well that Viking (like every other line) is likely in desperate need of... Wonder which one will be next as I can't see them stopping at just one...
  5. As has been mentioned numerous times, testing is not the 'silver bullet' to resumption of cruising as you can be tested daily and still be an asymptomatic spreader as has been shown across America and other parts of the world. Testing is definitely a large part of the equation to controlling the spread, but what happens when there is an outbreak onboard because no test is 100% accurate and then you've got to back track on all of the close contacts, etc. to try and get on top of the situation. As it relates to SeaDream, sure its a lot easier to lockdown a ship with 60 passengers onboa
  6. To be expected, albeit disappointing as with an entire season in the Caribbean scrubbed and Cunard already cancelled into the Spring it only makes sense that seasonal itineraries will be re-evaluated moving forward as well. Suffice it to say, cruising is likely to look a whole lot different than it did when we last sailed
  7. True, but I think the technical aspect (ie. anchor issues and recovery) seems more plausible as I did happen to notice a utility vessel in the vicinity of Azura yesterday on AIS but didn't pay too much attention as there always seems to be tugs and the like nearby when vessels are at Ocean Terminal. As for the amount of time spent in port, maybe ABP is giving them a 'hometown discount' 😆
  8. Sounds like the only 'upgrade' we know about for sure is the recovered anchor
  9. Plenty of guesses afoot, but perhaps now she's on 46 we'll be blessed with another of those videos from you know who with a ship as the backdrop....😒 Perhaps there's a technical issue they're trying to sort out as well, hence the fact she's been in port so long with minimal movement apart from the game of 'musical chairs'... At this point its all one big guess after another as its all we have to go on, even Molecrochip's post wasn't definitive and absolute about refit work being done, just a guess which I think many have taken as being fact based on previous accuracy of information a
  10. I think its safe to say that their so-called protocols were mere window dressing and nothing else. A PCR test done 72hrs prior to travel only indicates whether or not you're positive/negative at the time of the test but what about the time leading up to the day of travel? Likely these people took their test, got a negative result and failed to remain self-isolated or in a 'safe' space during the time leading up to their departure to Barbados. Of course they could have very well contracted the virus en route, which again despite the on-site testing prior to embarkation clearly did not pick i
  11. My understanding is this is exactly what happened with Sea Dream in Barbados and look how that ended up? Somehow I find it much more difficult to believe that the UK Gov't will be swayed by a private enterprise to allow potentially infected people to simply transit for the sake of take a holiday when the country is experiencing their own outbreaks and subsequent lockdown. I know there's been a lot of speculation about reducing the self-isolation period from 14 to 7 days when travelling through specific travel corridors but that has just been an idea floated about and not confirmed
  12. Not to play devil's advocate, but I can't help but wonder how much the current and planned pause in operations will effect the scope of this dry dock? I can't see there being a massive investment in soft features (i.e. furniture, carpets) as well as hard features (i.e. paint, mechanical) given the level of financial impact involved. I guess I'm just used to having expectations lowered in this current climate...
  13. Not disputing the reliability of the information as the source has proven to be reliable. That said, I think its a reach for the FCO to use the recent call of SeaDream to Portsmouth as being the benchmark for UK cruising as let's face it this is like comparing a single passenger in a taxi to a train car jammed end to end.....SeaDream embarked 19 passengers.....19!!! Not 1000+ but less than 20!!! Lets all just put things into perspective here, which is what I think the FCO need to do as well because its like the old adage of comparing apples and oranges....they might be fruit, a
  14. I think its safe to assume that any future itineraries for the ships in general will be ex-Southampton but whether they're going to stick to the original plan for a Spring/Summer itinerary 'as currently advertised' is going to be like guessing the correct lottery numbers. In one sense you know something is going to happen but you really have no clue whether you're going to 'win' or be kept waiting...
  15. I agree, but this is based on an example of cruises going anywhere outside of the UK, which at this point I think is less likely than cruises to nowhere on short, 3-5 day trips to test the procedures. I can't help but wonder how the ships are going to cope at their current positions anchored off the south coast over the winter months....talk about 'cold layup'.....brrrrrr!!!
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