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  1. Especially compared to 4-5 hours to/from Torquay/Heathrow which can't be cheap!
  2. Very good points, but at the end of the day the restart of any brand will be driven by maximizing the generation of £/$/€ which I think is something we can all agree. Based on that rationale, having Ventura/Britannia/Azura operating even at 50% capacity equates to a larger income generation than the likes of Aurora/Arcadia operating at 50% capacity based on a simple 1 person = £1 ratio (monetary figure used strictly for example and clearly doesn't represent the actual fare being charged 😆). I agree as well with points made that despite her size Iona is likely to be kept tucked away until a m
  3. I don't want to contribute too much to the thread drift, but I don't think this is a case of legality given in this case P&O is a private company which could write into their terms of carriage that proof of vaccination be presented prior to embarkation, etc. Would it be a good PR move? I'm sure the jury is out on that one as there will be opponents and proponents of both sides which is normal. Back to the topic at hand of Azura moving to Newcastle, I don't think its going to result in the same fate as Oceana simply because it would make less than zero sense to offload tha
  4. Although this may come across as an inflammatory comment, it is not intentionally meant to be, but I am of the mind that there should be a requirement for proof of vaccination prior to being allowed to board a ship (at least in the UK). As I say, this will no doubt upset some of the 'younger' cruisers who may have to wait a little longer to get their jab but when you consider its been nearly a year since any of us cruised, is waiting a few more months for your turn to get the jab (and hopefully some peace of mind) before stepping foot on a ship that big of a deal in the grand scheme of
  5. Is it just me or does the term 'pie in the sky' come to mind?!?
  6. CLIA is just a lobbying body for the industry so of course they're going to be banging the drum for the powers that be to loosen the current restrictions and/or guidance about cruising as its in their best interest. Sadly, until a proven vaccine is well and truly rolled out to the masses and the local governments begin loosening restrictions on basic day to day activities I don't see how getting onto a cruise ship with hundreds of people is a good idea. Just as I don't think that governments should be bailing out cruise companies which is another hot topic for some. To put things into p
  7. What is the basis of your belief when its been proven more than once that this was taken on 16 December 2020? As was very eloquently stated by @photopro2, this may not be a hanging offence (never suggested it was) but it was most definitely a missed opportunity and not particularly flattering when considering the Captain is pictured along with his senior management team. Imagine if there were a group of lesser ranked crew who happened to be photographed in a similar way, I'm sure there wouldn't be the same laissez-fare approach.
  8. Nice to see more constructive comments from people living in denial....
  9. Sorry to burst your bubble of denial, but this was posted 2 days ago on LinkedIn by Mukran Port...feel free to google it for yourself unless you too are still living in 2019
  10. While scrolling through another site just the other day I came across a post from the port in Mukran, which at first glance I didn't pay much attention to as it was seemingly another innocuous post about a port being thankful that a ship is there, etc. But when I scrolled back it dawned on me that those in the photo were, for lack of a better term captured in what can only be described as reckless and irresponsible behavior. I know the Viking loyalists who think the company is without fault will see nothing wrong with this photo and will convince themselves and others that all is
  11. I think its reasonably safe to say that any crew member who gets vaccinated will have done so in accordance with whatever protocols are in place for their country. Given the scale and scope of the virus, there are far too many truly vulnerable people who IMO are a higher priority to receive a vaccination than a cruise ship employee as despite what some politicians in Florida have tried to suggest, the cruise industry is not that important in the larger scheme of things. When you also take into consideration the fact that any resumption of cruising will still include social distancing
  12. When I first read this sentence I thought it would end by saying P&O are less accepting of 2 day dodgy cruises to Zeebrugge or Guernsey, but I guess those are too lucrative when it comes to bar sales? I'm all for a changing demographic onboard, but the more of those 'weekender' cruises that are offered, the more P&O turns into Carnival Cruises which does nothing for their long term branding and supposed storied history in the industry. It will be interesting to see what a restart looks like as part of me thinks they're going to offer deep discounts on very short trips to get
  13. I agree 100% with your entire post but thought the above is the most poignant in this instance as it remains to be seen how they plan on dealing with situations that arise onboard. I've seen articles and heard from people with specific knowledge of the situation whereby pax and crew on Costa ships sailing to/from Italy have been landed to a local COVID centre (hospital?) as a result of having tested positive during onboard testing, which may be fine if they are Italian citizens/residents as I believe they (Costa) are only catering to 'local' passengers but how does Viking plan on dealin
  14. No doubt about it that the industry is suffering, but to date we've seen nothing but optics and spin from a line which is standing still and putting out more advertising to no doubt bolster confidence which ultimately equals future cruise deposits. I don't mean that as a slight, but when you see the lines which have restarted (TUI, MSC, Costa, Aida) none of them have labs onboard, none of them have banged the drum about what they're going to do to this extent and so far they all seem to be ticking over just fine albeit I'm sure they've had isolated cases onboard as its virtually inevitable at
  15. Good question....but with that said, I fail to see how having a lab onboard will prevent COVID from occurring if its brought onboard, goes undetected, and then spreads. Kind of like closing the gate after the horse has bolted...
  16. I agree completely! Sadly we still see people lying like cheap rugs when it comes to the embarkation health declarations for Noro-virus so why should anyone think this will be any different? When you consider that the testing is not full proof in detecting cases, I can nearly 100% certain that people will slip beneath the radar so to speak and there will be issues until the vaccine is in place for enough people to at the very least prevent serious side effects.
  17. I believe (and stand to be corrected) that the rapid tests being done on site were antigen tests and not PCR tests whereby the former can be done in a rapid format (ie. 15 minutes) using saliva whereas the latter has to be done in a lab setting with more sophisticated equipment and is much more accurate.
  18. Of course he's going to say that, just like a used car salesman will tell you the vehicle in question was only ever driven by a "little old lady, too and from church, once a week, etc..." 😆 Point being that its in his best interest to provide the most positive and favourable viewpoint of being on his ships whereas the reality (or concern) should be less about the level of cleanliness onboard and more about the status of people coming on! I recall watching an interview with Arnold Donald (President of Carnival Corp) who said in his opinion being on the ships was safer than going to eat in
  19. OTJ...thanks, I wasn't trying to be inflammatory as some might think but really I just try to look at things in a pragmatic way as opposed to the 'Viking can do no wrong' lens... As for sailing on April Fool's Day, I agree it would be a bit of a questionable one regardless of whether you're superstitious or not but in all honesty I think this is just another rough date for them to extend the current situation until as its literally so dynamic and changing regularly. I'm of the mind that going through the motions of retro-fitting ships with all the fancy bits and pieces
  20. Someone has spent a lot of time and effort to create a very nice graphic which is nothing more than 'a plan on paper only' which hasn't been trialed and at present serves as nothing more than a means to conjur up confidence from future cruisers (who are currently acting as creditors by way of future cruise deposits). As has been seen with the likes of SeaDream who claimed to have a robust strategy in place with pre-travel PCR, pre-boarding antigen testing in the port, and of course vastly reduced numbers of persons onboard; none of which could stop an outbreak onboard. Also,
  21. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carnival-corporation--plc-announces-closing-of-1-450-million-7-625-senior-unsecured-notes-due-2026-and-500-million-7-625-senior-unsecured-notes-due-2026--301180671.html
  22. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out as I can think of a couple major players (Princess & NCL) who sent supposedly purpose built ships (Majestic Princess & Norwegian Joy) for the Chinese market to be stationed there, albeit not under Chinese control / flag and both were sent packing with their tail between their legs. Yes, both of those ships mentioned are behemoths in comparison but both were literally brand new and if you're comparing apples to apples when it comes to competence and reputation, both Princess and NCL have many years more experience in the realm of ocean cr
  23. Again, the choice for christening Sun in Shanghai and appointing the VP of China Merchant Bank Financial Leasing as the godmother go hand in hand, as does this move which is clear as the nose on anyone's face. Question now is, which ship follows...
  24. Crown Princess was the first of this class which is effectively a Princess Grand Class with an extra deck. There were 5 total built off the same spec with brand specific changes built in the following order: Crown Princess Ventura Emerald Princess Azura Ruby Princess Personally I find Princess' decor is gaudy with too much brass and 'bling' whereas at least with P&O its a little more bespoke by comparison. As for the Royal Class, again the Princess offerings are very shiny and bright with a sweeping atrium that feels wide open in comparison to Britannia
  25. Looks like the Chinese are calling in their marker for their investment in the Sun, which of course will no doubt serve as a cash infusion of sorts as well that Viking (like every other line) is likely in desperate need of... Wonder which one will be next as I can't see them stopping at just one...
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